NBA Report

NBA Report


If the last season wasn’t grilling, nail biting or didn’t have you at the edge of your seat throughout, the coming season and 2016 will be something to look out for. Well we have you covered throughout, Basketball fans out there surely won’t want to miss a single NBA game – and we aim at bringing each highlight to you and more. What’s more the excitement will be doubled because of the new line set to launch this time around. With a number of players to look for out, lots of shots to cheer for and a number of teams you can follow, bet on or even watch avidly – 2016 will bring out the best in what NBA has to offer to both the players and the millions of sports fans out there.

From offensive right till through the defense, the league sure has a line up which will make you want to tune in every time there is a game scheduled. But a shot is a shot! Are we right or are we right? The excitement along with it is because of the way it’s managed and put through the hoop.

For just a while there it kind off seemed that Andre Drummond was at the end of the line, Jeff Schwartz was looking around. But this tall man of Detroit has now finally started to live up to his potential and is surely the one to look out for in 2016; he always did have the tools, it seems only now that he’s putting them to good use.

Although his departure would completely devastate Oklahoma, Kevin Durant is unrestricted this time around. With free hits this time around, he is in his prime. An outstanding scorer throughout, Durant along with LeBron James are the cream of the crop this season. So from the big rollers down to the underdog, Pau Gasol has made is clear throughout that he doesn’t mind being underpaid as long as he gets another chance at the title – his agent Jason Ranne might not be the happiest guy alive right now. But the audience will eat that up, keep a watch on him – he might just surprise everybody. [email protected]