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  1. NBA Awards Show-The NBA had their first-ever regular-season awards show on Monday, and although it was a little cheesy (Hey, all awards shows are cheesy in their first year) it was pretty decent. Rapper Drake was the host and he earned that spot since he’s a true fan and is connected to the Toronto Raptors. TNT hosted it and had their studio hosts there as well. Kudos to the NBA.
  2. Sports Awards shows-So that almost completes the circle of awards shows for professional sports. The NHL has the longest tenure for their awards show, then the NFL added the NFL Honors, and now the NBA has their own show. The only sport left? MLB, but they have a special hour-long show that honors each award on MLB Network.
  3. NBA MVP-We’ve certainly been talking and speculating about this award all season and the NBA used their awards show to finally announce the winner. To no surprise, it’s OKC Thunder’s Russell Westbrook who became the first NBA player since Oscar Robinson to average Triple-Double an entire Plus, he led his team to the playoffs. This young man certainly deserved this award.
  4. Clippers trade Paul to the Rockets-With NBA Free Agency beginning on Saturday, the Houston Rockets made a move that shows they want to contend in the Western Conference when they acquired PG Chris Paul from the LA Clippers for 7 players and a 2018 1st round draft pick. I can see this trade benefiting both teams.
  5. How will it benefit the Rockets? No pun intended, but it doesn’t take a rocket-scientist to figure out that Paul makes the Rockets better by adding another backcourt presence and scorer. Paul did all he could with the Clippers and now he’s on a contender who has their own MVP candidate in James Harden. Question is, who will play the point? My guess is that it will be Paul who’s not the scorer that Harden his.
  6. How will it benefit the Clippers? Well, from a financial standpoint, they won’t have to sign Paul to a Max Free Agent deal worth $205 million. They added Patrick Beverley, Lou Williams, Sam Dekker, Montrezl Harrell, Darrun Hilliard, DeAndre Liggins, Kyle Wiltjer, a protected first-round pick next year and cash considerations. That just remade this team. Beverly is the only starter and Williams won the Sixth Man award this season, so it wasn’t a total salary dump for the Clippers.
  7. Are the Clippers done? I wouldn’t put it that way, but I do believe that their window of opportunity to win a title has closed with Paul now gone. I honestly believe that F Blake Griffin will be gone as well and the Clippers are trying to deal F Deandre Jordan. That pretty much speaks for itself about the state of this team. They’re no longer an elite team in the West and if they’re not too careful, HC Doc Rivers may be out the door too.
  8. Who’s now the Pittsburgh Pirates of the NBA? After that trade, it’s the Clippers in a landslide over OKC. Donald Sterling or not, the Clippers have just proven once again that they’re not about re-signing their stars to huge contracts. I gave the Thunder that title after they traded Harden and let Durant walk, but the Clippers have truly earned that title after trading Paul.
  9. Paul George-As Free Agency gets closer, so do the rumors about this All-Star player everyone’s curious about where the former Indiana Pacer will end up. Some feel like it’s with the LA Lakers, while others feel that it will be with either the Rockets, Boston Celtics or the Cleveland Cavaliers. I hope he ends up with the Cavs, as they tried to do a 3-team trade with the Pacers and Denver Nuggets, but it fell through.
  10. Knicks and Phil Jackson part ways-I’m not surprised because I felt that Jackson was out of his league as the NY Knicks Team President. As good as he was as an HC, Jackson made the Knicks worse with his lack of experience and poor decisions. And as a result, the Knicks are a joke. Under Jackson, the Knicks were 80-166 under Jackson. Horrible.
  11. Carmelo Anthony-Well, the reason why Jackson was fired was that he wanted the Knicks to buy out Anthony, whom the team still owes $54 million to. The Knicks said no, and Jackson is out the door. I think the Knicks are foolish if they don’t buyout Anthony. The man needs to be a contender, and he won’t get a ring in the Big Apple. They need to set Carmelo free.
  12. If Anthony gets bought-out, where could he end up? I will say the Cavs, who tried to trade for him in the regular season. Anthony has reportedly told the Knicks that he would only accept a buyout if he ended up with the Cavs. That puts the ball (again, no pun intended) in the Knicks court, who should consider cutting their losses with Carmelo.
  13. Gordon Heyward-With all the talk about Paul George, Utah Jazz’s all-star player Gordon Heyward will also be a wanted free agent after telling the Jazz that he wants to opt out of his contract for greener pastures and he may get that literally if he ends up with the Celtics, who desperately want him.
  14. Pittsburgh Pirates-Well, they’re still under .500, but the Pirates still have a shot at the NL Central Division (as does the other NL Central teams) provided they can get out of their own way and start a winning streak. Their main issue is still inconsistent starting and relief pitching. And don’t even think they will consider adding a pitcher. After all, they’re still the Pirates.
  15. Josh Bell-Well, this young man is truly living up to his hype as he tied the rookie record for most home runs before the All-Star Game as he hit his 15th The HR tied a 70-year old record set by HOF Ralph Kiner in 1947. Impressive.
  16. Aaron Judge-The NY Yankees young slugger is now hitting .333 with 27 home runs and 62 RBI, and it’s only the first-half of the season. And the Yankees need every one of those dingers as they continue to fight the Boston Red Sox for 1st place in the AL East.
  17. NL Umpire saves a life-Kudos to Umpire John Tumpane who kept a young woman from jumping off the Roberto Clemente Bride near PNC Park Wednesday. Trumpane was on his way to the Pirates/ Tampa Devil Rays when he saw the young woman about to step off the bridge. He stayed with her until the authorities arrived. It goes to show that there are still some decent human beings out there.
  18. Braves Designate 44-year old Colon for assignment-I root for players like Bartolo Colon because he’s the same age as me. Well, the pitcher has defied age in recent years by continuing to pitch pretty well, but apparently, it may have come to an end as he was released by the Atlanta Braves after going 2-8 with an 8.44 ERA.
  19. Brett Farve interested in Coaching, GM job-But the question is, can he do either? What experience does he have? None, in my opinion. I’m sure he has lots of knowledge, but I thin Farve needs to start at the bottom of the coaching totem pole as an intern.
  20. McEnroe, Serena clash over views-Apparently remarks by tennis John McEnroe riled Serena Williams up when he said that Williams would be ranked 700th in the men’s circuit. Serena responded by asking McEnroe to ‘keep her name out of topics that are not factually based.’ Wow. Could there be another Battle of the Sexes match like it was titled in 1973? It would be interesting.

