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Let’s be clear – our world is constantly evolving and it seems that job descriptions and trends are following this evolution too. The fact is that certain careers will probably be eliminated in the near future while some new jobs are getting very trendy and paid well. If you are a college grad, you are probably wondering what the best job you can get is. This job should be paid well and offer good experience for the future. That’s why we have decided to create a list of the best new jobs for 2016 grads.

Training experts/specialist

In case you didn’t know, a training specialist is a person who plans, realizes and manages different programs designed for employees who want to get their first job or switch from one sector to another and they want to acquire new skills. If we take a close look at the numbers, we will see that the demand for this job position is growing every year even though it was created a few years ago.

Electrical Engineer

Electronics and electrical engineers create, develop, check and monitor the manufacturing process of electrical equipment including navigation systems, radars and electric motors, power generation products and communication systems. As you can see all these pieces of equipment are popular today and more and more new devices use them which mean that there will be high demand on the labor market for people who have knowledge in this field.

Event assistant

Two decades ago, this job position was brand new, but today more and more people are interested in hiring such professionals. College grads this 2016 can definitely opt for this job because it has a very good median annual salary, but the best part is that it comes with many benefits like building a professional network and business travelling opportunities. According to official stats, job openings for this career will increase in the next years.

Software developer

Those interested in software development career should know that this career can be rewarding, but risky too. The truth is that there are many companies who are outsourcing this type of work. However, the fact that there is a growing number of brand new programs and applications suggest that the interest in domestic software developers will remain high in the future even though this is a relatively new career. Needless to say, the median annual salary in this sector is more than solid.

Ultrasound technologist

Fresh graduates will probably have difficulties finding a job as ultrasound technicians right after they finish college and this is the only downside of this career. Besides having a degree in healthcare, they will need training and official registration. However, once they qualify, graduates can expect good salary and relatively good job security.

Petroleum Geologist

This job is perfect for grads that have advanced degrees because there is high demand for professional workers in this area and the salary is excellent too.

Keep in mind that these are only some of the new jobs for 2016 grads and that there is always an opportunity for grads to find job if they are serious about getting one.


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