Foods that promote a healthy heart

Taking care of your heart is important. It’s the primary organ that decides if you’ll live until 104 or 64. Much like your brain, the heart is the life organ. Without it beating each day, we are as good as gone. But when it beats a healthy rhythm, we are at the top of our game. As your prepare food each day, think of your heart and how to keep it healthy. It’s your partner in crime that’s going to be with you during your whole life.

Salmon, tuna, and walnuts all have one ingredient in common: omega-3 fatty acids. This is a powerhouse food that’s going to help all of your body. It helps prevent arthritis, for instance, relieving stiffness from your joints. It also helps to relieve any pain that surrounds the joints. Omega-3, too, has an enormous boost for mental health. It’s been suggested that those with Alzheimer’s may have a boost in their gradual memory loss, while it may help ADHD sufferers think more clearly. It’s possible, as well, that this could lighten some depressive symptoms of bipolar disorder.

Strawberries are another food that’s healthy for the heart. This food helps you to lower your blood pressure and reduce stress. Likewise, strawberries help reduce your risk of a heart attack. It’s also a cancer-fighting food. Adding this food to your diet will improve your weight loss and has the potential to beautify your skin. In addition, it has the ability to keep your bones strong and healthy. This particular berry has much more vitamin C than oranges, due to its seeds being located on the outside.

Apples, another heart-healthy food, works to reduce your weight and fight cancer. This fruit is around 85 percent water, which means it’s going to hydrate you and boost your immune system. Likewise, it’s a fruit that’s low in cholesterol. While it has natural sugar, it does not contain much sugar at all. It’s going to promote healthy hair and keep your bones strong. Apples are packed with fiber and vitamin C as well, making this a healthy snack for any time of day.

Dark chocolate is another great food to eat for the heart. It’s loaded with antioxidants and has the potential to reduce your blood pressure. These antioxidants help to fight heart disease. Similarly, dark chocolate has been proven to sharpen cognitive abilities. The flavonoids within the chocolate help to reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s disease and stroke. It can also improve your eyesight, increasing blood flow to your brain and retina.

Finally, garlic has shown to improve heart health. It has few calories but is a powerhouse for manganese and vitamin B6. It also has a great deal of calcium and potassium. This is a superfood that has the ability to boost the immune system. It reduces your chances of contracting the flu or cold. Likewise, adding garlic to your daily meal prep has the potential to reduce your blood pressure. Over time this is going to reduce your chances of a stroke or heart attack. It also reduces the likeliness that you’ll encounter high blood pressure or hypertension. Taking care of your heart has never been so easy. Incorporate these foods into your diet and you’ll soon reap the benefits.

Absentee Ballots in Pa

If you’re going to be away from your polling place on Election Day, Tuesday, May 16, time is running out to mail your absentee ballot request.

The deadline to request a ballot is 5 pm TODAY, which can be done at your local Board of Elections Office. Click here for a list of local offices.

Your local County Board of Elections must RECEIVE your completed ballot by 5 pm on Friday, May 12. Get them in the mail ASAP or drop off in person at a local Board of Elections office.

Your vote will make a difference– make sure you go vote for your candidate on May 16th!

There are only 7 days left before polls open in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, so make a plan to vote:
local boe offices find a polling location Read Our Vote FAQ

There are many important races up and down the ballot, and your vote will decide who represents the Democratic Party on the ballot in November. Remember, polls are open from 7 am to 8 pm on Tuesday, May 16.

NBA Playoffs : The Warriors are Golden !

Monday night the Golden State Warriors completed their second consecutive sweep in this year’s post-season with a 121-95 thrashing of the Utah Jazz.  Steph Curry and Klay Thompson (aka The Splash Brothers) combined for 51 points in the win and got the Warriors off to a fast start knocking down six of their eight shot attempts in the first quarter. Steph Curry was the main man for the Warriors with 30 points, Klay Thompson dropped in 21 and Kevin Durant had 18 points.


