The laws to protect Facebook users can’t update fast enough when reports like this continue to flood our timelines of gruesome and brutal beatings and even killings happen live on the social media site.

Rannita Williams in Shreveport, Louisianna, was reportedly held hostage and eventually killed by her ex-boyfriend, Johnathon Robinson, live on Facebook.

The video has since been taken down, but here is the story as reported by

On a Facebook Live video during the ordeal, Williams appeared to be speaking to the viewers while Robinson was pacing behind her, yelling and threatening her.

“Now apologize, b—,” Robinson yells on camera.

“Hey, y’all this NuNu. Yes, I was wrong. I didn’t have any business going off like that,” Williams says. Police says it remains unclear what she was apologizing for.

Robinson yells more as another person was presumably holding the phone and recording the ordeal.

“I don’t give a f— about police, you hear,” he says as he walks away and opens the door to the home. “Pull up right now. Pull up.”

“Wanna be famous? I’ll make you f— famous,” he says appearing and disappearing from the view.

At least six shots were heard.

“Stop, Johnathan,” Williams yells. “Stop, Johnathan.”

The phone appeared to drop on the floor, showing the ceiling and a shadow of a person firing four more shots.

“Now, b—. Game over,” Robinson tells William before the video ends.

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