Celebs respond to death of Richard Roundtree

Credit: Instagram/@officialrichardroundtree

By for Thegrio

The death of actor Richard Roundtree has inspired an outpouring of tributes from fellow actors and celebrities. The actor passed away on Tuesday after a battle with pancreatic cancer.

Samuel L. Jackson honored Roundtree in an Instagram post of a photo of them on the set of 2019’s “Shaft.” Jackson called Roundtree “The Prototype, The Best To Ever Do It!!” Roundtree is best known for portraying the iconic private detective John Shaft in several “Shaft” films. Jackson starred with Roundtree in two “Shaft” reboots in 2000 and 2019.

“His passing leaves a deep hole not only in my heart, but I’m sure a lotta y’all’s, too,” Jackson continued. “Love you, Brother, I see you walking down the Middle of Main Street in Heaven & Issac’s Conducting your song.”

The masses of fellow collaborators paying homage to Roundtree also showed that he was more than just his “Shaft” character.

Gabrielle Union wrote a heartfelt message about Roundtree on Twitter. Roundtree worked with Union on the BET series “Being Mary Jane,” as seen in the photo she posted. Union said it was “a dream” to work with Roundtree on the series while also saying, “He was ALWAYS the coolest man in the room with the BEST vibes & ppl would literally run over to come see him,” Union wrote. “He was simply the best & we all loved him.”

Tia Mowry wrote on Instagram that Roundtree had a “lasting impact” on her. She and he worked together on the Netflix series, “Family Reunion.”

“I am forever grateful for your warm energy, your light, your heart, and your incredible wisdom,” Mowry wrote. “Thank you for blessing this world with your gifts.”

Robert Townsend, who worked with Roundtree on his series, “Diary of a Single Mom,” called Roundtree “one of my first heroes” in a Twitter post. Townsend included a picture with him, Roundtree, and actor Billy Dee Williams in the post.

Magic Johnson also expressed his gratitude to Roundtree on social media. “Growing up as a little boy, Richard Roundtree was the man we idolized because he was so cool on and off the screen,” Johnson posted. “When Richard starred in Shaft, we all lost our minds! Rest in peace to one of the greats.”