“Nursing” Wounds

This "Timeout" John McCann needs you to pause and ponder a particular point in this piece.   Click Link below and Enjoy!      

Shopping Baskets

  This "Timeout"  John McCann offers some practical advice for sports fans and beyond. Click the link below and enjoy: https://soundcloud.com/user-790995506/timeout-sports-w-john-mccann-shopping-for-baskets  

Zen of Zion [Audio]

This "Time out"  John McCann tells us about a Pelican who'll never meet a boo bird. https://soundcloud.com/user-790995506/timeout-sports-w-john-mccann-zen-for-zion  

Hoop Heads (Kawhi Leonard)

This "Timeout" John McCann talks about the Raptors Kawhi Leonard and his cornrolls .. https://soundcloud.com/user-790995506/timeout-sports-w-john-mccann-hoop-heads  

Wrong Suspect

This "Timeout" John McCann talks NBA, Free Agency and Injuries .....  

“Playing Hurt” [Audio]

This Timeout John McCann says that all injuries are not created equal. Click the link below and enjoy. https://twitter.com/TheUndefeated/status/1138278511175618565

R.J. Hampton

This  "Timeout" John McCann Talks about the smooth move made by future NBA hopeful  RJ Hampton Click the Link below and enjoy:  https://soundcloud.com/user-790995506/timeout-sports-w-john-mccann-rj-hampton  

Stay in Your Lane [Audio]

This "Timeout"  John McCann talks about the time a news anchor told King James to stay in his lane.... &nbsphttps://soundcloud.com/user-790995506/timeout-sports-w-john-mccann-stay-in-your-lane Click the link  Listen and tell...

Nocturnal Freaks [Audio]

 This "Timeout" John McCann talks about the Milwaukee Bucks falling to the Toronto Raptors  and  the upcoming NBA Finals between Toronto and Golden State...

Bill Buckner [Audio]

This "Timeout" John McCann talks about the legacy of Bill Buckner ... https://soundcloud.com/user-790995506/timeout-sports-w-john-mccann-bill-buckner Click the link  Listen and tell us what you think:For more Timeout Sports...

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