Sunday night in game two of the NBA finals Steph Curry looked like the MVP we saw two years ago in the first final matchup between the Golden State Warriors and the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Curry looked very comfortable and allowed his game to come to him finishing with a triple-double consisting of 32 points, 11 assist and 10 rebounds. The Warriors guard was going around people while finding open teammates for buckets. Not to mention while Curry (aka Splash Brother number one) was in his groove, Klay Thompson ( aka Splash Brother number two ) found his offensive rhythm and knocked down 22 points.

The Warriors who protected the ball in game one with a record low of only four turnovers did not do so well this time around. The Cavaliers physical defense caused 20 miscues on the part of Golden State, but the Warriors were putting up so many points it almost made the Golden State turnovers irrelevant. Curry and crew got off to a fast start scoring 40 points in the first quarter, but Lebron James and the Cavaliers stayed in the game by scoring 34 first quarter points. By halftime, the score was 67-64 that pace definitely favored the Warriors.

As the teams came out to begin the second half the Splash Brothers plus one took over as Golden State finished the quarter with 35 points and the route was on. Curry lead the way but Thompson and Kevin Durant added the force behind the Warriors attack. Thompson who only had 6 points in game one and focused on defense, focused on defense again, but this time around he found his shot knocking down 8 of the 12 shots he took from the floor not to mention he made 4 of the 7 three point attempts he put up. Thompsons numbers were way better than his game one shooting performance of 3 for 16 from the floor and 0 for 5 from beyond the three-point line.

Then there was Kevin Durant who dominated game one with 38 points and this time around he dominated again. Durant scored 33 points, grabbed  13 rebounds, dished  6 assists and 5 blocked shots. So this time “KD”  was not only scoring, he was also making things happen for Golden State on defense as well. Curry, Thompson, and Durant combined for 87 Points, 18 Assist, and 30 Rebounds as they powered the Warriors to their second consecutive double-digit win over  Cleveland.

As for the Cavaliers, Lebron James was doing everything, he had a triple-double of his own with 29 points,14 assist, and 11 rebounds but that was simply not enough. Kevin Love added 27 points, but this time the big man only had 7 rebounds instead of the 21 he had in game one. Kyrie Irving tried to help out with his 19 points and his 7 assists, but he too was limited in the rebound category with only 2. As a matter of fact, Tristan Thompson who is a good rebounder only grabbed 4 boards for the Cavs in this loss.

Cleveland will get to enjoy some home cooking in games three and four. I know Cavaliers fans are not too worried because King James and his troops fell behind to Golden State last season before winning the title. But I have to bring to Cavs fans attention there is an X factor lurking on the court in this series in the form of Durant and in order to repeat last year’s fete Cleveland must find a way to contain “KD”.

I’m not saying it can’t be done, but I am saying the task of shutting him down or even slowing him down does not appear to be an easy one.I’m impressed with the way Durant handles the ball and the way he is stepping up on defense (recently in game two). My point is that if  “KD” can handle the ball as well as he is doing and getting to the basket as easy as it has appeared to be in games one and two. I don’t  the Cavs will have a chance. Durant has too many weapons at his disposal and it appears that if you leave him to take care of any of his teammates he will make you pay. He has already made the Cavs pay in games one and two.

The NBA Finals now moves to Cleveland for games three and four. game three will be Wednesday. Do you think the Cavaliers will win or do you think the  Warriors on their way to a possible sweep and the NBA Title?

Trevin A  Jones

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