Puerto Rico Needs Your Support


From Change.org:

When Hurricane Fiona tore through Puerto Rico, it left no part of the island free from destruction. Thousands of homes were destroyed, and the entire island has been left to mourn and recover. But the government has apparently decided that only some municipalities deserve federal aid money. Now, the southwest corner of the island is floundering with little help from anyone. Sign Tatiana’s petition to tell FEMA to help unite, not divide the people of Puerto Rico, and provide aid to all who need it.

Hurricane Fiona devastated the entire island of Puerto Rico, no place was left untouched. ALL communities in Puerto Rico deserve access to federal emergency aid!

Many communities in western/southwestern areas of Puerto Rico are still without water and almost all are without power. Two feet of rain has caused excessive flooding that has left a soggy mess across many homes. Coupled with high temperatures, the situation is dire.

The southwest region is where the hurricane’s eye passed by, yet, the entire region has been unfairly excluded from a declaration of emergency.

ALL people in Puerto Rico, regardless of their location, deserve the right to access federal emergency aid!


Image: Wings of Rescue Instagram