E-Report: Michael B. Jordan’s Body Is A Killmonger!!!!


From The Wire to Wakanda, Michael B. Jordan has stunned his audiences (women preferably) with his amazing acting skills and dedication to his characters. He disappears into his characters, causing us to believe he’s a corner-boy, determined father trying to get his life right, a hard-headed street kid-turned boxer, and finally the evil villain we’ve been dreaming about.

But when you see him on the red carpet or Direct TV commercials, he’s nothing but the nicest guy you’d ever meet! And he’s still single! (can you believe that?)

Recently, Michael transitioned into character, Erik Killmonger, in the blockbuster movie, Black Panther. The Marvel character was created as an outsider and the total opposite of the main character, “T’Challa” played by Chadwick Boseman.

Jordan had to prepare for this character with intensive workout routines.

PopSugar.com reports

If you’ve never laid eyes on Michael, we’re about to rock your world. He’s one of the fittest dudes out there, and he’s so dedicated to his fitness routine that the Nike Training Club app has three different workouts that were inspired by Michael. There’s Quick Quarter, a 15-minute bodyweight workout that features challenging plyometric exercises to burn major calories. You can also try Slim Chance 2.0, which mimics the typical workout of a boxer. You’ll go through a lot of quick feet drills and rotational core work. Finally, there’s The Big 4, a workout designed for a villain — we’re talking barbell work, like squatting, pushing, and pulling.

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