I can agree with Portia Foxx who commented earlier this week on two of Kanye West’s songs released from his upcoming album “Lift Yourself” (in stores this Summer), that Kanye hasn’t been this “woke” since The College Dropout! Unfortunately, in my opinion, this guy needs to go back to sleep and wake up again!



All day, Twitter was trending with various hashtags #TMZLive #MuteKanye #VanLathan and #Slavery. All from an entire day of Kanye coverage where the rap star joined TMZ Live hosts Harvey Levin and Charles Latibeaudiere and a few of the TMZ regulars; including one of the most outspoken reporters, Van Lathan.

Why was Kanye there? Take a guess…because he’s Kanye! According to the Huffington Post, he stopped by to tell TMZ reporters that he loves Donald Trump (because they really needed to know I guess).

If I had $20, I would bet that he also paid a visit to stir up some controversy and throw in a few mentions of his upcoming album. I didn’t watch TMZLive (and I’m usually on the show once every few weeks) so I can’t say what his reasons were but I will say that it was definitely a memorable one.

The guys, Harvey and Charles were sitting in their usual TMZLive positions where Kanye walked in and joined the duo to discuss the latest Kanye rants, according to reports.

Kanye was going on and on about being black, loving Donald Trump and something about slavery being around for 400 years that it “sounds like a choice”. Yes, he said that! Check out the video:


From the look on Harvey’s face, it seems as though this is a good day for sweeps! Pan over to Charles and Van, ratings is the last thing on their minds. (I’m assuming)

This is not the last time we’re going to hear about Kanye West, his album, new found love for Trump and his slavery comment. If we aren’t happy about this, I wonder what Kim thinks!

Recently, it’s been reported that he’s getting threats from the Crips allegedly, so he may need to take a knee…too soon?


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