The man I refer to as the X-factor for the Warriors, Draymond Green executed the third postseason triple-double of his career with 17 points,10 rebounds, and 11 assists. Draymond and the Warriors dominated from the start as they raced out to a 22 point lead in the first quarter and scored no less than 21 points per quarter in the rest of the game.


I did not think the Jazz had a chance against the arsenal of weapons that the Warriors possess, but I did not think  Utah would get swept. The Jazz was led by Gordon Hayward who scored 25 points, he got help from Shelvin Mack (18 Points), Rudy Gobert (12 points, 13 rebounds) and Dante Exum who had 15 points off the bench. Utah was no match for the likes of Curry, Thompson, Durant and Green. Not to mention Golden States’ bench is stacked with talent like Andre Iguodala, JaVale McGee, Shaun Livingston and Matt Barnes.


Utah just did not have enough firepower to make this Western Conference Semi-final competitive.  But all was not lost for the Jazz (if you’re looking for a bright side) this was Utahs first season in the playoffs since 2013  and it was the first time the franchise has been in the second round of the playoffs since 2010. That means that the Jazz with young players like Hayward, Mack, and Gobert in addition to Rodney Hood, Derrick Favors, and Trey Lyles will make some noise again next season.


The Warriors, on the other hand, are steadily handling business and making it look easy after disposing of the Jazz and Trailblazers in a total eight games. Golden State and the defending champion Cleveland Cavaliers (who also completed consecutive sweeps in their Eastern conference action) now get time to rest.


While resting I’m sure the Warriors will keep an eye on the Western conference action between the San Antonio Spurs and the Houston Rockets. The Rockets and Spurs are tied at two games apiece with game five tipping off tonight in San Antonio, Game six will be in Houston and if needed game seven will be back on the Spurs home court. Regardless of who wins that series Golden State knows they get to sit back, rest and wait. Sounds like they will be enjoying the “Golden time of the day”.


Trevin A  Jones

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Here’s who stands to lose the most if the GOP’s health care bill actually becomes law

By a mere four votes and with 21 GOP reps voting no or not voting, House Republicans managed to push through legislation that repeals the Affordable Care Act (aka Obamacare) and replaces it with the American Healthcare Act (AHCA).

*If* the AHCA is enacted, experts estimate that 24 million people could lose their healthcare coverage and 130 million people could see a rise in healthcare costs due to the laundry list of pre-existing conditions listed in the bill. Since the House vote, the hashtag #IAmAPreexistingCondition has been used on various social media platforms to highlight the challenges the AHCA bill poses to millions of Americans. MORE

How Would You Rate the NBA Playoff Action So Far?


I know I’ve been talking about the NBA playoffs a lot, but can you blame me?
Think about it Lebron James is one of the greatest players ever in the game (some may argue that, but I doubt many would) and he has the defending champion Cleveland Cavaliers humming along with six straight wins so far in this postseason.
King James just passed Kareem Abdul-Jabbar on the All-Time NBA post-season scoring list and is only 211 points behind Michael Jordan (who is the NBA All-time leading scorer in the playoffs). By the way, Michael Jordan scored 5,987 points in his career in the playoffs and Lebron is now sitting behind “MJ”  with 5,777 Points. That is just one of the many records James has already set this postseason and we are only in the semi-final round.
If the performance of the Lebron and the Cavs isn’t enough to convince you that this NBA postseason has been “FAN”- tastic, How about the performances of Russell Westbrook?  The new “Triple-Double King” was fantastic in the opening round of the playoffs while trying to keep the Oklahoma City alive. Westbrook averaged 37 points 11 rebounds and 10 assists in the five games the Thunder played against Houston, before “The Beard” and the Rockets eliminated OKC  4 games to 1.
Speaking of  “The Beard”, How about James Harden and Trevor Ariza leading the Houston Rockets in a 27 point blowout of the San Antonio Spurs in game one of their Western Conference Semi-final. It had to be exciting watching the Rockets convert 22 three-point buckets and beating the Spurs by that many points on San Antonios’ home court. That was not supposed to happen as the Spurs quickly proved by winning game two of the series with game three being played tonight in Houston.
Do you need more to help you with how you would rate this season’s NBA Playoffs? How about the upstart Milwaukee Bucks led by former player and now head coach Jason Kidd giving the Toronto Raptors (the third seed in the Eastern Conference) a hard way to go before bowing out of the playoffs  4 games to 2 in the first round. Milwaukee big man Giannis Antetokounmpo aka “The Greek Freak” averaged 24 points per game for Kidd and the Bucks not to mention added some exciting dunks during that six-game series.
And if that isn’t enough for you to give this years’ NBA Playoffs a rating of approval. The story of Isaiah Thomas and how has dealt with the death of his sister just before the Playoffs began has tugged at everyone’s heartstrings. The Boston point guards younger sister was killed in an auto accident 24 hours before the Celtics first playoff game in round one. Thomas in dealing while trying to get a handle on the horrible news decided to play and played well dropping in 33 points in that win over the Chicago Bulls. Thomas and the Celtics went on to win that first round series and while still dealing with his sisters passing Isaiah and the Celtics are now lead the Washington Wizards in their NBA Eastern Conference Semi-final two games to one with game four scheduled for Sunday in D.C.
Now there are many other performances I did not mention like the Grizzlies giving the San Antonio Spurs a hard time in round one and the Utah Jazz upsetting the L.A. Clippers in seven games to advance to their Western Conference Semifinal meeting with the Golden State Warriors. As a matter of fact, I have not even mentioned Steph Curry and the Warriors, but the playoffs are not even close to being over.
If you ask me the NBA playoffs so far this postseason get an A plus, But then again I’m an NBA fan.
Trevin A  Jones
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Urban Media today launches online urban ac radio station

