1. As I begin, I would like to salute Steelers TE Heath Miller, who announced his retirement from the NFL last Friday. Miller played 11 seasons and is basically the most prolific TE in team history.
  2. Miller is the all-time leader in receptions (592), receiving yards (6,569) and receiving touchdowns (45) by a tight end. Overall, he ranks second in career receptions, fourth in receiving yards and receiving touchdowns, and sixth in scrimmage yards (6,577) in Steelers’ annals. Plus, he was a class act off the field. He also won 2 Super Bowl Rings and made to Pro Bowls. That’s going out on top if you ask me.
  3. So does that now mean the Steelers will use a first round draft pick on a TE? No. The way the offense is now, they don’t need one of Miller’s caliber, but it would be a bonus if they end up with one. They could find one in free agency as well.
  4. As for the draft, the Steelers first draft pick is at 25 this year and they desperately need a CB. Here’s hoping that they’re serious about drafting one. They have enough linebackers and WRs. Time to seriously address needs.
  5. As for the retirements, I mentioned this before. There’s going to be more: Players no longer need to play over 13 years anymore, especially with the money that they’re making (provided they’re managing it properly) They don’t want to end up suffering physically like their predecessors and can you blame them?
  6. The New Orleans Saints announced that they will release WR Marques Colson. Obviously it’s a money issue, because Colston is the best WR that the Saints ever had. He has 9,759 yards and 72 TDs. Plus, he was part of the team who won their only Super Bowl in 2009. Not a bad career.
  7. Now the question is, will Colston retire? Some news reports assume he will, but I think he has a year left in him, especially since he’s so close to 10,000 career yards. But time will tell. I can’t see him not having suitors if he decides to keep playing.
  8. As for the salary cap situation, it appears that the Steelers are only $2 million over the cap-or at least will be when the new Fiscal Year begins in March. They also have $3 million that they can move over to the new year, which doesn’t make any sense to me. Oh well, that’s why they have experts (or Capologists, as they say)
  9. Still no word on whether the Denver Broncos QB Peyton Manning will retire or not? I guess he’s going to take his time to make up his mind, and I respect that. But the man has basically done everything in an NFL career. What does he honestly have left to prove?
  10. No retirement shouldn’t be rushed into, but when you’re almost 40 years old and won 2 Super Bowl rings and have accumulated an impressive NFL resume that will get you into the Pro Football Hall of Fame. What would be next?
  11. As for College basketball, it was pretty disappointing to see the Pitt Panthers fall to #11 Louisville Wednesday night. It wasn’t the fact that they lost their 8th straight game to the Cardinals, but it was the fact that they should’ve won it.
  12. Pitt started strong and led by 8 points with 8 minutes in the second half. that should always be enough to put away a team, but no. They had to look like the Three Scrooges the rest of the way and allow Louisville to come back.
  13. I just think about if they could’ve won that game, it could’ve really been a turning point for their season and it would’ve most certainly secured their NCAA Tournament bid, but now they need to beat #15 Duke and make an impression in the ACC Tournament. Oh well.
  14. And what about #1 Villanova? Just when you thought they were going to go 3 weeks at the top spot, they end up getting upset by #5 Xavier 90-83. Both teams earned a split in their Big East Conference series.
  15. Now the question is, who will be #1 now? Probably #2 Kansas. Write it down. But you can also guarantee that Xavier will move up in the new Polls when they’re announced on Monday.
  16. As for the NBA, the second half has started and there was news that the Boston Celtics had a chance to acquire NY Knicks F Carmelo Anthony, but apparently he didn’t want to waive his no-trade clause, which is his prerogative.
  17. It’s kind of weird though, I wonder if Carmelo actually cares about ever winning an NBA Championship, because he’s not going to win one with the Knicks, sorry to say. The dude’s certainly making enough money, what’s honestly left for the NBA veteran?
  18. The Brooklyn Nets made news as they waived G Joe Johnson, who was a total disappointment this season and was in the midst of a $124-million-dollar contract. Apparently Johnson just wasn’t a fit with the Nets as he gave back his remaining $3 million in salary or move on.
  19. To his credit, Johnson did thank the fans in Brooklyn via Twitter, which is always a class move. Now, the playoff-caliber teams are lining up. Cleveland, Boston, Houston, Miami, OKC, Toronto and his former team in Atlanta are reportedly looking at him.
  20. In MLB, it’s truly hard to believe that former Pittsburgh Pirate slugger Pedro Alvarez is still looking for a team to play for. It just goes to show how important defense is. I figured that an AL team would look at him to play DH, but they’re not biting so far either. Hopefully he’ll land somewhere.

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