UMT Spotlight: Actor Thomas Q Jones-from “Cuddy Buddy” to ‘A Violent Man’ [AUDIO]


You may have seen my guest on the BET series “Being Mary Jane” starring Gabrielle Union. He popped in and popped out (literally) with Union’s character Mary Jane Paul as her special “cuddy buddy”.

Audiences got used to seeing Thomas Q Jones on screen and showed a lot of emotion when her character moved on without her cuddy buddy.

Jones and Union in BET’s Being Mary Jane

As an actor should, Jones moved on to bigger roles and most recently, landing a familiar role in the film “A Violent Man” where he plays an MMA fighter recognized as an underdog and getting himself into a much bigger challenge; being accused of murder.

I had the opportunity to speak with Thomas Q about his role and I must say I was “smitten” by his sense of humor and knowledge of business, acting, and philanthropy! Plus, he provides more insight on why he refuses to be type-cast as the “Cuddy Buddy”. Says he has way more to offer to his fans

Here is our one-on-one

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