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Best summer road trips to the east coast

When I was a kid, we used to take summer road trips. On the last day of school, we would pack our suitcases and the car. Mom and Dad would let us stay up late and get into the car while still in our pajamas. We were off to an adventure. Each year we went a different destination, but it was the family time that I remember the most. Wherever you live, east coast or west—you may want to add these cities to your summer road trip list. They each hold something different, but many have so much in common. Either way, enjoy your summer on the east coast.


First and foremost is Nashville, Tennessee. This is known as the country capital of the world. But, if you’re not so keen on Garth Brooks or Shania Twain…well, there is non-musical attractions here as well. Those that enjoy music, however, may want to tour Ryman Auditorium. When we were there, we were actually able to go onto the stage. Try to get tickets for a Grand Ole Opry concert or visit the country music hall of fame. The tours in Nashville are plentiful. You can take a showboat tour, for instance, that takes you down the Cumberland River in one of the nation’s largest paddle boats. Tour mansions or go on a sightseeing tour of Nashville’s culinary scene.


Charleston, South Carolina is another summer road trip possibility. This is a very southern city with historical roots. It’s well-known for its culinary attributes and has designed a culinary tour for visitors. This gives you the opportunity to taste the different flavors that Charleston offers. Try to sample everything and let your taste buds do the talking. It also has a lot of outdoor attractions. The Riley Waterfront Park, for instance, has an evening carriage tour of downtown Charleston. There are more than enough museums to keep you occupied and a plentiful choice of shows to choose from for your nightlife entertainment.


Savannah, Georgia is another terrific spot to visit. Forsyth Park is a must-see while in Savannah. This park covers nearly 30 acres of land. Locals and tourists love to sit and rest within the park. There are often concerts here and a farmer’s market is held within the park every Saturday. Also, take the time to visit the Roots Up Gallery. If you want to soak in the local culture, this is the place to do it. Here you will find pottery and sculptures that were constructed by locals. Many of the painters are unknown, but it opens your eyes to the life that is lived in Georgia. If you have time, take the Capturing Savannah Photography Walking Tour. Here you will discover the historic side of Savannah and really connect with the culture at face value.


If you want a bit of a history lesson, head over to the nation’s capitol. There are museums that fit whichever era of history you are looking for the most. The Smithsonian Museum, for instance, is more science and technology based. Yet, the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum brings us back to a time with an evil dictator was once in power. Take a bus tour or rent a bike. Take in a show or drive around town finding all the monuments. There is more than enough to keep you busy. You can always find something to do here.


Finally, don’t forget about Boston, Massachusetts. At nearly the tip of the East Coast, this city offers something for everyone. It has trolly tours that allow riders to hop on or hop off the trolly. It also has the New England Aquarium. Here you can see sea lions and turtles that are relevant to the Boston area. In fact, there are more than 800 marine species. There are also private day tours for those that are history buffs. Take a step back in time and take a tour of Plymouth Plantation or Salem.


Traveling up or down the east coast can be exciting. But don’t forget to spend lots of family time along the way. That’s what makes road trips so fun. editor@urbanmediatoday.com

Food the new way?

I paid $17 for a salad today. To be fair, it was an entree sized “organic, sustainable” salad and fresh strawberry lemonade was also included in the purchase. When it arrived, it looked amazing, like you’d see on a commercial–mixed greens, avocado, cucumbers, tomatoes, garlic chickpeas and ginger soy dressing. Was it worth it? That depends on your perspective. Worth it in the sense of enjoying pesticide-free, organic, recommended daily allowances of veggies and protein? Yes. Worth it in regards to fulfilling internalized societal standards of being “good” or obedient to healthy food choices? Ugh…yes. Still trying to turn that voice off. But the taste? No. Return on investment (i.e., being satiated for several hours)? No.

