The bathroom is not just a room for getting clean; it is a sanctuary where you lock yourself up and spend time grooming and cleaning up. The intimacy of the bathroom is unrivaled, within a home. Did you know that 30% of people dislike having any conversation when in the bathroom? Or that 60% of your friends will judge the cleanliness of your house based on the state of your bathroom? Away from the trivia, bathroom lighting is one of the ways through which to set the ambiance for the spot. Read on as we discuss some dos and don’ts of bathroom lighting.


Utility Lighting


Utility lighting ensures that there is enough light for you to see whatever you are doing. It is intended to help you avoid bathroom accidents. Utility lights are mostly placed around the bathroom mirror because this is what you use to see yourself. The best utility lights are on a fogless bathroom mirror which is set at eye level. Note that you should avoid installing utility lights on the ceiling because that will shine on your hair and forehead, causing shadows below your eyes and chin. You will not be able to see your face clearly when you’re shaving or brushing your teeth.


Dimmer Lights


The bathroom lights should be darker than the lights in the rest of the house, especially the bedroom. If you’re like millions of other people in the world, the bathroom is among the last rooms you visit before bed and the first one you get into after waking up. Dim light makes it easy for your eyes to transition into sleep mode or into waking up mode. Dim bathroom lighting also reduces the loss of sleep after mid-sleep bathroom trips.


Ambient Lighting


These lights set the overall mood for the bathroom. The choice of ambient lighting depends on the architecture of the bathroom. If your bathroom has tall ceilings, ambient lights should be installed along the perimeter. That makes it look like the light is glowing from the perimeter. Ambient lighting depends on your color preferences. Where the ceilings are low, and there are no covers to hide lights behind, you can use a hanging pendant for creating ambiance. Feel free to choose colors that represent who you are, as long as you keep them soft.


Lighting in your bathroom, unlike other features, is not permanent. You can play around with the designs until you find one that works for you, as long as you observe the basics.  Jess Walters FreeLance Writer




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