Ray Jr. on Sports

NBA Awards Show-The NBA had their first-ever regular-season awards show on Monday, and although it was a little cheesy (Hey, all awards shows are cheesy in their first year) it was pretty decent. Rapper Drake was the host and he earned that spot since he’s a true fan and is connected to the Toronto Raptors. […]

Food the new way?

I paid $17 for a salad today. To be fair, it was an entree sized “organic, sustainable” salad and fresh strawberry lemonade was also included in the purchase. When it arrived, it looked amazing, like you’d see on a commercial–mixed greens, avocado, cucumbers, tomatoes, garlic chickpeas and ginger soy dressing. Was it worth it? That […]

Ray Jr. on Sports

2017 NBA Draft-As I’ve mentioned in the past, it’s not as popular as the NFL Draft, but the NBA Draft is just as critical to teams players and fans. I honestly think this draft may be even more critical because they only have 2 rounds, compared to the 7 Rounds in the NFL. This year’s […]

Signs of a heart attack in women

  Heart attacks are the number one killer of people in the United States. High blood pressure, lack of exercise and age are often all contributing factors. But it’s important to realize that men and women are different in this scenario. Neither gender has the same symptoms. This article only pertains to those symptoms of […]

Ray Jr. on Sports

Steelers sign 1st round pick Watt-As I mentioned before, that draft pick holdout drama is a thing of the past, especially in Pittsburgh where the Steelers haven’t had a draft holdout since TE Eric Green in 1989. Before him? CB Rod Woodson in 1987. Now that LB TJ Watt is signed, that means all of […]

Let’s Talk Baseball

Now that the Golden State Warriors have been crowned the NBA Champions and the Pittsburgh Penguins have claimed their second consecutive  Stanley Cup. It’s time to focus on Americas favorite past time Major League Baseball.   Just in case you have not been paying attention in the National League the Washington Nationals are sitting on top […]