Fall is the most amazing season. When else can you see a perfect blend of fall foliage in every part of the world? Every recipe has either cinnamon, apple or pumpkin. While the weather may turn cooler, it doesn’t mean that you have to tuck away your passport. Often, traveling in fall can save people a considerable amount of money, as fewer people tend to travel at this time. However, the weather remains consistent in most places, so those looking for a warmer getaway can still enjoy the heat. Obviously, some places will be warmer than others throughout these fall months. For example, a fiji vacation can offer warmer climates for guests looking to relax in the sun. Fiji is known to be a lovely place to travel to, its beautiful beaches and scenery offer amazing spots to fully de-stress. Whilst Fiji is a great place to visit, some people might prefer to visit a location where more can be seen and explored. For example, cities are usually better for this. No matter where you want to travel to this fall, be sure to book something to look forward to. If you’re not sure where to go, try to hit these travel hotspots!


Let’s travel first to Budapest, Hungary. If you’ve ever been here in summer, crowds are everywhere. This isn’t the case in autumn. There is more room to stretch your wings and move about the attractions. Check out the CAFe Budapest Festival. It’s a festival celebrating literature and arts. (www.cafebudapestfest.hu) This festival is going to let you indulge in the local culture. Dance to their music, enjoy the theatre and walk through all the art exhibitions.


Scotland, too, is an idealistic tourist destination. Regardless of where you go, the scenery is going to be astonishing and breathtaking. During autumn, the fall foliage is in full swing. There’s going to be a perfect blend of fall colors all around you with a picture perfect rural backdrop. There is likely to be fewer crowds during the fall as well. Take your time browsing the attractions; there shouldn’t be any long lines. The weather is still mild in Scotland and, the midges from the hot summer months are not as populated anymore. These flies have a tendency to bite, so be thankful you’re missing them!


Next, let’s travel west to Paris, France. To most this is the city of love. And guess what? You’re going to love the price you pay to get there! In autumn airfare to France is much cheaper. Booking a hotel and/or rental car is less competitive. Travel agencies are willing to barter with you in order to strike a deal. This is a perfect fall destination if you want to relax and be on the down-low. It’s colder and darker than most fall destinations, but there is still plenty of city life to see. Check out the local stores and street cafes. Enjoy the nightlife and take architectural tours. If you’re willing to rent a car and go on day trips, there is much to see!


Another autumn getaway is Spain. Each October they have a chestnut festival, where they feature 50+ recipes that are made specifically from chestnuts. They also have tools and clothes on display that are related to this autumn treat. If you enjoy wine, try to visit Spain in early September. This is their wine harvest time. It’s the perfect opportunity to tour vineyards and sample the wine that you can only buy in your local grocery store. And, let’s not forget the food. Seriously, now-try Spanish chocolate! It’s some of the best around!


Nepal is another destination that is passport-worthy. Make sure to visit the Chitwan National Park and go on a safari. Here you can see wild elephants, one-horned rhinos, and leopards. You’ll have the opportunity to ride atop an elephant within the park, which is amazing in itself. Pokhara is another attraction that you must see. This has breathtaking, natural scenery. Stroll through the lakeside towns or enjoy boating on the water.


Finally, we end our journey at Greece. Be sure to take an Athens Food Tour, which showcases the hot spots that local Greeks enjoy. You’ll get a glimpse of eateries, pie shops, and bakeries. In addition, tour guides will dish out information on local cuisine, and the origin of the Mediterranean Diet. Another tourist attraction is the Goulandris Natural History Museum, located in Athens. This showcases animals and plants that are relevant to the Greek culture. It has a botanical garden as well and a well-established collection of ancient fossils.


So where are you traveling to this autumn? If you’re stumped, I encourage you to try a location on this list. You may just be surprised how much fun you may have away from home! editor@urbanmediatoday.com


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