1. So, the NFL Draft is complete as teams have now made much-needed additions and improvements to their teams. And as we know, this process was basically the only way for teams to improve, and despite the big ‘shadow’ of Free Agency (which wasn’t always an option) the NFL Draft is still it.
  2. The Pittsburgh Steelers are a perfect example. The key to their success has always been the Draft. And yes, even they have loosened up in Free Agency over the years, but they won’t let you get it twisted: They stand on the Draft.
  3. In 1974, the Steelers had arguably the greatest NFL Draft in history when selected 4 future Hall of Famers (Lynn Swann, Jack Lambert, John Stallworth & Mike Webster) and one who should be a Hall of Famer (Donnie Shell) in my opinion. The result: 4 Super Bowls championships in 6 years, beginning with that year.
  4. So what about this year’s Steelers in the Draft? Well in my opinion, it was a pretty good one, and I usually don’t make much of a big deal about their draft picks until I see them on the field, but there’s something about those picks that stand out to me.
  5. I never thought that the Steelers would draft a CB in the 1st round (partly because they’ve fooled us in the past) but their selection of Miami’s Artie Burns impressed me. Yes, we have yet to see how he will do, but it’s a sign to me that they’re finally serious about improving that position.
  6. S Sean Davis and NT Javon Hargrave are other examples of the Steelers meeting needs in the draft. They were hoping that Shamarko Thomas and Steve McClendon were the answers, but they were far from it, with Thomas being a complete flop. So overall, I give the Steelers a B.
  7. I also salute the LA Rams for selecting QB Jared Goff for the first overall pick. They needed to make a serious splash-and they knew it had to start at QB. Same with the Dallas Cowboys selection of RB Ezekiel Elliot. When they let DeMarco Murray go last season, the team suffered badly. (especially when QB Tony Romo went down)
  8. I also give kudos to local players Tyler Boyd and Quinton Jefferson getting selected by the Cincinnati Bengals and Seattle Seahawks, respectively. Both had pretty awesome college careers and are truly gifted and skilled athletes that will benefit their teams.
  9. Back to the Steelers for a moment, they actually made some more news as they released 3 players Thursday, which includes former 2012 2nd round draft pick Mike Adams from nearby Farrell, Pa. It’s a shame because I was hoping that he would fit into the Steelers continued plans at that position. But apparently he failed his physical.
  10. And in other NFL news. The Las Vegas Raiders?? Yep, apparently owner Mark Davis is that serious about it. To be honest, I just knew they were joining the Rams in a return to LA. But the possible move to Sin City is intriguing. A maverick team moving to a maverick city. Plus, Davis is willing to put $500 million down for a new stadium. Stay tuned folks.
  11. As we know, there’s other sports news as well: In the NBA, the playoffs continue as does the dominance of the top Conference teams. The Golden State Warriors are manhandling the Portland Trail Blazers and the Cleveland Cavaliers are doing the same vs. the Atlanta Hawks. I honestly think that these two teams will have a NBA Finals rematch. Both teams lead their respective 2nd Round series 2-0.
  12. Of course in the Warriors case, they are still getting it done without G Steph Curry, who continues to recuperate from a knee injury. I know he wants to do everything to help his team, but with how his team is playing, he doesn’t have to hurry-at least in this round.
  13. The Miami Heat’s also looking pretty good as they’re leading their 2nd Round series vs. the Toronto Raptors 1-0. G Dwayne Wade truly looks rejuvenated after 2 injury-filled seasons (and I honestly though he should’ve retired) but apparently the Heat is facing some adversity regarding C Chris Bosh.
  14. Bosh has a serious medical condition regarding blood clots that have kept him out of action since February, but he still travelled with the team and remained active on the roster, which could’ve caused problems for the team if they had struggled, but it was decided that he would officially be out for the remainder of the playoffs. Prayers for his recovery.
  15. The Indiana Pacers have also made news as they’ve decided not to renew the contract of HC Frank Vogel. According to team president Larry Bird, the team decided it was time for a ‘new voice around here.’ Despite the team being in contention over the years and having one of the best players in G Paul George, Vogel just couldn’t get the team past the Eastern Conference Finals in recent years.
  16. Just when you thought former NY Knicks star Patrick Ewing would get his first coaching gig with the Sacramento Kings, it was honestly just the beginning of an extensive search to succeed former HC George Karl, who was fired after the season.
  17. Former NBA head coaches David Blatt, Jeff Hornacek, Mark Jackson and Kevin McHale (who has since declined) have also been interviewed, along with Kings assistant (and former Arkansas Razorback star) Corliss Williamson. Decisions, decisions.
  18. As for Major League Baseball, the Pittsburgh Pirates are on a 4-game losing streak almost a week after a 6-game winning streak. 3 of those 4 losses came at the hands of the Chicago Cubs who are continuing to live up to the pre-season hype.
  19. They didn’t just beat the Pirates in that 3-game series, they destroyed them in 7-2, 7-1 & 6-2 losses. It just basically shows that sometimes a team is just better and right now, the Cubs are proving that.
  20. I hear that Tiger Woods has applied to play in the US Open, which will be played at Pittsburgh’s Oakmont Country Club this year. I wish Tiger the best, but if he doesn’t get it done on the course, he’ll still certainly generate a lot of media attention.

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