OPINION: America has a big problem


Americans have a big problem. It is called racism. Why do the so-called leaders in this country allow this? The Democrats say the right thing but do nothing. The Republicans say it’s our fault. No– it needs to be addressed with public discussion and action. We are so disappointed in this country that allows this racism to go on not sometimes but daily. We must stop hiding in plain sight. Why are most people afraid to go shopping, to church, to movies, etc.?

Something must be done TODAY. First, we must begin to control guns that can fire more bullets in a moment than any outdoors person can safely handle. Second, we must address RACISM against people of color and women’s rights. It is our opinion that this cannot only start at the ballot box. Each person must acknowledge that they have personal issues with other humans. If we don’t take the time and effort to talk and learn from each other we will be the former United States of America. Free press and social media have a responsibility to be aware of how we talk to each other. Don’t limit information but be fair and honest.

The judgment of what we become as a country is still ours. America, we have a large problem. Now let’s do the work to fix our great but flawed country.

Editor, Urban Media Today

Photo Credit: Arthur Edelmans/Unsplash