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  1. The Pitt Panthers football team finished another practice in their Training Camp and HC Pat Narduzzi seemed pleased: “There were a lot of good things.” He said “Obviously there are things that we need to try to get better at; but overall, I was happy for us yesterday. We played smart I think. We stayed off the ground. You worry about guys falling down when it’s in between.”
  2. One of the Pitt players who were interviewed was Pitt RB Quadree Ollison, last year’s ACC Offensive Rookie of the year. Of course the questions surrounding him are his thoughts on the RB battle between him and the man he filled in for last season, James Conner: “My approach is to take it one day at a time. Don’t try to rush it. If you work your butt off, you’re going to be happy with yourself and happy with the results. I don’t worry about touches or how many carries somebody else is getting because I just want to win.”
  3. I like Ollison’s attitude. He’s truly a team player. Here is a young man who turned his first shot at carrying the ball into an 1,100 yard season and after getting ACC accolades, he’s willing to share the load not just with Conner, but all of the RBs. If the entire Pitt team has Ollison’s attitude, they could be the surprise of the ACC.
  4. The Pitt football team received visits from Detroit Lions HC Jim Caldwell and offensive coordinator (and Pitt grad) Teryl Austin. Both coaches spoke to the team on Tuesday and are in town because the Lions practiced with the Pittsburgh Steelers in Latrobe and will play the Steelers in their first Preseason game Friday.
  5. It’s always cool when college teams receive visits from coaches and players on the professional level, especially when they’ve been former alumni. It serves as an inspiration to the kids.
  6. As for the rest of College Football, the Texas Longhorns struck a deal with the NFL’s Seattle Seahawks to license use of the 12th Man phrase. It’s a 5-year deal. Apparently it was the Longhorns who trademarked the phrase in 1990 and sued the Seahawks for using it without it’s permission. Now they worked out a deal.
  7. For the life of me, I had no idea that Texas trademarked that phrase. I thought it was the Seahawks brainchild. But let’s be honest, it was Seattle that made it famous, which Texas can be grateful for.
  8. The NBA made news as Cleveland Cavaliers Champion F LeBron James announced that he will sign a 3-year deal with the Cavs worth $100 million. The salary in the first year of the deal will be $31 million, making James the highest-paid player in the NBA for the first time in his career. The salary for the 2017-18 season will top $33 million, matching Michael Jordan for the most ever in a season.
  9. Well LeBron, it’s about time. I know that these deals don’t really need to be signed in July, but I almost forgot that he was a free agent at one point. 2 years after returning to Cleveland, he’s brought them a championship and has now agreed to a longer deal. Good man.
  10. I usually don’t care too much about hype, but the NBA sure knows how to milk the beginning of their respective seasons, especially on Christmas Day and I’m not mad at them. I honestly think they will be mad that the NFL has some games on Christmas as well. It’ll be interesting how that will go down.
  11. Speaking of the NFL, as the Pittsburgh Steelers get ready for their Preseason game vs. the Lions, it appears they will do so without their new TE as LaDarius Green will remain on the Physically Unable to Perform List, not with a knee injury, but with headaches-due to concussions.
  12. Apparently Green stated in the off-season that the San Diego Chargers doctors (his former team) misdiagnosed those headaches as sinus issues. So I have to ask how long did it take for the Steelers docs to figure out that they were concussion-related headaches? I guess we’ll see a heavy dose of Jesse James on Friday.
  13. Speaking of the Chargers, they announced on Wednesday that WR Stevie Johnson will miss the 2016 season after suffering a meniscus tear during training camp.
  14. It’s really a shame when a player has a season-ending injury during training camp. Johnson was expected to be the top slot WR for the Chargers who will now have to shuffle their receiving corps that’s still led by All-Pro TE Antonio Gates.
  15. Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones made a confession that his admitted he let his ego play a role in the end of theDallas Cowboys‘ glory days. Such actions led to the departure of Johnson after they repeated as Super Bowl Champions in 1993.
  16. Good Jerry, it only took 22 years to admit what was painfully obvious. It was reported that Jones made comments after they won the Super Bowl back then that “500 other coaches could’ve done what Jimmy Johnson did.” Jones then admitted that he was drunk, but he still said it and that’s when the ‘bridge’ started to burn. I Hope he apologizes to Jimmy, too.
  17. In MLB news, the Pittsburgh Pirates took 2 of 3 from the San Diego Padres after beating them 4-0 Thursday afternoon. Rookie pitcher Jameson Tallion pitch 8 innings of shutout ball and improved his record to 3-2. New closer Tony Watson recorded his 4th
  18. I’m glad that the Pirates got this win, especially after getting shut out 4-0 the night before. It’s amazing that they’re only 2 games back from the 2nd NL Wild Card spot. I may not agree with the Front Office and their senseless trade of closer Mark Melancon, but the team on the field just needs to keep winning.
  19. As for the Summer Olympics, the USA now needs the medal count with 35 medals which includes 13 Gold, 12 Silver and 10 Bronze. One of those Gold medals came from gymnast Simone Biles who earned the medal on Thursday. Congrats to the young lady.
  20. Sad news in the sports media as legendary ESPN and ABC anchor John Saunders passed away Tuesday at age 61. I had the pleasure of meeting John at a Pitt basketball game a few years ago. He was truly a class act. Prayers for his family.


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