Kawhi Leonard Makes his ‘Decision’

Nine years ago, LeBron James went on National TV to make his ‘Decision’ on what team he would play for and he announced that he would take his talents to the Miami Heat after 7 seasons with the Cleveland Cavaliers.

This year’s top Free Agent was Kawai Leonard, who had just led the Toronto Raptors to an NBA title after pulling off a huge upset over the Golden State Warriors, and just like in 2010, the world awaited his decision on where he would play: Either the LA Lakers, the LA Clippers or return to the Raptors.

Unlike King James, Leonard’s decision wasn’t live on National TV, rather it was announced by several sports networks around Saturday Morning at 3am that he was joining the LA Clippersand that OKC’s Paul George was joining him in a sign-and-trade deal. Leonard agreed to a 4- year $141 million deal, and the Thunder will Clippers will get five first-round picks, Shai Gilgeous-Alexander and Danilo Gallinari from LA.

It was expected that Leonard would join the Lakers to form another so-called Super Team with James and newly-acquired Anthony Davis, and many were hoping that he would remain with the Raptors, but the ever-secretive Leonard made no public statements, while working behind the scenes first by trying to get Durant to join him with the Clippers and when that failed, he convinced the Clippers to add George (who wanted out of OKC) and the deal was done.



Just when you thought the Clippers window was closed after the departures of Blake Griffin, Chris Paul and DeAndre Jordan, -and after a surprising 48-34 season-those reports were greatly exaggerated. They are now 3-1 odds to win next year’s NBA Finals.

The Lakers also made more moves: After missing out on the Kawhi Leonard sweepstakes, the Lakers added a few other free agents, signing DeMarcus Cousins to a 1-year deal, and re-sign Rajon Rondo to a 2-year deal.Danny Green waslaso added to the Lakers roster along with Gaurd Avery Bradley. There is a rumot that “King” James may even start as the point guard.

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