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Urban Media today launches online urban ac radio station


Pittsburgh, PA, May 5, 2017–Online lifestyle and entertainment magazine, Urban Media Today, which also focuses on sports, health, and business, has officially launched an online urban adult contemporary radio station titled, Urban Media Today Radio.

Urban Media Today is proud to share our stories and now, urban adult contemporary  music that everyone can enjoy from anywhere.

Audiences can experience familiar selections from artists of the 70s, 80s, 90s, and early 2000s. In addition to music, Urban Media Today Radio will also host a series of sports and entertainment podcasts from local and national personalities.

Urban Media Today is a lifestyle and information website for all audiences and excited to share with you the music that helped create the fondest of memories.

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Ray Jr. on Sports


  1. NFL Draft-Well, the most popular 3 days in the NFL has ended with all 32 teams adding to their rosters and I have to say, it was one of the more entertaining drafts that I’ve seen in years. It included Denver Broncos 1st round pick Garrett Boles bringing his infant son to the podium (precious) and Atlanta Falcons draft pick Takkarist McKinley expressing his love for his late grandmother and his promise that he would go to a Division 1 school.
  2. More on McKinley-I also liked that the young man also held a portrait of his grandmother as well, that was truly precious. His grandmother raised him so I can understand his emotions when he was selected. I didn’t like his profanity outburst, but I respected NFL Network’s Deion Sanders gently pulling him in and encouraging him to “Direct his emotions positively” That was good, because I remember Deion in the Prime-Time days…
  3. Draft Creativity-I also liked how on the 3rd day, the NFL allowed draft picks to get selected in different locations. Ex: Former Pittsburgh Steelers S Mike Logan announced the Steelers 6th round Pick at a youth community center in Pittsburgh. Picks were also announced from military bases to state landmarks and attractions to even outer space by current NFL players and legends, military personnel, actors, singers, and other special guests. New this year, Round 6 will be youth football-themed, and youth football players from Pop Warner, NFL FLAG. Very creative.
  4. Cleveland Browns-Apparently, the team who had the first overall draft pick stole the show at the NFL draft. The Browns who finished 1-15 last season made some huge first round moves by drafting Texas A&M DE Myles Garrett as the first pick and then grabbed Jabrill Peppers, S, Michigan; (29) David Njoku, TE, Miami and in Round 2: (52) DeShone Kizer, QB, Notre Dame. Impressive? Yes, but they have to prove it on the field and maybe the Browns will improve to 4-12.
  5. Steelers-and then there’s the local team who selected 8 players that included Houston DE JJ Watts brother (LB JT), a stud WR (JuJu Smith-Shuster), a cancer survivor (Pitt’s James Conner) and a Long Snapper (Colin Holba). I think the Steelers did well as they’re trying to get to Super Bowl 52 while continuing to fix that defense. Those young men have to prove themselves on the field as well.
  6. A Long Snapper though? Yes, that is what the Steelers chose to do in the 6th round (announced by Logan) It makes no sense to me why the Steelers would pick a player that most teams never draft and basically find by accident, but if they end up winning the Super Bowl this year, nobody will really care or remember the long snapper that was selected from Louisville.
  7. Steelers release QB Zach Metterberger- So long Mettenberger, we hardly knew you!” Because in reality, we hardly did. He was picked off waivers from San Diego and never played a down for the Steelers. And after the Steelers selected QB Joshua Dobbs in the 4th round, I guess that was the signature on Mettenberger’s walking papers. Go figure.
  8. Richard Sherman-Lost in the NFL Draft festivities was the fate of the Seattle Seahawks All-Pro CB as they were entertaining possible trade offers. But none have taken place and Sherman remains a Seahawk for now. In fact, HC Pete Carroll stated that there was ‘zero chance’ that Sherman will be dealt. But stay tuned, he still could get dealt in the summer..
