First I’ll start off by saying I’m ok! Thanks to the immediate attention from the staff at the MedExpress here in Monroeville (a suburb outside Pittsburgh, PA).

I thought it would be “ok” if I just took a tiny bite of my co-workers lobster mac n’ cheese everyone’s been bragging about from this restaurant called Soul and Sea (great food by the way). I remember he asked if I was allergic and I said: “yeah, but I don’t think a bit will kill me”.

Fast forward, two hours later, while taking my dog out for his afternoon walk, my throat started itching and my ear started to feel hot (uh oh). I didn’t think much of it, plus I didn’t have time because I was on my way to a podcast (30 minutes away).

Two hours after biting a FORKFULL of lobster mac n cheese

As I scurry around to gather my things to head out the door, I could feel my eyes swelling and I start to cough (again, uh oh). Low and behold, the allergy from that SMALL BITE of lobster mac n’ cheese started to take effect.

First thing I thought about was Will Smith in the movie ‘Hitch‘! (don’t laugh, it saved my life).

I quickly ran to my car and drove to the Rite Aid and during that drive, I take a look in the rear view mirror and my face is starting to bubble (literally).

Inside Rite Aid, I felt as though I’m re-enacting the role of Hitch, trying to find some Benedryl! “Where’s the Benedryl?” I yell to the store clerk, who at this time is looking at me like my face was about to explode (she never asked if I needed help by the way. She just stared at me! Great customer service, lady)

Will Smith and Eva Mendes in the movie “Hitch” (2005)

I leave the store in a panic, praying to my sweet baby Jesus, saying to myself: “what am I supposed to do? Where is the hospital?” I haven’t been to an area hospital in a long time (I’m fairly healthy) so I remember there’s a MedExpress 15 minutes away. “Do I have time? Should I just call 911?” is what I’m thinking to myself. I’m not ashamed (fully) to admit that I’m one of the millions of Americans who cannot afford health insurance because to the standard, I make too much money to enroll in the “affordable health care” but not enough money, in reality, to actually afford it.

I immediately head toward the MedExpress and as I’m driving, my throat is closing up and my eyes slowly followed. I called my mother and mumbled what I was doing, she said: “I’m on my way!” (I love my momma)

These are the most common—and deadliest—allergies

I pulled into the parking lot (not even sure if I turned my car off) and rushed inside. Within minutes I was given an epi-pen and an IV and then they called 911 for a paramedia to take me to an actual emergency room.

Maybe about 10 minutes into my visit, I felt a little better. The doctor told me that if I hadn’t taken the Benedryl and drove myself to their facility (or a hospital), I would have died.

Even the tiniest bite of lobster (which was pretty damn good actually) would have put me in some serious danger.

Now I have to avoid all seafood at all cost; even if it’s my favorite kind of delicasy.

Again, I’m thankful for the men and women at the MedExpress and my mother for coming to my aide (and thank you, Jesus for LITERALLY taking the wheel). Take my advice, if you have to walk away from that thing that will cause a dramatic allergic reaction, do it!

It’s so not worth it.

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