CBS This Morning co-host Gayle King is “mortified, embarrassed and very angry” at her bosses at CBS for deciding to release a clip of her one on one with WNBA star Lisa Leslie. The two were discussing Leslie’s friendship with Kobe Bryant. In the discussion. King asked about the 2003 sexual assault case that involved Bryant and a woman who claimed the NBA legend raped her. Leslie kept it classy and asked if the media could move on from that terrible moment in time. King, in a live stream on social media, agreed and expressed her dissatisfaction with CBS and said they’ll have an “intense discussion” about that later. Uh oh! Click here for more.


So, is this really happening? Singer, DJ, Dula, and businesswoman, Erykah Badu will be creating an online shopping experience for fans to purchase her latest invention. She was inspired by cutting up several pairs of her panties (yes, panties) and then burning them. The fragrance (I’m assuming) smelled so good, she figured why not make it into an incense? I won’t disclose the name and who would benefit from it, but you can find out here.


Finally, can someone please call Nicki Minaj’s and Meek Mills’ mamas and tell them to come get their kids! The couple dated in 2014 but the relationship only lasted a few years. Since then, Mill went to prison and Nicki got married. I guess they never got closure because they’ve been arguing in public and on social media like no one’s watching! Meek accused Nicki of ignoring the allegations against her brother Jelani who was recently sentenced to 25 years in prison for child rape. Minaj accused Meek of domestic violence. Honestly, the back and forth is exhausting and embarrassing. Get it together guys! Here’s the story.

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