  9. Former Bears QB Cutler auditions for TV role with Fox-Seriously, what is with these quarterbacks auditioning for media spots, and the networks taking them seriously?? First it was former Cowboys QB Tony Romo getting the #1 spot in CBS and now it’s Cutler, who not sure if he’s returning to football, auditioning for a spot with Fox. Not all athletes make good media persons (see: OJ Simpson and Eric Dickerson)
  10. Peterson ‘amped’ for season-opener vs. Vikings-I think New Orleans Saints Adrian Peterson will have a huge game against his former team, the Vikings, especially after they let him walk in Free Agency. Peterson himself said that it will be ‘revenge.’ But he also stated that it will be fun. I can’t wait to see it.
  11. NBA Playoffs-The Playoffs to continue and after seeing the 125-103 Cleveland Cavaliers rout of the Toronto Raptors, I have come to this conclusion: The Raptors have zero chance against the defending NBA champions. LeBron James and Co. are locked in like never before and they will probably steamroll through the rest of the Eastern Conference en route to the NBA Finals.
  12. Boston Celtics-If there was one team that could be a test for the Cavs, it would be the Celtics, led by NBA MVP candidate Isaiah Thomas. But I think the Cavs will beat them too as both teams will probably make the Eastern Conference Finals.
  13. NBA MVP-Usually, the NBA would announce who the winner of this award is this week, but since they’ve followed the NFL’s route by having an award show, we have to wait until June 26th to see OKC’s Russell Westbrook win that award. I’ll say it again, he deserves it this season. And so, what if his team is eliminated. The award is based on the regular season.
  14. Spurs Parker done for the playoffs with injury-It was sad to see the San Antonio Spurs veteran go down with a ruptured tendon in the Spurs 121-96 win over the Houston Rockets Wednesday night. Parker is done for the playoffs and I think he should call it a career. He was playing well for the Spurs (15.6 PPG in playoffs) his absence will hurt.
  15. Pirates lose 3 of 4 to Reds-For some reason, the Cincinnati Reds has the Pirates number in this young MLB season as they’ve won 6 of 7 against them, including 3 of 4 in the weekend series in Cincinnati. Once again, it’s a lack of consistency for the Pirates as they’re now 12-16 in last place in the NL Central Division.
  16. Pirates Outlook? Not a good one from where I’m sitting. I think this team is lost and are basically done for 2016. Struggling pitching, awful offense, and a suspended Starling Marte. It makes you wish they could just start 2017 over. But alas, they have 134 games left to play. Oh, what fun.
  17. Pirates P Nova wins NL Pitcher of the Month-And to think that folks criticized the Pirates for re-signing this dude. I was glad he stuck around, because Ivan Nova could’ve surely went somewhere else for much more money. Anyway, he was awarded the NL Pitcher of the Month for his outstanding April. Unfortunately, he couldn’t celebrate it much as he lost to the Reds on Thursday.
  18. Yankees Aaron Judge leads MLB in home runs-Here comes the Judge! Yep and he stands 6-7 and weighs 282 and is leading baseball with 13 home runs and is the youngest MLB player to do so after 26 games. The kids on pace to shatter some HR records if he keeps it up.
  19. Pitt Basketball gets St. John’s Transfer-After all the Pitt players who have left the basketball team in the past month, it’s truly good news to see one who wants to join the team as St. John’s G Mark (son of Pervis) Ellison. But HC Kevin Stallings will have to wait to see what Ellison can do as he has to wait a year to be eligible.
  20. Penguins bead Caps 3-2, lead 3-1-No Sidney Crosby, no problem as the Penguins proved they’re a veteran team as they beat the Washington Capitals and can close out the series Saturday with a win in DC. As for Crosby who missed the game after suffering a concussion in Game 4, he was practicing with the team Thursday. I wouldn’t be surprised if he returned Saturday.


