1. What a week it’s been in sports, has it not? I tell you, it really keeps us writers busy, plus it’s still a known fact that the Sporting World Rules. Let’s begin with the hottest team in MLB, the Pittsburgh Pirates who were just coming off a 7-game winning streak.
  2. The Pirates overcame ineffective pitching (and themselves) to bounce back from being 5-games under .500, to back over .500 for the first time in a month. I admit I was one of the ones who talked badly about their Front Office for not doing anything-except watch that ‘house’ burn, but then they turned it around.
  3. What I appreciate about the Pirates resurgence was their refusal to give up after trailing. In the last 6 games, they trailed their opponents and came back and won. Now that’s some ‘fight’ in a team. What really stands out was when they trailed the Oakland A’s 3-0 Saturday and they trailed the St. Louis Cardinals 5-2 Wednesday-and ended up beating them both. Very impressive.
  4. Unfortunately, that winning streak came to an end Thursday when the Pirates fell 5-1 to the Cardinals, spoiling rookie pitcher Tyler Glasnow’s MLB debut. The Pirates were up 1-0, but then the Cardinals took over from there and scored 5 runs the rest of the way. Oh well, you can’t win ’em all.
  5. As for Glasnow, he wasn’t called to save the world, it was his first game. He needs to stay up here and take his lumps. I think he’ll be fine. After all, he has the Great (not being sarcastic) pitching coach Ray Searage to keep an eye on him, right?
  6. Of course the Pirates have an even deeper matter do deal with as 3B Jung Ho Kang is facing sexual assault charges stemming from Chicago. Pirates president Frank Coonely has already released a statement saying that the Pirates are cooperating with MLB. All I can do is shake my head.
  7. You don’t have to be a baseball player to know that even being accused of this matter is never good. I will not get into any details or express my opinions of this matter-except to say that Kang should not be playing-until this investigation is solved.
  8. As for the All-Star Game, I figured that closer Mark Melancon would be the obvious pick, but the fact that outfielders Starling Marte and Gregory Polanco were picked as reserves?? Come on now. They were snubbed.
  9. You can say all you want that Marte and Polanco’s omission from the All-Star Game was because it’s difficult to include all who deserve because of MLB’s policy to make sure teams have at least one All-Star representative. I get that. But they were still snubbed.
  10. At least Marte still has a chance to make it as he was among 5 in the NL Final Vote. And based on current votes, Marte is leading the NL, with a slim lead over SF’s Brandon Belt. Voting will close at 4pm Friday. Here’s hoping Marte will get in. He deserves it.
  11. As for the rest of the All-Star Game players, I’m very impressed that the Chicago Cubs entire infield got voted in to start the Mid-Summer Classic. Love them or not, that’s proof that they’re one of the best teams in baseball-because they have some of the best players. Congrats to them.
  12. As for the MLB standings, apparently the Cubs (NL Central leaders) aren’t the best team in baseball as the Giants (NL West leaders) have taken over that spot. The Washington Nationals lead the NL East. In the AL, the impressive Baltimore Orioles (East), the Cleveland Indians (Central) and the Texas Rangers (West) lead the way. And it’s just half a season.
  13. As for the NBA, the Free Agent period continues, and Dwyane Wade has chosen a team, and it’s the Chicago Bulls as he’s agreed to a 2-year deal worth $47 million. No, he doesn’t get the $50 million that he was seeking, but I think $47 million will do, no?
  14. For Wade, it’s a chance to go home as he is a Chicago resident. But they truly need each other as the Bulls traded G Derrick Rose to the NY Knicks and saw F Joaikim Noah walk there too. But the Bulls have also signed G Rajon Rondo and still have young G Jimmy Butler. If Wade stays healthy and Ronjo doesn’t become a locker room menace, the Bulls may have gotten better. Time will tell.
  15. My thoughts on the Kevin Durant-to the Golden State Warriors signing? I don’t have a problem with it. The man has accomplished everything in the NBA-except win a ring. He left the OKC Thunder right and agreed to accept ‘less money’ to get that ring. You can’t go wrong with joining a team that only won the NBA finals a year ago.
  16. Folks that say Durant’s decision isn’t the way to do things, needs to cut it out. LeBron James did the same 6 years ago (and I had no problems with that either) and although we know that Free Agency wasn’t so big back in the 1980’s but the actions were still the same-through trades. Charles Barkley vocally demanded a trade from the Philadelphia 76ers and what happened? He ended up with the Phoenix Suns. Then he did it again to join the Houston Rockets. So stop it.
  17. As for LeBron James, it really amazes me how quiet he is right now. Eventually he’s going to have to sign a contract, because he too, is a free agent. Don’t get me wrong, he’s still enjoying winning the NBA Finals, and deservedly so, he came through on a promise. And I hope the Cavs are ready to pay this man whatever he wants. After all, without him, they would be nowhere.
  18. As for the NFL, may media outlets have the Pittsburgh Steelers as heavy favorites to win Super Bowl 51. I can honestly see that-provided that they stay healthy and their defense improves, because after all (based on the SB Champion Denver Broncos) defense still win championships.
  19. It still bugs me that WR Martavis Bryant’s foolish choice to do drugs has cost him the 2016 NFL season. He had a chance to explode this year, but he truly need to take care of something more important-his life. Because if he doesn’t, an NFL career he won’t have.
  20. Serena Williams has a chance to once again win it all at Wimbledon. I hope she gets it done/ She’s the best female athlete-period.

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