E Report: Apple Closes Deal on Will Smith’s ‘Emancipation’ Movie [AUDIO]

Made In America Festival Postponed to 2021 Can somebody just tell Terry Crews the truth? Will Smith ain’t speaking on that August...

E Report: Ellen Degeneres Defends Kevin Hart Receives Backlash [AUDIO]

https://soundcloud.com/user-790995506/e-report-w-ki-ki-jan-4 R Kelly Lifetime LoserEllen Endorses Kevin Hart-Calls AcademyJay Z Says Nah Bruh…Try Again… For more entertainment on Urban Media Today, click here!

E Report: Kim Kardashian West Is Frustrated with Kanye-Did We Call It? [AUDIO]

Eminem finds an intruder in his home, while security sleeps Megan The Stallion gets emotional when Savage remix feat. Beyonce is released Kim...

E Report: Adam “Pacman” Jones Arrested At Casino…AGAIN! [AUDIO]

https://soundcloud.com/user-790995506/e-reportw-ki-ki-brown-feb-27 Jordan Woods Makes First AppearanceNFL Baller Adam "Pac Man" Jones Arrested at Indiana Casino (AGAIN)R Kelly "girlfriend", Jocelyn Savage's family wants another welfare check For...

E Report: Was Drake Exposed to the Corona Virus? [AUDIO]

Could Drake Be The Next Celebrity Tested Positive for the Corona Virus? Was Oprah Arrested for Sex Trafficking? Ciara and Russell Donate...

E Report: Charges Dropped in Smollett Case/Wendy’s Breakdown [AUDIO]

Check out the latest in entertainment from the chargest being dropped in the Smollett assault case to Wendy Williams' break down & return to rehab after husband (allegedly) has baby w/ sidechick.

E Report: Rihanna Fan Arrested For Breaking Into House [AUDIO]

R. Kelly Responds to Spotify Chris Brown Denies Sexual Assault Rumors Rihanna Intruder Takes Crazed Fan Way Too Far Swizz Beats Offers Artists...

E Report: Witness Comes Forward in Jussie Smollett Attack [AUDIO]

https://soundcloud.com/user-790995506/e-report-jan-32 When Tattooing Goes Totally Wrong for Ariana GrandeJussie Smollett Attack Now Has A Person Of Interest Lil’ Wayne Sues His Lawyers; Wants $20 MILLIONCardi...

E Report: Bill Cosby Calls AIG Insurance “Dispicable” [AUDIO]

https://soundcloud.com/user-790995506/e-report-w-ki-ki-brown-apr-19 Bill Cosby Big Mad in the Big HouseWendy Gives Kevin 48 Hours to VacateR. Kelly Could Return To Jail; Still Owes, Still Broke For...

E Report: Steph Curry Takes Up Golfing [AUDIO]

Did NBA star Steph Curry take up a new sport? Check out the E-Report w/ Ki Ki Brown to find out!

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