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It is the desire of everyone to retire into a good and healthy living. And the environment or place we live contributes immensely to our health and living, which is especially of great concern to senior citizens of the country. As a U.S senior you might be wondering which of the cities can serve the purpose of standard living and a moderate rate.


Well, just take a rest and relax while I give some careful analysis of things to watch out for before making a choice for the place the best place to live. Also in this article, I will list the top cities which best serve that purpose of satisfactory living for senior citizens in the US and at low cost.


Top 10 Cities:


Aurora, Colorado. This city is indeed awesome for a senior citizen, it possesses features like; parks, large acres of open space hiking, fishing as well as biking. Not to forget is the Aurora Center for Active Adults, this center has equipment for exercises and fitness which seniors can use at a token of $18 monthly, and interestingly, when the purchase is for retired couple, the discount is attached. The cost of housing lies in the cradle of $1,623 for retirees with a mortgage and $904 for renters.


Cleveland. This appealing site of a city lies on the Lake Erie shore, with a reasonable housing price especially for retirees, $1,278, $652, and $478 monthly. Respectively for retirees with a monthly mortgage, for rent, and paid off house. Also in this city is the Case Western Reserve University offering an audit program designed for senior above the ages of 65 at a reduced or subsidized tuition fee.



Dallas.  The exciting characteristics of this city are the fact that, Texas is exempted from paying state income tax, however, do well to analyze the tax bill before buying a property (or home).Dallas also has Retired Volunteer program which is managed by the seniors in the city which also another way to improve the health of active seniors. Arboretum and Botanical Garden also organize events on a weekly basis for the senior ages 65 and above, this event also goes with discounts for the seniors


Durham, North Carolina. In this spectacular city, seniors ages 65 and older are privileged to ride the Triangle Transit system of the bus without a fee. Durham also houses the renowned Duke University, and by extension Duke Hospital. The average rent for retirees is $857 monthly.


Jacksonville, Florida. Another wonderful city with mild winters and is not far off from the white-sand Atlantic Ocean beaches. Prices of houses in this region of Florida is far less compared to other parts of Florida


Kansas city, Kansas. The average rent in this city is $772 monthly. Also in this city is the Kansas Hospital which has maintained a national ranking for its exception caregiving.


Madison, Wisconsin. The capital of this prestigious city houses the University of Wisconsin-Madison, where seniors are granted free audit classes. Madison is located near five lakes as well; these are Mendota, Waubesa, Monona, Kegonsa and Wingra. These centers are well known for its boating and recreation.


Minneapolis. For those longing to retire in water region, Minneapolis is the best place to be, as this city house the renowned Mississippi River as well as other families of lakes. Adequate health care is also available nearby in Rochester, Minnesota with top notch clinic and hospitals.



Phoenix.  This is the capital of Arizona State with the adequate sunny weather for seniors who desire such hot summers and mild winters. Professional sport of a different kind is another enjoyable feature of this city.



