Some liked it. Some didn’t. Lizzo could not care less. That’s what makes her such a magnetic superstar: she’s confident and doesn’t appear phased by who’s bothered.

The “it” is referring to Lizzo’s twerking courtside in a thong at Monday night’s Los Angeles Lakers versus the Minnesota Timberwolves game as the Lakers girls did a routine to her hit song, “Juice.” Lizzo, 31, jumped up and started to dance. When the jumbotron captured her, Lizzo was in full twerk mode.

Video shows she was hyped even before the game started, showing up in a black oversized t-shirt that had a cutout in the back revealing a thong bikini and fishnet stockings. She was captured sharing some thoughts on video: “This is how a bad bitch goes to a Lakers game versus Minnesota” Lizzo said in the arena’s tunnel. “You bitches can’t even spell ‘Minnesota.’”

Lizzo also told a Fox Sports reporter that she has a thing for a certain player.

“I’m personally cheering for No. 32,” Lizzo said, referring to Timberwolves star Karl-Anthony Towns. Although she admits she has never met Towns, that didn’t stop her from fawning. “That’s my baby!” And then she added him into her own “Truth Hurts” remix: “New man on the Minnesota Timberwolves!”

Reaction across social media was mixed – with some fat-shaming her for her antics and others, like Ari Lennox, letting it be known that the pop star has their support.

“Not here for the insensitivity to social anxiety Not here for y’alls ignorance on thickness Not here for y’all literally doing everything in your power to tear down black women,” Lennox tweeted.

“This is the most contradicting and ignorant shit that I’ve seen in a long time! This has been the year of beautiful women in all shapes in thongs and now there’s problem,” Lennox said in another tweet.

Some still took it there.

“I love you but you just doing too much, always making everything about that when it clearly ain’t whatsoever,” @KazutoXXI tweeted in response to Lennox.
“Somebody said Lizzo looked like Rikishi with that outfit on and I can’t stop crying,” tweeted @Ace1dr_
“I love Lizzo, but this isn’t appropriate for ANYONE to wear to a game with kids present no matter what their shape or size,” another person said.
Whatever your take, Lizzo is taking it all in stride, as she always does. And the Timberwolves shared Lizzo’s crush on their official team account.
Way to make them talk, Lizzo! #winning
Story credit to Dawn Onley/The Grio.
Photo credit to The Grio.


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