The food that we eat either hurts us or helps us. If our diet is overloaded with fat, sodium of sugar then over time it’s going to hurt us. It’s going to put us more at risk for heart disease, diabetes and several types of cancer. Yet, if we eat a high protein and low-fat diet, the chances of encountering any of those illnesses significantly drop. Your lifespan increases and your heart gets stronger. If your goal is to beat cancer, incorporate the following foods as much as possible. You’re going to find that your body feels so much better!


Consider adding onions to your diet. I never really enjoyed onions until I tried them on a sandwich. Now I eat onions practically on anything. Onions are an excellent source of biotin. This helps to reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes and regulate your blood sugar. Eating onions is also a way to keep your skin healthy and reduce your way of encountering hair loss. It has a considerable amount of vitamin C, which not only boosts your immune system but helps to protect it against colds. Likewise, onions help to lower blood pressure and relieve stress.

Mushrooms are another cancer-fighting superfood. It’s been studied that this vegetable can help keep your weight under control. This is effective when people replace red meat with white mushrooms. Over time, people can drop a significant amount of weight which reduces their risk of obesity. The white mushrooms, too, have been shown to reduce breast cancer in both men and women. This may be due to the fact that this s superfood is so rich in fiber. It boosts your immune system and helps it to fight off viruses.

Sweet potatoes are a powerhouse of cancer-fighting minerals and vitamins. Sweet potatoes are considered to be a squash. They are in the same family as pumpkin. This vegetable has high amounts of vitamin A (which is good for your eyes) and turmeric, which fights cancerous tumors throughout the body. Most people eat this vegetable at Thanksgiving with marshmallows on top but enjoy all year. Add it as a side dish to soup or make it into fries. It’s going to keep you healthy and your heart strong.

Broccoli, too, is another cancer-fighting food. It works to remove cholesterol from your body, which ultimately reduces your likeliness of a heart attack or stroke. Broccoli is also a powerhouse of vitamin K. This vitamin works to keep your bones strong and healthy. Vitamin C, too, is also a rich source of broccoli, This is going to actively promote wound healing while boosting your immune system to fight off dangerous bacteria. Broccoli can be used creatively in any culinary dish. Experiment with it and you’ll find that this delicious vegetable is worth its effort to fight cancer.

Finally, pumpkin can help you prevent cancer. This autumn vegetable is an excellent source of vitamin A, which promotes perfect eyesight. It strengthens your eyes to see better in dim lights. Pumpkin is also a great food to spark weight loss. It’s going trim your body of unneeded weight through its fiber and keep you full for longer. In turn, this is going to lower your risk of diabetes and obesity which go hand-in-hand in lowering your cancer risk. Let’s not forget, too, that pumpkin can strengthen your heart. Pumpkin seeds, for instance, have been shown to lower bad cholesterol. This reduces your risk of a heart attack. Incorporating these foods is going to be a game changer. Find new, innovative ways to eat them and your health will be better off for it.