Truly healthy or “clean” eating is an acquired taste to which I am slowly acclimating. It’s not that I’ve never eaten nutritious foods and enjoyed them, however, with the expection of fruit, they were not my childhood staples.  As with all things we can trace our problem back to a well-meaning mother and nefarious corporations. Growing up, our kitchen held two extremes:  inexpensive, processed food guaranteed to feed and satisfy three growing kids with little waste as money was tight, or “diet food” for when my mom rejoined Weight Watchers to lose a few pounds. Diet food was cottage cheese (sidenote: there has never been a food I have wanted to like more than cottage cheese, but I just CAN’T. And I have mixed feelings about it because who in their right mind enjoys a food that looks like that?!) and pineapple, Weight Watchers brand wheat bread, a head of iceberg (do people eat  iceberg anymore?) drowning in light (not to be confused with “lite” as in Spam or Miracle Whip) Italian dressing. Such diet food as I now know, is not truly nutritious. It, like most of the foods that clutter the Standard American Diet (SAD—wow, such a telling acroynym) are highly processed, devoid of naturally occuring nutrients and filled with addictive sugars and flavors.  I don’t know how long it was before I knew that vanilla came from a bean and not a bottle. After years of grocery brand blocks of vanilla flavored ice cream, I thought that Breyers was diet ice cream. And cheese–I don’t think I ate actual cheese, and not “cheese product”(looking at you, Kraft and Velveeta) until maybe high school.

Essentially food has always basically been divided into two categories for me: regular and diet. And eating “diet” food was expressly for the purpose of losing weight, not enjoyment or satiation. About 8 years ago, I naively, yet seriously asked a coworker and friend if she ate so healthy because she used to be fat. She laughed and said that it was just how she chose to eat and had done so for a long time. As a part-time dog sitter in tech rich San Francisco, I get an intimate look at the eating habits of the inhabitants  of Silicon Valley and it’s so…pure. Food delivery, pressed juices, steel cut oats, unsweetened butter (did I miss the memo on the dangers of salted butter?), unflavored rice cakes and natural peanut butter. And it all seems to be eaten unironically and with great satisfaction.  I’ve always hated commercials where women (its always women) ravenously and joyously gulp down some bullshit “guiltless” treat, as if it tasted as good or even better than what they really wanted to eat. But my sneak peek into other peoples’ pantries  has made me consider that there’s some grain (get it) of truth in this advertsing and that everyone’s palates are different.

Truly healthful eating that focuses on human nutritional needs, not dieting and “diet” versions of processed foods comes as a bit of a culture shock.  In choosing to consume in this manner, there is an inherent level of responsibility I’ve never considered  or previously cared to take on which is not just to choose food based on taste or for the promises the packaging makes, but instead to be informed about the food, if and how it is processed and its effects upon the body. Indulging in tasty and filling food is a (intentionally) hard habit to break, not to mention it seems ridiculously more economical. I say seems because I keep hearing indirectly that it is possible to eat a healthy, non-processed diet on a budget. But as someone who never remembers coupons and is not a stict adherent to budgets (hence the $17 salad), I have some doubts.  And taste, taste, taste! In my calculations, today’s salad should have been quite delicious, but it was quite the opposite.  I am not blessed with culinary apptitude. The only seasonings I know how to use are salt (lemon pepper), salt (seasoning salt), salt (garlic salt), salt (soy sauce), and salt (salt). Do I now need to learn what exactly cumin is? Buy a chia pet and grow my own basil? Time will tell. But for now, I am placing a $10 cap on all salads.

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Best family trips for family in USA

Summer is rolling just around the corner. Before we know it, kids will be out of school. The car will be packed and families will be driving off to summer adventures. But before you pull out of your driveway, it’s best to do planning. What type of adventure do you want this summer? There are all sorts of adventures you can take with your kids. Some of these are day trips, while other involves a hotel or camping. The choice is yours, but adventure awaits.


First and foremost, the Grand Canyon is the place to be this summer. This is more than a “big hole in the ground” as so many tend to call it. It’s a national park that offers visitors natural beauty of the land that was formed thousands of years ago. If your family is into the outdoors, this is the place to be. It offers hiking and camping. There is horseback riding and water raft trips along the Colorado River. If you plan to spend time camping overnight, there is that opportunity. Take in the full experience of the Grand Canyon while experiencing the wildlife. This is the dessert, however; it gets cool at night at very hot during the day. You’re going to want appropriate clothes and lots of water.

Another summer trip is taking the family to Honolulu, Hawaii. This is going to be a child-friendly destination. You are going to be surrounded by beaches. If you want to give your children an educational vacation, well—you have come to the right place. In Honolulu is the USS Arizona in memory of the crew that died during the attack on Pearl Harbor. Another Pearl Harbor historic site, Battleship Missouri, is also located in Honolulu. There are also places you can learn to snorkel, surf or even take tours around the island. Honolulu offers activities for everyone that is any age.