Pittsburgh. Seniors in the age range of 65 and older are privileged of free bus riding or Monongahela Incline for free. The rent fee here is also moderate. For seniors who are a sport, fans have a variety of professional teams to place on their scale of preference. We teams like Pirates, Steelers and also the Penguins.


NBA Playoffs: Are You Ready for Round Two?

Sunday, the Boston Celtics tipped off the second round of the NBA Playoffs with a 123-111 win over the Washington Wizards.  Isaiah Thomas dropped 33 points on the Wizards and that was after he returned from attending his sister’s funeral. Tonight the Wizards and Celtics will go at it again in Boston and unless John Wall and Bradley Beal and the rest of the  D.C. crew can find an answer for Thomas the Wizards may be in trouble. But before I leave you with that thought, I  have to let you know that in the four games regular season series between these two each team won two games on their home court. So the home court is big in the series and it may not be a surprise if Boston wins the first two games since they are both in Boston.


Monday night the Cleveland Cavaliers opened round two whipping up on the Toronto Raptors 116-105 to take a game lead in their Eastern Conference Semi-Final. Did you see the game?  The Cavs seemed very comfortable playing at home and Lebron James led the way with 35 points. That’s big considering the Raptors top two scorers Kyle Lowry and DeMar DeRozan had a combined 39 points. So it looks like the defending champions may be at an advantage since they swept the Indiana Pacers in the first round and were able to enjoy a seven-day break, while the Raptors were still trying to dispose of the Milwaukee Bucks. By the way, just in case you didn’t remember this series is a rematch of last year’s Eastern Conference finals which the Cavs won of course four games to two. Wednesday night these two will go at it again in Cleveland and I like watching the Raptors play but I just don’t think they will win game two either, their best chances will be when this series moves to Toronto.


Moving out  West the Houston Rockets jumped out to an 18-8 lead early on the San Antonio Spurs in game one of their Western Conference Semi-Final. The men from Houston were on fire knocking down three-pointers and finding open men for open shots. The big thing is they were finishing plays and keeping up the pace of a fast start throughout the first half. The Rockets were so hot they knocked down 12 three-pointers in the first half against the Number one defense in the NBA. Did I mention this game was played at the AT&T center in San Antonio?  Anyway, the Rockets Blasted off on the Spurs and went into the locker room with a 30 point lead ( the largest halftime deficit in San Antonio Spurs Playoff history). In the second half, the Rockets came out firing on all cylinders knocking down 22 three-pointers in all on their way to a 126 to 99 bombing of the spurs. James Harden led the way with 20 points and found time to dish 14 assist. Game two will be Wednesday back in San Antonio.


Tonight the Utah Jazz who eliminated the L.A. Clippers from the playoffs on Sunday will take on the Golden State Warriors in game one of their Western Conference Semi-final. Gordon Hayward has been and will be the leader for Utah. I just don’t think that Hayward and the Jazz have enough firepower to give the Warriors any trouble. Granted Hayward is not alone he has big man Rudy Gobert (one of the best shot blockers in the league), Boris Diaw, George Hill, Derrick Favors and Rodney Hood  to help,  I just don’t see the Jazz being able to run with Steph Curry, Klay Thompson, Draymond Green and  Kevin Durant. Do You?  I See this series going 5 games maximum ( No disrespect to  Utah).


Trevin A  Jones

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Steelers Make All the Right Moves in NFL Draft


Admit it. You were probably looking at the Pittsburgh Steelers with twisted lips when they didn’t make much of a splash in Free Agency when it began last month. To be honest, the hype of that time of year only lasts about 2 weeks when the so-called ‘big names’ usually sign for more money than they’re worth. (See San Francisco 49er FB Kyle Jusczyk’s $21 million deal to leave Baltimore…A Fullback! Mind you, the Steelers did make some Free Agent moves, which includes signing an RB ( Knile Davis), a WR (Justin Hunter) and a DE (Tyson Alualu), plus they slapped the $12 million Franchise Tag on All-Pro RB Le’Veon Bell. So it wasn’t as if the Steelers were exactly quiet during free agency, but with the fact that they actually have salary cap space, a lot of fans were hoping that the Steelers would turn into one of those teams who like to make headlines signing free agents.


