Reports are circulating about the latest tragedy involving another unarmed black male who died at the hands of a white police officer. This time, the scene of the crime was at the actual residence of both the police officer and the victim.

According to reports, a Dallas police officer, Amber Guyer, told police that she thought someone was in her apartment when she arrived home. There are conflicting reports but when Officer Guyer realized someone was in her apartment, she fired her service weapon, killing 26-year-old Botham Shem Jean.

Jean and Guyer lived in the same apartment complex but for reasons unanswered at this time, Guyer mistook his apartment for hers; thinking he was an intruder.

Here is the latest, according to The Root:

Once the door opened, Guyger said the apartment was dark and she thought “she had encountered a burglar, which was described as a large silhouette, across the room in her apartment.”

Guyger claimed she drew her weapon, “gave verbal commands that were ignored by (Jean),” and then fired two shots. Jean was hit by one of the shots and died from his wound.

The arrest warrant was made public on Monday, and the version of the story it tells differs from the one which appears in a Sept. 7 search warrant that was signed by Judge Brandon Birmingham.

This story is developing…

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