Disney theme parks are also family friendly. There is Disneyland in Anaheim, California and Disney World is in Orlando, Florida. Your child will love getting their own Mickey Mouse ears and seeing all their favorite characters. They’ll enjoy going on famous rides such as Space Mountain, The Haunted Mansion, or It’s A Small World. (Days after you leave, that song will still be in your head!) Disney has fireworks each night at their resort and puts on an astonishing show. You’re going to want to stay to see it. Try to stay at a hotel within a resort if you can. This means you can get to the park sooner and not have far to go when your feet are tired after a fun day.


If your children love animals, the Monterey Bay Aquarium in Monterey, California would make a great vacation. The aquarium offers different showings and tours that visitors can do while they are there. For instance, they can see a trainer feed a sea otter or watch a film of how the trainers handle the most delicate animals within the aquarium. There are tanks full of marine animals that you or your child may not have the opportunity to see anywhere else. Take your time to slowly stroll through the aquarium, admiring the animals and taking advantage of all this aquarium has to offer,


Finally, take your children to New York City. While you’re there, get tickets to the Ground Zero Memorial. This may be something that your child may have only read about in their history books. Make it sink in by telling them how important it is to our nation, explaining that each person that gave up a life is a hero. While you’re in New York, take in Broadway or visit the Statue of Liberty. New York City is rich in culture. Head down to Times Square and take in the shopping, while exploring Manhattan or Queens.


It doesn’t matter where you go for your child’s summer vacation. What matters is that everyone involved has fun. Don’t choose your activities in relevance to yourself or a particular child. Rather, have a family meeting and agree on an agenda. Then, pack everything (and everyone) in the car. Adventure awaits! editor@urbanmediatoday.com

Ray Jr. on Sports

  1. 2017 NBA Draft-As I’ve mentioned in the past, it’s not as popular as the NFL Draft, but the NBA Draft is just as critical to teams players and fans. I honestly think this draft may be even more critical because they only have 2 rounds, compared to the 7 Rounds in the NFL. This year’s Draft was held at the Barclay’s Center in Brooklyn NY, home of the Nets.
  2. With the First Pick of the NBA Draft, the Philadelphia (Traded from Boston) Select-Washington’s Markelle Fultz. His goal was to be the pick #1 and his mission was accomplished. Fultz played one season with the Huskies and averaged 23.2 points, 5.9 rebounds, and 5.9 assists and he was even called a ‘James Harden Clone.’ That’s a heavy compliment. I hope he can help the Sixers turn things around.
  3. Lonzo Ball-Ah yes, there’s this young man, who left UCLA also after just one season. His father, the infamous Lavar Ball proclaimed that he was going to play for the LA Lakers, and with the #2 pick, it happened. Ball is a Laker and he continues to be compared to Jason Kidd. Despite the stoic comments by Lakers GM Magic Johnson, they apparently wanted this kid all along. I wish Lonzo the best.
  4. More on Lavar-He may be brash and very expressive, but I admit that my views towards the elder Ball may have changed a bit. I now see a man who it truly proud of his son and couldn’t stop smiling after he was drafted. He quoted to the NBA Commentator “Family First, baby.” which shows how much he loves Lonzo and his other 2 boys, whom he also predicts will be future Lakers.
  5. As for the Celtics-They swapped picks with the Sixers and had the #3 pick and selected G Jayson Tatum from Duke. In his lone season with the Blue Devils, Tatum averaged 16.8 points and many scouts like his all-around game. He can only make a team like the Celtics even better as they hope to dethrone Eastern Conference Champion Cleveland.
  6. Other NBA Picks-Kentucky made their presence in the draft when Sacramento grabbed G D’Aaron Fox and Charlotte selected G Malik Monk at #11. Chicago grabbed Arizona’s Lauri Markkanen. And NCAA Championship Runner-Up Gonzaga saw G Zach Collins get picked by Portland (via Sacramento)
  7. ACC Presence in the draft-There was plenty in the first round. Along with Tatum going to the Celtics, Detroit took Duke G Luke Kennard. Dallas took NC State’s Dennis Smith, Orlando took Florida State’s Jonathan Isaa, Utah took Louisville’s Donavan Mitchell, Sacramento took North Carolina’s Justin Jackson, and Atlanta took Wake Forest’s, John Collins. And that’s why they’re the best conference in College Basketball.
  8. NY Knicks-They are truly the NY Jets of the NBA: A franchise that makes zero And they proved it even more when they selected G Frank Ntilikina from France, yes, This pick reminds me of when the Pittsburgh Steelers drafted OL Jamain Stephens at #1 and he was a complete flop. Can’t see anything different with the Knicks scenario.
  9. Draft-Day trade-Many persons thought that Chicago’s Jimmy Butler was going to either go to Cleveland or stay with the Bulls, but I was shocked to hear that he was traded to Minnesota for 3 players. Butler will definitely make the Timberwolves better and will reunite him with former Bulls HC Tom Thibedeau.
  10. Paul George-Although NBA Free Agency doesn’t begin until July 1st, I won’t be surprised if the eventual former Indiana Pacer ends up with the Lakers. Yes, there are rumors about him going to the Cavs, but can they offer George a Max deal like the Lakers? I sincerely doubt it. I’m sure George wants to win, but he wants to get paid too.
  11. LA Clippers-I really feel like their window to win a championship has closed and they realize that too as they’re shopping C DeAndre Jordan around. You already know that G Chris Paul is gone and F Black Griffin is probably right behind him. They’re about to become the Pittsburgh Pirates of the NBA
  12. Steelers-Not much going on with the defending AFC North Champions as Training Camp nears. Several players made impressions in Mini-Camp such as rookie WR JuJu Smith-Shuster and CB Cameron Sutton. I like what Smith-Shuster brings as he’s truly secured a #3 WR spot, but the jury is still out of Sutton like all the other Steeler cornerbacks.
  13. Le’Veon Bell’s status-Well, in addition to him not signing his Franchise Tag of $12.1 million, the Steelers All-Pro RB is still recovering from groin surgery after injuring it in the AFC Championship Game. But since he hasn’t signed the tender, he’s not under contract and because of that, he can’t participate in the camp. He’s not a wise man if he officially holds out.
  14. Senquez Golson-This poor young man still hasn’t seen the NFL field because of being injured in practice the first 2 seasons after being the Steelers 2nd round pick in 2014. And now that Golson’s made it through two camps, many media persons say he doesn’t look impressive and will probably get cut. Plus, the Steelers CB situation is pretty crowded.
  15. Derek Carr gets paid-He’s been the key to bringing the Oakland Raiders back to success and now QB Derek Carr gets rewarded by signing a $125 million deal at $25 million a season. He’s easily the highest-paid player in the NFL right now.
  16. KC Extends Reid but fires GM-That’s a bit of an oxymoron. I can see the Chiefs extending HC Any Reid because he’s a pretty good coach, but I was shocked to hear that they fired GM Jim Dorsey. Apparently, it was ‘creative differences’ as the TV world would say. No mention of his replacement.
  17. Pirates split 4 game series vs. Milwaukee-Just when you thought things were looking up for the Pirates after taking the first 2 from the Milwaukee Brewers, they ended up losing the next 2 and are still looking like the team that’s basically done for 2017. Unfortunately, they’re still pretty inconsistent and will now face the St. Louis Cardinals for the weekend.
  18. Pirates Outlook-They are currently 33-40, but only 6 games out of 1st place, but they’re back in 6th place in the NL Central. Folks may say that this team still has a chance, but being 7 games under .500 is never impressive. I give OF Andrew McCutchen kudos for catching fire, but he can’t do it alone. The pitching needs to get better.
  19. Aaron Judge-My favorite current MLB Player is still tearing up Al pitching. Here’s his current stats: .331 average, 25 Hrs, 57 RBI as the Yankees hold onto their slim AL East lead at 39-31. Impressive stats by the young man.
  20. NHL Awards-In my opinion, Pittsburgh Penguins C Sidney Crosby got snubbed out of the Hart Trophy (MVP) Wednesday night. Instead it went to Edmonton Oilers C Connor McDavid who’s the next great star. The expansion Las Vegas Golden Knights have a team as they had their expansion draft and their new face of the franchise is former Penguins G Marc-Andre Fluery. So long Flower (his nickname) you’re a true class act.


