J. Christin Fields is a Pittsburgh native and Duquesne University graduate, a wife and mother and now a published author of an adorable children’s storybook titled “Can You Smell My Socks”.

The main character, Kai is very curious to know if any of his family members (including the cat) can smell what he smells. Throughout his adventure, Kai realizes that his inquisitiveness is unique and only one person understands that. His mom.

Fields and her illustrator focus on all character personalities, dad, sister, and the cat to create an in-depth look at his imagination, allowing us the opportunity to take some time out from our busy schedules and embrace the innocence of our children and encouraging parents to allow them to be their true selves.

“Can You Smell My Socks” is now available on Amazon, Walmart.com and other online retail stores were children’s books are sold.


Here is my one on one with J. Christin Fields: