Retirement is when you stop living at work and begin working at living. Aging might be a fact of life we can’t escape, but it’s up to you how you experience it.

Many research studies have shown that the most treasured time of your life, is after 50. You feel more positive about life and have less worries and stress. In fact, according to researchers, people tend to start life happy, only for this to decline in adulthood. But happiness picks up again once you hit 65, not peaking until at least 85.

It’s About You

You’ve already fulfilled your obligations to others during your life. Now, it’s your turn. You’ve worked hard to look after other people and have prepared for retirement by taking out pensions and life insurance policies. You’re now free to make some new choices and to put yourself first. Go traveling and see the world. Take up those hobbies you never had time for, learn a language or a new skill. Now is the time to fulfill all the promises you made to yourself.

Take Care of Yourself

In the last twenty years, people haven’t just been living longer, but they are also staying much healthier for longer. But you still need to look after yourself and be aware of the health issues that older age can bring. You also need to take care of your mental well-being too. Retirement can be a rather lonely time if you don’t have people around you or a support network close by. Always make time to see family and friends. Companionship is often the best medicine.

Healthy diet

There are of course many obvious benefits of eating a healthy, balanced diet. But increasing Omega-3 fatty acids in your diet can also help to reduce the risk of dementia. You can find them in nuts, fish and green leafy vegetables and it’s thought to help reduce inflammation in the brain.

Keep safe

Along with looking after your mental well-being, you should think about other measures to keep yourself safe. Of course, for many people, this probably won’t be an issue for years or even decades following retirement. But you should still give it some thought, even now. If you live alone, consider what measures you need to take to make your home feel safe. And if you do experience health changes, then make sure your home is as safe, comfortable, and accessible as possible. Make any home improvements sooner rather than later, so you don’t need to worry about them in the future.

Exercise the Brain

Keeping the brain fit and active becomes crucial as we get older. It can help slow down dementia and Alzheimer’s and assist in keeping the brain alert. Do some regular brain exercises like word games or recall activities.

Dance the Night Away

Older people are found to be 60% less likely to develop dementia if they regularly exercise. Keeping fit is good for the brain and body but can also be great fun too. Take up a dance class, even if you are just a beginner – and you don’t even need to be very good.

Just a Number

Your age is just the number of candles on your birthday cake. That’s all. You still have so much to do, achieve and enjoy. Your retirement shouldn’t stop you. After all, it’s just the beginning of many new adventures. Jess Walter Free Lancer


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