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Signs of a heart attack in women


Heart attacks are the number one killer of people in the United States. High blood pressure, lack of exercise and age are often all contributing factors. But it’s important to realize that men and women are different in this scenario. Neither gender has the same symptoms. This article only pertains to those symptoms of women. While heart attacks are never pleasant, it’s good to be prepared. Learn how to spot an attack when it comes on.

First, there is heavy discomfort in the chest. It feels like the chest is squeezing. For women this may appear all throughout the chest; for men, it most commonly occurs on the left side. It feels as if the chest is getting tighter and more compact. This may be lead to a shortness of breath. You find yourself gasping for air, especially as you lie down on a bed or the floor. Cold sweats may break out as you come over with a clammy feeling.

Another symptom may be a pain the neck, jaw or back. It’s important to note that women can have pain in either arm, whereas men generally have pain only in their left arm. When a woman has severe back pain related to a heart attack, it spreads to the arms. This pain can often be so severe that it awakens you from a restful sleep. It could appear in your neck or jaw as well, but don’t overlook it. It’s not because you slept on your pillow wrong or you didn’t floss the night before. This pain is real and you need to call 911.

Unusual fatigue is another common symptom. Many women have a busy routine. They hustle their children to school and activities, hold down a job and take care of the house. But suddenly you feel like a two-ton truck ran over you—and backed over you again. This heavy fatigue could be a sign of a heart attack. Unusual fatigue comes on when tasks like making the bed make you tired. While you aren’t overexerting yourself, even the lightest of activities is too much. If you feel chest pains, sit down. Take a breath and relax. If they get severe, call an ambulance.

Pain may also occur in (or around) your stomach. When women have heart attacks, it’s common to have nausea and vomiting. There may also be a pain in the belly or above the belly button. This pain is not related to indigestion and should not be overlooked. Instead, it is pain that has spread from your chest. Your body is trying to warn you that you are in danger of having a heart attack. Likewise, this will not be an isolated pain. At this point, you most likely have pain somewhere else in your body.

Finally—and this shouldn’t be a surprise—you have anxiety. You’re scared or nervous about what may happen. Maybe you’re alone or your spouse isn’t home yet. Your phone may be in another room. There are all kinds of scenarios at which a heart attack could claim a life, but don’t allow it to claim yours. Your life is worth living. Do whatever you have to do in order to get help. Use your voice. If you have strength, bang or beat on something. Get into the ambulance and get to the hospital. Heart attacks are surprised killers, but you don’t have to be its next victim. editor@urbanmediatoday.com

Steelers Announce 2017 Home Schedule Highlights

PITTSBURGH – The Steelers announced highlights for the team’s home games at Heinz Field for the upcoming 2017 season.


The team will also host Family Fest on Sunday, August 6, which will feature the team’s first ever open training camp practice at Heinz Field, along with numerous activities in and around the stadium. Tickets for Family Fest are available via Ticketmaster.com: http://www.ticketmaster.com/event/160052B9D29A5FCF


  • Sunday, August 20, Atlanta Falcons – Play Football Month and Youth Football activities.


  • Saturday, August 26, Indianapolis Colts – Play Football Month and Youth Football activities.


  • Sunday, September 17, Minnesota Vikings – Home opener; Numerous activities surrounding Kickoff weekend, including a Friday night concert at Stage AE; Play 60 game.


  • Sunday, October 8, Jacksonville Jaguars – Breast Cancer Awareness/Crucial Catch game.


  • Sunday, October 22, Cincinnati Bengals – “Rock Steelers Style 2017” weekend.


  • Thursday, November 16, Tennessee Titans – Salute to Service game; Team will wear Color Rush uniforms.


  • Sunday, November 26, Green Bay – Alumni Weekend.


  • Sunday, December 10, Baltimore – Organ Donor Campaign Kickoff.


  • Sunday, December 17, New England – Pro Bowl initiatives.


  • Sunday, December 31, Cleveland – “Thank you Fans” tribute, providing fans with great gifts and unique Steelers experiences.


Fun activities for preteen summer 2017

Summer vacation is here. While your younger kids are thrilled to pieces, your older kids may be a bit low key. They want to hang out with their friends and have a good time. Being a teenager is a difficult age, but there are plenty of activities which can keep them occupied and safe over the summer.
First and foremost, adhere to your teen’s interests. If they like to read, for instance, encourage them to start a summer reading list. Take them to the library or a local bookstore. Allow them to rent or buy extra books on their e-reader. This is going to give them something to do that is thrills them. Some people like to read in order to escape into a fictional world. Others like to read in order to learn something. Tell your teen that they can read anything they like. Encourage them to keep a reading journal. They can note which terms they didn’t understand, write book reviews, or write lists of books they want to read next. They can even write down notes of concepts or characters. This may encourage them to write their own book.


Water parks are also popular with teens. While they don’t often like to be seen with their younger siblings, allow your teen to bring along a couple of friends. Let them go off on their own as long as they check in throughout the day. That way you can remain with their younger siblings. This gives your teen the independence they are seeking. They are nearly grown up, mom and dad. Let them act grown up and don’t be that helicopter parent. Don’t embarrass them around their friends by making them check in every 15 minutes. Loosen the leash and let them enjoy the water slides on their own. They’ll be fine and check in by lunch.


If you have a daughter, chances are they are into beauty. Mom, this your cue. Take a day where it’s just you and your daughter. Go to the spa and get pampered. Get your nails done, both a pedicure and a manicure. Get a massage and let your worries sweat away. Your teen is going to appreciate that you are doing an activity that specially relates to her. She doesn’t mind doing activities with her younger siblings, but it’s important that you make her feel loved and special. Setting apart a day just for your teen daughter is going to speak volumes to your daughter’s self-esteem and confidence.


You may also want to set aside a day just for the family. Have what is known as family challenges. Who can build the best sand castle? Who can win the round of mini golf? Play a game of water balloon baseball, in which someone throws a water balloon to someone that has a bat in hand. Make it a fun challenge that includes each member of your family. Have fun prizes for the winner. For example, the winner may get to pick out a new toy at the store or they get an increase in their allowance. Maybe they can throw a cream pie in the face of one of the losers or not have to do any of their chores for two weeks. Make it fun and everyone is going to have fun as well.


Finally, go to a park. The park may be local or within another city, but make sure it has interests of the entire family. If your teen enjoys walking trails for instance, try to find a park that offers that. It may be fun to pack a picnic basket with a lunch and find a park bench. This gives you the opportunity to take in a bit of nature. Your children may see a bunny hopping past the picnic table or there may be playground equipment to play on afterwards. Spending time outdoors is always fun, but as kids grow up their interests change. Meet your teen halfway and help them find activities to do. Otherwise, they may be super bored or stuck within their electronics. That’s never good for parents or the child. Happy summer!

Ray Jr. on Sports

  1. Steelers sign 1st round pick Watt-As I mentioned before, that draft pick holdout drama is a thing of the past, especially in Pittsburgh where the Steelers haven’t had a draft holdout since TE Eric Green in 1989. Before him? CB Rod Woodson in 1987. Now that LB TJ Watt is signed, that means all of the 2017 Steelers draft picks are ready to go.
  2. LB Shazier says Steelers have a Patriots Problem-Yeah, no kidding. The New England Patriots have been in the Steelers heads on a psychological level since 2001. And that includes AFC Championships losses including the 36-17 debacle this past season. Shazier and Co. know that if the Steelers are to advance to Super Bowl 52, then they have to get past the Patriots, but I hope the Pats get eliminated in the postseason as well. I could care less about having to face that team to get to the Big Game.
  3. Bell Misses Mini-Camp-I guess it’s no surprise that he’s holding out, but I thought that RB Le’Veon Bell had better sense than that. It’s a fact that he’s still recovering from a groin injury, but he was not at the team’s South side Facility during Organized Team Activities (OTA’s) but since he hasn’t signed his $12.1 million franchise tender, he’s not required to attend Mandatory Mini-Camp. Bell’s no dummy(and neither is his agent). He did that on purpose.
  4. What will the Steelers do with Bell? Bell’s not dumb, but neither are the Steelers, who know they need him for a possible Super Bowl run in 2017. But as I’ve stated before, they will not be swayed by a holdout, whether it’s official or not. I figure they have a month before training camp. I can see the Steelers and Bell agreeing to a long-term deal then.
  5. What if the Steelers don’t agree to a deal with Bell? They have until July 15th to do so, or Bell will play with that Franchise Tag. As I stated before, both teams don’t want to deal with that drama, especially not now. I can see the Steelers and Bell getting a long-term deal now.
  6. Kudos for Villanueva-I tip my hat to the young offensive tackle because he chose to attend camp despite not signing his exclusive rights tender. Missing an opportunity to practice with your team isn’t wise, especially for a young man who is only into his 2nd full year at Tackle. I’m thinking the Steelers will use this time off to agree to a long-term deal with him as well.
  7. Giants, Beckham, Falcons Freeman didn’t follow Bell’s example-To no surprise, there are other NFL players who also want new contracts like NY Giants WR Odell Beckham Jr. and Atlanta Falcons RB Devonta Freeman, but they’re not following Bell’s example and have reported to Mini-Camp.
  8. Chargers, Rivers officially say farewell to San Diego-I guess it is kind of weird to hear that the Chargers will no longer be in San Diego. They will begin 2017 in Los Angeles, the city where their existence began in 1960. But when I became an NFL fan in 1979, I only knew the Chargers to be in San Diego. The team held their final practice at their San Diego complex, loaded up their trucks and left for LA. QB Philip Rivers and TE Antonio Gates spoke about the departure being ‘Bittersweet.’
  9. Rams trade OT to Lions-In the rare world that is trading in the NFL, the LA Rams, and Detroit Lions pulled off one on Wednesday when the Lions acquired OT Greg Robinson from the Rams for a 2018 6th round pick. Robinson was the Rams #2 overall pick in 2014. Guess he wore out his welcome.
  10. Richard Sherman Speaks-That’s no surprise because the Seattle Seahawks All-Pro CB speaks, a lot. But this time he’s speaking some sense as he admits that his blowup six months ago, may have been over the top. Yeah, no kidding Sherman, especially when they were directed at coaches on the sideline.
  11. NBA Champion Warriors Yes, I rooted for the Cleveland Cavaliers to repeat as champs, but apparently, the Golden State Warriors had other plans as they beat the Cavs 4-1 in the NBA Finals for their 2nd title in 3 years. I didn’t believe that the Warriors would be better with F Kevin Durant, but I was truly wrong. Durant was a beast in the NBA Finals and he earned that MVP award.
  12. The Warriors future-They’ve reportedly said that they will do their best to keep their team together, but it will truly be hard because of salary cap issues, plus star G Steph Curry will be a free agent. Now imagine what he could demand. But I’m not concerned about Curry, I’m concerned about Klay Thompson and several others. The Warriors have some tough decisions.
  13. The Cavs-Their still the best team in the Eastern Conference as the Boston Celtics aren’t ready yet, and the Toronto Raptors are just smoke and mirrors, so I believe that LeBron James and Co. will make a run for it all next season too, but they may need to make a move or two to get past the Warriors again.
  14. Warriors lose West to Clippers-I didn’t know that Jerry West will still be working in the NBA. He truly kept a low profile, but he keeps earning rings as he did while working for the Warriors where he worked as an adviser, but now he’s moving onto the LA Clippers to work in the same capacity.
  15. Warriors celebrate-Thursday was the day that the Champion Warriors celebrated with their home crowd as the city hosted a parade for the team in downtown Oakland. I love those parades as they really show a fan’s love for the team and vice versa.
  16. Pittsburgh Pirates-Well, they lost 5-1 to the Colorado Rockies in their Rubber Match (final game of series), but the Pirates find themselves out of last place in the NL Central and are 4.5 games out of first place. I know I have expressed my disdain of the Pirates, especially their front office, but this team can really make a run at the division right now, provided they can get their pitching together and get on a winning streak. It’ll certainly be interesting.
  17. Baseball upholds their ban on Pete Rose-Each year it’s a shame when this happens. I’m not condoning what MLB’s all-time hits leader did while he played baseball, but I think it’s time to let this man in the Hall. He finally admitted that he gambled years ago. And yes, he could’ve been more humble, but I think it’s time to move on from his ban.
  18. Louisville’s Pitino gets 5 game suspension by NCAA-As a consequence for his part in a sex scandal which involved the University of Louisville basketball players, HC Rick Pitino was given a 5-game suspension by the NCAA, which he will appeal. I hear there’s a chance that their 2013 title could be vacated. Hey, if Michigan’s Fav 5 titles can be vacated, then Louisville’s can too. Pitino’s 5-game suspension is just a slap on the wrist.
  19. Stanley Cup Champion Penguins Celebrate-I didn’t think 650,000 folks could fit in downtown Pittsburgh, but they proved me wrong as they celebrated the Pittsburgh Penguins recent championship Wednesday. Just a priceless way to honor a team.
  20. Marc-Andre Fluery-I have great respect for the veteran goalie and I admire his humility, but it’s time for him to move on and make way for Matt Murray who was awesome in the Stanley Cup Finals, especially when he shut out the Nashville Predators by a combined 8-0 in Games 5 & 6. I can see the expansion Las Vegas Golden Knights picking Fluery up and trying build a team around him.



