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Since late April, Kanye has been on a Twitter rampage much like his new found friend Donald Trump. Maybe Orange Soda taught Yeezy ??? But picture that! Yeezy using Donald’s troll tactics to get everybody riled up for his new album. It’s not the most preposterous concept; especially given who we are talking about. One of the generations’ greatest minds becoming a puppet.

Many will argue that Ye’ is in the sunken place, but I don’t think so. I’m my opinion, I believe he is FINALLY mourning the loss of his mother and allowing himself to get outside of himself. Transition is never comfortable to outside minds that dwell on the old you. But those same minds don’t have to live Kanyé’s life.

Yé released two songs late last week in response to all the critics and people who were caught off guard by his recent support of the modern day Hitler.
Lift Yourself and Yè vs The People featuring T.I.

Lift yourself is a two-minute trademark stamp of what Kanyé can do with a sample that only a musical connoisseur would know where it came from. The original song “Liberty” by Amnesty, a 1973 song by an Indianapolis male group, was sped up and loops the lyrics:

“Hard to see, the hang-ups we have today. 
We have to strive for, more liberty.
lift yourself up on your feet. Let’s get it on .”

Seems like Kanyé wants to send a message. But not sure what the “Scoopity Poop” part was about. When Kanye posted it on his Twitter, he tagged Ebro Dardan who had his own opinion about Kanye’s recent tirade. Maybe he’s telling him to “scoop the poop”. Until he speaks on it, I can only assume.

Ye vs The People can be hard to follow for some who don’t care to grasp the concept. It’s a 2018 version of Dr. Dre and Eminem’s song “Guilty Conscience” were Tip and Kanye go back about the recent actions the Chicago rapper has been showcasing and in return Kanyé makes it clear that he’s not in the sunken place and that he’s thinking in his own. Why can’t he have an opinion that isn’t the same as his black peers?

I’m not here for the coonery but, I’m curious to see where this goes. I know this is a set up for his album release but how far are you willing to disrupt your platform for shock value?

Last but not least, stop putting these regular-ass people with extreme talent on a pedestal! Everything’s sweet until they start to evolve into the person they truly want to be. Either accept the evolution or admire from afar.

Lift Yourself is set to release June 1.

Portia Foxx is a radio personality for WAMO 100 in Pittsburgh and also a co-host for a video podcast called The Bugh Boys which discuss various topics from music, adult topics and more!

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