LeBron ‘Mum’ on his Future as July 1 Nears

LeBron James has been here before: In 2010, he became a free agent and surprised everyone when he ‘took his talents’ and left the Cleveland Cavaliers for the Miami Heat. 4 years and 2 championships later, he returned to Cleveland and now another 4 years later, King James has another decision to make: Pick up the $35.6 million option, or once again become a free agent. He has until Friday to make up his mind as Free Agency begins July 1.


If James does do that route, he stated that it won’t be like 2010 when he visited several teams. It’ll be more like 2014 when it was either going to be the Cavs or the Heat, and of course he chose the Cavs in a letter in Sports Illustrated titled “I’m Coming Home.” It’s been rumored that the LA Lakers, Houston Rockets, Philadelphia 76ers, Boston Celtics, Golden State Warriors and the Cavs are teams that James are eyeing, but ESPN’s Max Kellerman states that King James may only choose between two teams.

Who could it be? The LA Lakers and Cavs? Rockets and Cavs? Celtics and Cavs? The Warriors and Cavs? The champion Warriors are already loaded, as are the young Sixers and the Celtics who hope to get Kyrie Irving and Gordon Heyward back from injuries. The Rockets have James Harden and Chris Paul. So, logic suggests that the Lakers, the only team on this list that didn’t make the playoffs could get a huge facelift with the signing of King James.

But we don’t know, and right now, LeBron isn’t telling.


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