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Did you know that the Super Bowl is the most watched televised sporting event? There are 32 teams in the National Football League, as opposed to only 30 teams in Major League Baseball. And, the oldest football stadium is Soldier Field in Chicago, Illinois. These facts are all intriguing, but you’re here to feed your hungry party guests. Here’s some delicious party food to do just that.


Game day chocolate chip cheesecake ball. ( Your football guests are going to Instagram this cheeseball! While cheeseballs are popular for parties, this one is going to be the talk of the party. Find a football-shaped dish and wrap the bottom in plastic wrap. Then, mold the cheeseball into a football shape. Let it chill for an hour and come back to it. It’s time to decorate it. Decorate this cheeseball in mini chocolate chips, as well as mini white chocolate chips to resemble a football. Surround the cheeseball with crackers and cookies. That’s all there is to it.


Touchdown brownies. ( These brownies are so cute! They are also very easy to make. Make brownies as normal and then use a football cookie cutter to get that unique shape. All you need is icing to decorate it as it as football. As an alternative, make these team-tastic and use icing that is your team’s colors. For instance, the team colors of the Chicago Bears is orange and blue. Make it fun and it will stand out to your guests.


Slow cooker chicken wings. ( Your party guests will love the flavorful taste. Likewise, you’re going to enjoy that that recipe is cost friendly and easy. There are only four ingredients to it. You start in an oven, however, and transfer to a slow cooker. Other than that, you’re free to worry about the rest of your party food. 


Pepperoni Pizza Rolls. ( These are going to be a new party favorite! If you want pizza, but don’t want the cost (or the time), then this is a perfect option. You make a pizza like normal and then you roll the dough into a log. Slice the dough so that each pizza roll is 3/4 inches thick. Each batch makes 14-15 rolls, so plan accordingly on how many people you’ll have at the party. For instance, if you have 30 guests, plan on each person taking two rolls.


Potato skins. ( Finally, everyone enjoys potato skins. Make these at home for no cost at all. All you need a bag of russet potatoes, cheese, bacon and green onions. Have sour cream on the side for those guests that enjoy it. In fact, you may want to make some skins with onions and leave it off others. This gives your guest options and makes the party more enjoyable for them. This is also a finger food, which makes it easy to grab and get back to the game. Guests don’t usually like to eat foods that are complicated at football parties keep it easy. They’re going to come to your parties all season long!


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