The NFL Release Show is basically a translation of “The NFL can’t wait for the Draft, so they can talk about something worth ‘talking’ about…but this will do…” in my opinion, it’s a waste of 2 hours of TV. I missed the old days in which you would have to listen to the radio, watch the news sports reports or read the newspaper to get this news.

    It just basically goes to show that the NFL can basically make a show out of everything. I mean, look at the coverage on the Combine. That is STILL a really a show…and weeks of it…

It’s really a matter of time before the NFL has a new uniform release party, in which they’re prancing down the runway to the music of…Ok! I quit…

Anyway, the 2018 NFL Schedule has Super Bowl Champion Philadelphia facing Atlanta. (NFC Divisional Round rematch) The New York Jets will host the Detroit Lions on Sept. 10 in the first Monday Night Football game of the season, followed by the Los Angeles Rams at the Oakland Raiders later that night. There are 3 London games (Eagles vs. Jaguars, LA Chargers vs. Titans, Raiders vs. Seahawks) and the LA Rams vs. the KC Chiefs in Mexico City.

Defending AFC North Champ Pittsburgh will face AFC Champ New England Dec 16 at 4pm and will face Jacksonville November 18th and have 5 Nationally Televised games.

In other NFL news, Patriots HC Bill Belechick bought a dog.

6-time Prowler Brandon Marshall was released by the NY Giants. With him coming offseason-ending surgery, I/m thinking Marshall will retire. He has over 12,000 careeryards. Hall of Fame is possible.

The NBA Playoffs are in full swing and there have been some impressive performances:Utah Jazz rookie Donovan Mitchell scored 55 in his first 2 playoff games, and Cleveland Cavs LeBron James scores 20 consecutive points en route to a 46-point night. Just give Mitchell the NBA Rookie of the Year, already (Sorry Ben Simmons from Philly)

I was so said to hear of the passing of San Antonio HC Greg Popovich’s wife, Erin on Thursday. She had been fighting a lengthy illness. Prayers for Pop and his family…

    The Pittsburgh Pirates continue to hang in there as they’re holding down first place in the NL Central, but after their loss to Philadelphia, they are now 13-7. They need to keep winning because St. Louis and Milwaukee is creeping up on them.

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