This week Penn State Alum Chris Thorpe and Pitt Alum Reggie Smith join  Bill Neal and Kevin Cameron at the “UMT round table”  to discuss the upcoming Pitt/Penn State football game. Meanwhile Azeeza Reed of the World Financial Group and Author Mark Whited also join in on the conversation to discuss the Steelers, Pirates and More…..

Chris Thorpe and Reggie Smith join Kevin Cameron And Bill Neal at The UMT Roundtable

Hour 01  Segment 01 

Hour 01 Segment 02 

Mark Whited and Azeeza Reed join Kevin and Bill at the “UMT Round Table” to talk sports and more

Hour 02 Segment 01

Hour 02 Segment 02 



Topics this week:

  • NFL Regular Season opening this week
  • Pitt /Penn State Football game
  • College Football
  • Serena Williams
  • NFL Picks

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