Wrong. That’s not the Steelers way. Although they’re not cheap like the local baseball team, they have said on occasion that the key to their success on the field will come through the NFL Draft. That’s how it’s always been with this organization from Art  Sr, to Dan and to Art Rooney II. And get this: They won’t change for anybody. Not for me or for you.


And look that their track record: They haven’t had a losing season since 2003 and although they haven’t won a Super Bowl since 2008 and haven’t been to one since 2010 (Hey! You can’t make it every year!) it’s hard to question their Method of Operation regarding the Draft. It still works.


And after watching this year’s version of the NFL Draft which took place on the famous ‘Rocky Steps’ in Philadelphia Pa, I am convinced that the 8 players that the Steelers selected will give proof that the Draft Still Does Work when it comes to a team’s success. Especially to a team that was only a win away from Super Bowl 51. They selected players with the expectation that they will blend well with the current group of veterans in order for them to get to the Big Game in 2017.


I don’t compare this Steelers draft to the 1974 draft in which they selected 4 potential Hall of Famers which helped lead them to their first Super Bowl title, but I think this group can rank in their Top 10. It was a combination of meeting needs and choosing the Best Player Available, which has always been their philosophy.


Here is a recap of the Steelers 2017 Draft Picks:


Round 1: LB TJ Watt (Wisconsin)-I like this pick because he fills a need at outside (Or as they call it ‘Edge’) linebacker. Watt was a tight end and was convinced to switch to LB at the request of Head Coach Paul Chryst and he made the former Pitt Coach look like a genius. He had 11.5 sacks and earned first-team All-American honors. Like his All-Pro DE brother JJ Watt (Houston Texans) TJ is big (6-4, 252) and can cause a riot on the field. I just hope he didn’t follow his brother’s injury history. If he stays healthy, he can be a true force along with Steeler LB’s Bud Dupree and 39-year old James Harrison.


Round 2: WR JuJu Smith-Schuster (USC)-Even I looked at the Steelers like they were nuts with this pick because the last time I checked, they already have enough wide receivers, but after looking at this young man’s bio, I can see why they picked him. He’s the example of the Best Player Available

in this round. Smith-Schuster’s big (6-2, 220), and is tough (some compared him to Hines Ward) and isn’t afraid to catch the ball in traffic or up the middle. He reminds some of Anquan Boldin and that’s a pretty heavy compliment. He had 1,454 yards in 2015 and 914 yards in an injury-filled 2016. I would put him right behind the now reinstated-Martinis Bryant as the #3 WR on the depth chart. There’s something special about this dude and I can’t wait to see what he can do.


Round 3-CB Cameron Sutton(Tennessee)-I know a lot of fans were happy that the Steelers added another CB to their still-struggling secondary and I’m glad they did as well. Sure, they have last year’s #1 pick Artie Burns who did well, but Ross Cockrell isn’t the answer on the other side and veteran William Gay is close to considering His Life’s Work (translation: Retirement) after him, there’s the often-injured Senquez Golson who hasn’t even seen the field after being drafted in 2015. So drafting Sutton was a smart move. At Tennessee, he had 7 career interceptions and 127 total tackles and has shown good cover instincts and according to Steelers defensive backs coach Carnell Lake, he can play the slot or the outside corner spots. With the exception of Burns, It easy to proceed with caution every time the Steelers select a corner because some have fared far worse (see Cortez Allen and Curtis Brown) so stay tuned.


Round 3-RB James Conner(Pitt)-Were you as touched by the pick as I was? Not only is Conner an exceptional human being who non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma and a knee injury in 2015, he is also an exceptional player who took advantage of an opportunity in 2013 and became the ACC Rookie of the Year, ACC Player of the Year(1,765 yards), a 2-time 1,000 yard rusher and Pitt and the ACC’s career leader in rushing touchdowns. He’s more of a bruiser compared to the all-purpose Bell and will take DeAngelo Williams place as Bell’s backup. I enjoyed watching his college career, now I look forward to watching his NFL career as a Steeler.


