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Sarah Cooper gets Netflix special after going famous for trolling Trump

Lip-sync star, Sarah Cooper, is getting her own Netflix special after becoming a viral sensation with her parodies of President Donald Trump.

Cooper will join forces with SNL alumna, Maya Rudolph, who will executive produce. Everything’s Fine will be directed by Natasha Lyonne of Russian Doll and Orange Is the New Black.

The special is due to arrive on the streaming site this fall.

“Everything’s Fine” will feature “vignettes dealing with issues of politics, race, gender, class, and other light subjects,” Netflix said, with guest performers taking part in short interviews, sketches, and “more shenanigans.”

In April 2020, Cooper went viral with her brilliant satirical lip-sync impressions of our current president. Her How to Medical video released on Twitter has been viewed more than 20 million times. In the video, she lip-syncs to Trump talking about the idea of using sunlight and disinfectant to cure coronavirus.

42-year-old Cooper is a native of Jamaica who currently resides in New York City.

Before her online success, she was a writer and correspondent on the CBS ALL ACCESS pilot OLD NEWS, produced by Stephen Colbert. Cooper also wrote the best-selling books “100 Tricks to Appear Smart in Meetings” and “How to be Successful Without Hurting Men’s Feelings.”

Cooper told The Daily Beast that she got into TikTok after being introduced to the short video sharing site by her nephew.

She also said that making the videos is cathartic for her during the coronavirus pandemic. Her sister is a nurse and her mother has asthma and lives in Florida.

She said that she started doing her Trump impressions after watching his daily virus briefings and said she noticed “that he has no idea what he’s talking about, and he can talk for so long about anything.” She said that she enjoys speaking truth to power by making people laugh.


Story credit to Biba Adams/The Grio.

Photo credit to The Grio.

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