Urban Media Today Talks Sports : [Podcast] “Rich Paul Rule”

This weekend  Ray, Vince and Trevin talk about the NCAA and their new rule for Sports agents that want to represent coolegiate basketball players...

Urban Media Today Talks Sports [Podcast] Guest Keith Platt Jr.

This weekend Keith Platt Jr. Joined Trevin and Ray at the UMT Round Table discussing NFL training camps and the Ezekiel Elliott hold out... https://soundcloud.com/user-790995506/urban-media-today-talks-sports-aug-3  

UMT Talks Sports [Podcast] Guest : Mike Logan

This Week former Pittsburgh Steeler and Super Bowl Champion Mike Logan joins Ray,Trevin and Vince as they take their show on the road and...

NBA Free Agency and NFL Training Camps [Podcast] 07/20/19

This Weekend Trevin ,Vince and Ray Talk NBA  and NFL, Trevin goes on a tirade about Tom Brady  and Vince and Ray talk about...

Urban Media Today Talks Sports Podcast July 13 [VIDEO/AUDIO]

https://youtu.be/TNBXx97yrdo This week Ray, Vince, and Trevin sat down at the UMT Round Table talking NBA free agency and pondered where Russell Westbrook would be...

Topic: NBA Free Agency Predictions [Podcast]

This Week Vince , Ray and Trevin made predictions as to where the Big time NBA Free Agents  would end up. Were they right?...

Urban Media Today Talks Sports [Podcast]

This week Vince, Ray and Trevin sit around the UMT Roundtable discussing the upcoming NBA Draft and More..... https://soundcloud.com/user-790995506/urban-media-today-talks-sports-061419-mixdown

Urban Media Today Talks Sports [6-8-19 Podcast]

This week Keith Platt Jr. Joins Vince, Ray and Trevin at the UMT Roundtable to discuss the upcoming NBA Draft and more. Click the link...

Urban Media Today Podcasts: Urban Media Today Talks Sports-June 1 [AUDIO]

The guys are back to discuss this week's sports topics in the NBA, NFL, and more! https://soundcloud.com/user-790995506/urban-media-today-talks-sports-june-1 For more Urban Media Today Talks Sports on Urban...

NBA Playoffs & More [Podcast]

Trevin, Ray, and Vince talk about the NBA Playoffs, the All NBA team and the upcoming NBA Draft!

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