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In 2016, Reel Q Film Festival was looking for a way to screen new, international films for an expanded audience that examine the struggles and triumphs of the LGBTQ+ community around the world. We reached out to City of Asylum because they provide a sanctuary to artists whose voices will not be silent. Reel Q is an organization who prides itself on being one of the most diverse and inclusive film festivals in Pittsburgh and we knew working with City of Asylum was a natural fit to reach an audience who may not have discovered our festival in October but had an interest in international LGBTQ films. The program began as a three-month series but has been expanded to a six-month program starting March 10 with a festival favorite Ma Vie En Rose.


The purpose of this partnership is a common mission shared by both Reel Q Film Festival and City of Asylum: to offer a broad range of programs in a variety of community settings to encourage cross-cultural exchanges.


Reel Stories is an international film series created by Reel Q Film Festival as a way of introducing new audiences to LGBTQ+ films and stories from around the world. Screenings focus on issues important to our community, such as: youth, gender identity, adoption, international struggles and accomplishments, and hate crimes against our community.


Reel Stories has allowed Reel Q Film Festival to work with many fantastic local non-profit organizations, such as: City of Asylum, Café Con Leche, Black Pride, JFILM, The Gay & Lesbian Community Center and Silk Screen Film Festival (to name a few) and tell the stories of artists who are changing their communities through encouraging a greater visibility of diverse populations into the mainstream discourse.


Reel Stories starts March 10 through August 2017. Please check out our website at: for more information on movie show times, as well as guest artists and post-screening panel discussions.






3/10  – “Ma Vie En Rose” (

4/4  – W/JFILM ” Out of the Dark” (

5/18 – “Kidnapped for Christ” (

6/14 – W/ Cafe Con Leche “Gun Hill Run” (

7/14 – W/ Black Pride “Story of Our Lives” (

8/18 – W/Silk Screen Film Festival “Circumstance (



 **All screenings take place at Alphabet City (40 W North Ave.) are free and open to the public**


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