Margo Hinton joins the Urban Media Today  sports weekend lineup  with her insight on sports from a womans’ perspective. The High School and College Hall of Fame former basketball star  touches on the importance of self discipline,always challenging yourself and the support of community in 30 minutes loaded with insight and fun…..

(L to R) Ray Porter Jr, Vince Butts,Margo Hinton and Aubrey Bruce

Todays  “Give it Up ” Notes

Give It Up Action Steps

  1. Start the conversation: Share with your son or daughter who your role models were growing up and even who you look up to right now
  2. Ask your son or daughter who they look up to and do they know why
  3. Explain to them the 5 Qualities of a good role model and encourage them to seek out role models that can have a positive impact on their life

5 Qualities of a Positive Role Model

  1. A Role Model Shows Passion and Ability to Inspire.
  2. A Role Model Shows a Clear Set of Values.
  3. A Role Model Shows Commitment to Community.
  4. A Role Model Shows Selflessness and Acceptance of Others.
  5. A Role Model Shows the Ability to Overcome Obstacles.



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