TAMPA, FLORIDA, January 5, 2022- As the men’s basketball team opens conference play
against the University of Houston Cougars, USF’s Vice President of Athletics Michael Kelly,
formally addressed the media on his decision to extend 14 of the university’s coaches
some as far as 2027. Most Bull fans are questioning the early extensions of some of the coaches.

When was the last time you heard of a coach being extended after a two-win season? A.D. Kelly reminds me of the Rooney’s and Kevin Colbert, of the Pittsburgh Steelers. You might be saying Cliff, you’re comparing a collegiate to one of the greatest NFL franchises in history. Yes, I am because of loyalty to the city, coaches, and players.

The Steelers have only had three Head Coaches, since 1969. These extensions show that the university is committed to its athletic programs. Also, it shows that the university is committed to grow nationally and in the American Conference, as a powerhouse. Kelly said,

“If you take a look around the country at the bigger programs to include one in our own conference they invested in their programs.”

With, all of the coaches now under contract through the 2023 season, The university has added women’s lacrosse to the programs that will start in  2023-2024. Michael wasn’t done adding to USF and Bulls nation. He is very excited about the brand-new practice facility scheduled to open sometime in the spring of 2022. He is very ecstatic about the on-campus football stadium.





“We hope to have it open during the 2027, season that would make my bosses happy. They would totally understand, if it took a little longer and we are happy to play in one of the top-notch facilities as Raymond James stadiums.”

It is understandable why President Law, extended Michael Kelly through the
2028, season. What all went into the contract extensions for the coaches?

Kelly says, “Despite the struggles of the football team, he sees progress within the program.” Head Coach Jeff Scott and his staff, have the number one transfer portal signees that will that 22 athletes will start class on Monday, January 10. Kelly gave credit to the coaches and the administrators for making that happen. He hopes that the College Football Playoff committee, that he is a member of agrees to expand the playoffs so that non power five programs can get in and have a chance to play for a national title.

Michael Kelly said, “This will bring in more revenue for college football.” Scott is signed
through the 2026, football season. The Bulls also extended men’s basketball Head Coach Brian Gregory, through the 2025-2026 (March). Kelly said, “I believe in Coach Gregory, the team has been through a lot over the covid season of 2020.” He added, “that he is proud of the fight from the team and a bucket here or there different team.” Basically, the progression and recruiting of the basketball team and other programs at the university played a big role in the decision.

The current contractual status of the head coaches can be found in table below:

USF HEAD COACHES – Year hired and season contracted through

Sport               Coach                              Year Hired      Season Contracted Through

Baseball                      Billy Mohl                      2017 (June)     Through 2026 season

Men’s Basketball          Brian Gregory          2017 (March)    Through 2025-26 season

Women’s Basketball    Jose Fernandez         2000 (Nov.)      Through 2026-27 season

Football                     Jeff Scott                 2019 (Dec.)        Through 2026 season

Men’s Golf                 Steve Bradley           2014 (July)         Through 2026 season

Women’s Golf            Erika Brennan          2017 (Dec.)       Through 2023 season

Women’s Sailing       Allison Jolly              2004                  Annually renewed

Men’s Soccer            Bob Butehorn          2016 (Dec.)        Through 2023 season

Women’s Soccer      Denise Schilte-Brown   2006 (Dec.)       Through 2025 season

Women’s Softball     Ken Eriksen            1997                    Through 2026 season

Men’s Tennis          Ashley Fisher            2016 (July)        Through 2024 season

Women’s Tennis     Cristina Moros          2015 (May)       Through 2024 season

M&W Track & Field & XC  Erik Jenkins    2019 (June)        Through 2026 season

Women’s Volleyball   Jolene Shepardson   2020 (Jan.)      Through 2024 season


My message to USF fans is that there is light at the end of the tunnel, and you should pack every facility that houses a USF sports program.

Go Bulls!!

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