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Barbados is probably the most popular holiday destination in this part of the world. This relatively small island is much more refined than people usually imagine.

This is a place where you can find many exclusive hotels, including some of the most famous places to stay in the Caribbean. There are also plenty of luxurious villas in barbados that are well worth a visit. Consequently, what is interesting about Barbados is that both travelers who like all-inclusive accommodation and those who prefer finding accommodation on their own will find this island ideal.

Every coast on Barbados is unique and comes with many interesting things that people can see and do there. For instance, the south coast is adjusted for the needs and requirements of the younger population. This is the place where you can have great fun 24/7 and you can also find affordable accommodation. Let’s be clear, Barbados is not a cheap island, but you can definitely find accommodation that is worth the money. On the other hand, the west coast of this island is packed with sandy areas, amazing cliffs and some of the best restaurants and hotels in this region. There are many millionaires that have private properties here.

The island itself consists of limestone and covers an area of about 270 square kilometers (22 km wide and 34 km high). However, even though this is one of the smallest islands in the Caribbean, Barbados has long and rich history and magnificent culture. Needless to say, it possesses breathtaking natural beauties. The island is flat except for one higher place called Mount Hillaby.

One of the reasons why Barbados is so popular among tourists is the incredibly pleasant climate. The weather is mostly sunny and the temperature rarely goes below 75 F (24 C) degrees in winter and rarely goes higher than 86 F (30 C) degrees in summer. The only downside is the presence of hurricanes between June and December, but you can easily check whether some of these strong winds is expected soon.

The official language on this island is English, but we must say that people there have a strong Barbadian dialect, so even native English speakers from other countries may find it a little bit difficult to understand what the hosts are saying in some situations.

According to the latest statistics, this island has a population of about 280.000 people and the capital city Bridgetown is located in the southwestern part of the island. Bridgetown is ideal for shopping, sightseeing and taking tours to some old museums and churches. When it comes to safety, we must point out that Barbados has the lowest crime rate in the Caribbean. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you should leave your valuable belongings anywhere you want unprotected. Just take the standard safety measures like the ones you are taking when you are at home.

The residents of Barbados are very friendly and love tourists. They are always prepared to help you and make you feel comfortable. You will notice that they are proud of their island and love to talk about heritage, culture and history.

If you are worried about drinking water, you should stop worrying because the water that comes from the central system us perfectly clean and filtered naturally through coral rocks. Remember to drink plenty of fluids throughout the day because due to the specific weather and climate it is not unusual to get dehydrated fast. In addition, you should also apply sunscreen and creams regularly because you can get sunburns even when there are clouds in the sky.

Those who have decided to spend their holiday on Barbados should know that swimming is safe on the south and west coast, but you must be more careful if you are planning to swim on the east coast because there are some unpredictable currents that come from the Atlantic Ocean. Only advanced swimmers should use this coast, but they too need to be careful. Surfing and other water sports are very popular on this island. The waves that appear in the south part of the island are excellent for both beginner and advanced surfers. Some of the best beaches for water sports are Long beach and Silver Sands Beach. There is also a good spot for advanced surfers on the east coast known as Bathsheba.

Barbados is a place with many amazing tropical parks and gardens that are worth visiting. Finally, this place has a strong art community that sells their work in different locations.

If you want to explore the island, you can use an organized tour or rent a car and make the exploration more adventurous. In any case, Barbados is definitely a place that each of us should visit.


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