It is the desire of everyone to retire into a good and healthy living. And the environment or place we live contributes immensely to our health and living, which is especially of great concern to senior citizens of the country. As a U.S senior you might be wondering which of the cities can serve the purpose of standard living and a moderate rate.


Well, just take a rest and relax while I give some careful analysis of things to watch out for before making a choice for the place the best place to live. Also in this article, I will list the top cities which best serve that purpose of satisfactory living for senior citizens in the US and at low cost.


Top 10 Cities:


Aurora, Colorado. This city is indeed awesome for a senior citizen, it possesses features like; parks, large acres of open space hiking, fishing as well as biking. Not to forget is the Aurora Center for Active Adults, this center has equipment for exercises and fitness which seniors can use as a token of $18 monthly, and interestingly, when the purchase is for a retired couple, the discount is attached. The cost of housing lies in the cradle of $1,623 for retirees with a mortgage and $904 for renters.


Cleveland. This appealing site of a city lies on the Lake Erie shore, with a reasonable housing price especially for retirees, $1,278, $652, and $478 monthly. Respectively for retirees with a monthly mortgage, for rent, and paid off the house. Also in this city is the Case Western Reserve University offering an audit program designed for senior above the ages of 65 at a reduced or subsidized tuition fee.


Dallas.  The exciting characteristics of this city are the fact that, Texas is exempted from paying state income tax, however, do well to analyze the tax bill before buying a property (or home). Dallas also has Retired Volunteer program which is managed by the seniors in the city which also another way to improve the health of active seniors. Arboretum and Botanical Garden also organize events on a weekly basis for the senior ages 65 and above, this event also goes with discounts for the seniors


Durham, North Carolina. In this spectacular city, seniors ages 65 and older are privileged to ride the Triangle Transit system of the bus without a fee. Durham also houses the renowned Duke University, and by extension Duke Hospital. The average rent for retirees is $857 monthly.

Jacksonville, Florida. Another wonderful city with mild winters and is not far off from the white-sand Atlantic Ocean beaches. Prices of houses in this region of Florida is far less compared to other parts of Florida


Kansas City, Kansas. The average rent in this city is $772 monthly. Also in this city is the Kansas Hospital which has maintained a national ranking for its exception caregiving.


Madison, Wisconsin. The capital of this prestigious city houses the University of Wisconsin-Madison, where seniors are granted free audit classes. Madison is located near five lakes as well; these are Mendota, Waubesa, Monona, Kegonsa, and Wingra. These centers are well known for its boating and recreation.


Minneapolis. For those longing to retire in water region, Minneapolis is the best place to be, as this city house the renowned Mississippi River as well as other families of lakes. Adequate health care is also available nearby in Rochester, Minnesota with top-notch clinic and hospitals.


Phoenix.  This is the capital of Arizona State with the adequate sunny weather for seniors who desire such hot summers and mild winters. Professional sport of a different kind is another enjoyable feature of this city.


Pittsburgh. Seniors in the age range of 65 and older are privileged of free bus riding or Monongahela Incline for free. The rent fee here is also moderate. For seniors who are a sport, fans have a variety of professional teams to place on their scale of preference. We teams like Pirates, Steelers and also the Penguins!


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