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Let’s Talk Baseball

Now that the Golden State Warriors have been crowned the NBA Champions and the Pittsburgh Penguins have claimed their second consecutive  Stanley Cup. It’s time to focus on Americas favorite past time Major League Baseball.


Just in case you have not been paying attention in the National League the Washington Nationals are sitting on top of the East one win shy of the 40 wins mark.  The Nationals are 39-26 with an eight and a half game lead over the New York Mets. The Nationals bats are alive and well as the team has hit 98 home runs lead by first baseman Ryan Zimmerman and his 19 homers followed by Outfielder Bryce Harper who has 16 home runs on the year. Right now Zimmerman is tied for second in the big leagues with his 19 blasts. The Nationals Pitching is led by Stephen Strasburg and Max Scherzer, both starters have seven wins.


Things are a little more competitive in the National League Central as the Milwaukee Brewers lead the way in a division where the difference between being on top and being on the bottom is only by five games. The Brew Crew behind the powerful bats of First Baseman Eric Thames, Third Baseman Travis Shaw and outfielder Domingo Santana ( all with double-digit home runs so far this season) are sitting on a two-game lead over the second place and defending World Series Champion Chicago Cubs. The St. Louis Cardinals are three and a half games behind the Brew Crew with the Pittsburgh Pirates four and a half games out of first place and the Cincinnati Reds bring up the rear a half-game behind the Pirates.


Now out West in the National League, The Los Angeles Dodgers and Colorado Rockies are tied for the top spot. Both L.A. and Colorado while dueling each other have to look over their shoulders because the Arizona Diamondbacks are only a half game behind. The Dodgers are the hot team for now as they look to extend their six-game winning streak tonight against the Cleveland Indians.


Speaking of the Indians they are two and a half games out of first place in the American League Central trailing the Minnesota Twins. The interesting development happening in this division is that the difference between top and bottom is only 6 games. Not to mention the top three teams in this division (Twins, Indians and Detroit Tigers) are all on losing streaks. I mention that because the Kansas City Royals (who are tied with the Tigers for third) are on a four-game winning streak. The team bringing up the rear in this division is the Chicago White Sox.


Moving on the American League East, right now the New York Yankees are king but only by two games ahead of arch rival Boston. The Red Sox are charging on the Pinstripes who are on a two-game skid, while the BoSox are on a 3 game winning streak. New York is powered by the bat of 6’7″  282-pound rookie outfielder Aaron Judge who is leading the Major Leagues with 22 home runs so far this season. Judge has a batting average of  .338 ( For those of you who do not know, anything over a .300 batting average is considered great0. The Rookie already this season has 49 RBIs ( Runs Batted In) and 75 hits.  So Keep your eye on big number 99 in pinstripes, he is making thins happen and we have not even hit the All-Star break yet.


Finally out West in the American League, The Houston Astros ( who at one time were in the National leagues) are the hot team and hold on to an 11 game lead. Houstons bats exploded this season as the Astros hit 103  home runs as a team. Outfielder George Springer leads the way with 18 home runs and fellow teammates Carlos Correa and Marwin Gonzalez are not too far behind Springer with 12 home runs a piece. Houstons Pitching rotation is no slouch as Dallas Keuchel leads the way with  9 wins in 11 starts and Lance McCullers is right behind Keuchel with 6 wins in 13 starts.



This Baseball Season has been exciting already for the fans who love to see home runs ( I’m one of those fans). Last season the total number of blast leaving the park league wide was just a little over fifty-six hundred the second most in any season in MLB History. This season after approximately 65 games of the 162 games regular season we already have one player with 22 home runs ( Aaron Judge) and a Plethora of players that already have double digit home runs totals. So get out you popcorn if you like big hits in the big leagues this may be a record-setting year for home runs.


Trevin A  Jones

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