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Recently new “tankless” water heaters have come onto the market and have been saving homeowners money when they switch from their old conventional heaters. The new tankless versions have become popular for their ability to heat and provide water on demand, with no storage required. Instead of holding water in a traditional water tank, they circulate the cold water through a series of electrically heated coils that warm the water as it moves pass this heat source. This newer process of warming water requires more expensive equipment than the conventional water heater, but this money is regained in the long term with energy efficiency savings. The energy efficiency is mainly gained from no longer needing to heat an entire tank of water. A list of tankless water heaters can be found at

Since the tankless water heaters do not store hot water but rather constantly heat water as it is demanded, they do not run out of hot water. There is one exception, to this “endless” supply of heated water. The flow rate is limited. In other words if you simultaneously use more water than the flow of the water heater (i.e. 3 people showering at one time) you will receive unheated water. If your tankless heater breaks down, you will need the help of a water heating repair service to get it back in working order. Luckily, there are plenty of water heater repair services online, similar to You can visit their website here.

Since conventional water heater stores the water together in a large tank it is able to provide water at a set temperature. Tankless water heaters differ in this aspect since they are dependent upon the incoming water temperature and the flow rate. The incoming water temperature can vary greatly from summer to winter. However, if you notice a significant change in your water temperature when there shouldn’t be like the water being too hot, having no hot water at all, or not enough warm water, then this could be a sign of your water heater needing to be repaired. Professional electricians in your area, similar to Home Team Electricians, (Learn more here), will be able to fix any issues that you’re having with your water heater so that you are able to access different water temperatures and the right temperatures throughout the year. Tankless water heaters are no different. The capacity of a tankless water heater is generally measured by how many temperature degrees it can increase water temperature by gallons per minute (gpm). Most tankless water heaters are powered by gas to better handle the heat output and response time required. These gas powered water heaters require proper venting, normally more venting than the older, conventional water heaters required. If you are replacing a conventional electric water heater tank, you may want to add a power vent in the side of the wall. This would be the less costly alternative if there is no existing roof vent. Some of the smaller and more portable single-fixture units are powered electrically. Whether you have a tankless water heater or otherwise, at some stage or other most people experience a technical fault which prevents their heater from working as it should. This will require repair work and who better to do this than a professional? See this link to learn about some of the plumbing services that you could use to get your heater up and running once again.

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