The cost of public embarrassment for both the city of Philadelphia and Starbucks for arresting two black men who violated no laws by sitting in the major chain coffee shop, while waiting on a business partner wasn’t even enough to buy a tall latte!

According to help on writing a business plan sat sample essay nature versus nurture essay can i buy cialis over the counter uk eddrugs4 how to write sad letter help to write an essay go site follow essay on gurpurab festival in hindi go site see yearbook assignments stargirl essay compare and contrast essay on romeo and juliet cialis thrombosis eco 372 week 3 economic advisement paper how to write thesis outline how do i get help with math homework enter site how to conclude a compare and contrast essay write an essay on my school compound NPR and various news sources, the two men arrested in the Philadelphia Starbucks, Donte Robinson, and Rashan Nelson did reach an undisclosed sum and offer of free college tuition for their “inconvenience” (my words) hoping this would cool down.

Since the April 12 incident, a Starbucks manager (the one who called the police) was fired and all stores will participate in a mandatory racial-bias training on May 29th; causing all stores to close its doors for one day.

The $1 given to the men is described as “symbolic” from the city of Philadelphia as well as a “promise from officials to establish a $200,000 public high school program for young entrepreneurs” ( was acceptable and “…best way to see that change that we want to see”, Robinson told the Associated Press.

The two men were thanked by the CEO of Starbucks, recognizing their “willingness to reconcile.”

Are we settling to put a lid on this issue or do we continue the conversation about racial-bias in this country? Are you pleased with this decision?

What about the woman who was assaulted in a Pittsburgh Pizza shop? There were protests for weeks and now that it’s been settled, we’re quiet again.

Are these acts of accepting responsibility what we’re looking for? Or are our attention spans so short that we’ve become distracted by other things (Trump, Kanye, Drake, etc.) that we assume it’s “all good” so we turn our heads to something more entertaining and less important?

I guess life as we know it is as good as an iced grande caramel macchiato w/ a double shot of espresso and a medium sized cheese pizza on a hot summer day!

Bon Appetit! 

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