This week, the ladies of The Hey Girl Hey Podcast discuss:

  • How women are having a hard time embracing their natural looks during the COVID 19 pandemic (the struggle is real)
  • Diddy says he won’t vote for Joe Biden if he can’t prove he deserves the brown/black vote. Does he speak for you, sis?
  • A woman confesses on Kendra G‘s IG live that she’s looking to put “one in the chamber” if/when her current boo passes away. He is currently in the hospital (unsure what his condition is) Is she wrong for wanting to be “prepared”?
  • Who is “Karen” and why is it ok for black women to refer to white women as “Karen” and why are they (Karens) upset about it? We weigh in on the controversy.
  • In last week’s episode of the HBO series Insecure, Lawrence slides through Issa’s DM when he’s in a relationship and she’s happy. Has this ever happened to you?

Here is the SoundCloud link for today’s episode:


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