It’s February and your child hasn’t started thinking about college let alone applying for scholarships. Little do they know, scholarship opportunities come and go as fast as the wind blowing a tumbleweed down the street.

BlackAmericaWeb has provided a list of available scholarships for African American students that your child SHOULD start applying for NOW!

Here are the top scholarships programs for African-American students to apply for in 2019: (click here for the entire list)

Spike Lee’s Malcolm X Scholarship For Exceptional Courage: The Malcolm X Scholarship for “Exceptional Courage” is directed towards undergraduate students, who are enrolled at one of the UNCF Institutions. The scholarship was developed by Spike Lee to increase the awareness about the life and contributions of Malcolm X within society.

National Hook-up of Black Women Scholarships: National Hook-up of Black Women (NHBW) Scholarships are available to graduating high school seniors who plan to enroll in an accredited college or university in the fall after graduation. Two different scholarships are available.

Scholarships From Beyonce’s BeyGOOD Foundation and Jay-Z’s Shawn Carter FoundationWhile on their OTR II Tour, Beyoncé and Jay-Z (through BeyGOOD and the Shawn Carter Foundation) announced a new scholarship program to award exceptional senior high school students with financial needs. Each recipient will receive a scholarship award of $100K to put toward their college enrollment, and the award will serve as a dedicated university-based fund for each selected student throughout the duration of their enrollment.

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