Round 4-QB-Joshua Dobbs (Tennessee)-You wanted them to draft a QB Steelers Nation, well here he is. Although most wanted to see the Steelers pick former Pitt QB Nate Peterman, the Steelers instead chose the kid who beat Peterman for the job at Tennessee (which led Peterman to transfer to Pitt) Dobbs is a ‘Rocket Scientist’ after having done internships at an aerospace manufacturer, but he has proven to also throw a rocket of a football which he did in 4 years at Tennessee. With the Volunteers, Dobbs passed for 7,138 yards and 53 career touchdowns, including 27 in 2016. He can also scramble as he rushed for 831 yards in 2016. Some compared him to Dallas Cowboys QB Dak Prescott, and that’s not bad company. He’ll be #3 on the depth chart, on but Landry Jones needs to watch out for this kid as he might end up being the first backup to Ben Roethlisberger.


Round 5-CB Brian Allen (Utah) Did you see how big this kid is? He’s 6-3 and 215, almost the same size as HOF Mel Blount and current Arizona Cardinal Patrick Peterson. But those 2 gentlemen have proven they can play at the NFL level, Allen has yet to prove that. At Utah, he made the switch from wide receiver in 2015 and intercepted 5 passes (including 4 in 2016) showing some cover skills and a 38-inch vertical. He is a known project which the Steelers are obviously aware of but he will get his chances to make the team and join the group of cornerbacks.


Round 6-LS Colin Holba (Louisville) In 2000, the New England Patriots selected QB Tom Brady in the 6th round, in 2010, the Steelers selected WR Antonio Brown in the 6th round. And in 2017, those same Steelers select a Long Snapper (You know, the one who snaps the ball to the punter?) in the 6th round. Now I said earlier that we shouldn’t question the Steelers draft history, but we can still question their draft picks at times and I don’t agree that one should’ve been on a player that they can find off the street. And the fact that veteran Greg Warren is still on the team. Long Snappers don’t have stats, but Holba did make some history as the  only long snapper taken in the NFL Draft as well as the first Louisville player taken in this year’s draft.


Round 7-LB Keion Adams (Western Michigan)-This is more proof that the Steelers aim to improve their pass rush. This young man was a proven Edge rusher in Western Michigan had 15.4 sacks in 4 years at Western Michigan including 13 in his final 2 seasons. He stands 6-2, 245 and is already drawing comparisons to James Harrison and Arthur Moats. I’m thinking he could make an impression in training camp and the preseason.


Undrafted Free Agents-Wait, there’s more. There isn’t usually much to say about the undrafted free agents until they make an impact, but there’s something special about some of the Steelers 2017 undrafted rookie class. Here the list:


Nelson Adams, DT 6-3 287, Mississippi State

Christian Brown, DT 6-3 295, West Virginia

Ethan Cooper, OG 6-2 322, Indiana-Pennsylvania

Francis Kallon, DE 6-5 295, Georgia Tech

Keith Kelsey, LB 6-0 233, Louisville

Scott Orndoff, TE 6-4 253, Pittsburgh

Nick Schuessler, QB 6-3 196, Clemson

Rushel Shell, RB 5-9 227, West Virginia

Terrish Webb, DB 5-10 190, Pittsburgh


Recognize some? Of course you do. Three have local ties and I believe two of them could make the Steelers team this year. One of them is Orndoff who spent the past 3 years at Pitt and really made a splash in his final 2 years with 10 touchdowns. He also had 35 catches and 579 yards in 2016, which included a 72-yard score that he caught on a tipped pass. His size 6-5, 256 reminds me of former Steeler TE Heath Miller and he also wore #83. He could be the 3rd TE depending on the health of LaDarius Green. The other is Shell, who played one season at Pitt and had 641 rushing yards and 4 scores as a freshman. He eventually transferred to West Virginia where he finished his final 3 years with two 700 yard and one 500 yard season as part of a running back by-committee. He also as 20 scores at WVU. He could give Fitzgerald Touissant a run for his money. Webb had 5 interceptions in 4 years with Pitt, but I can’t see him making the team because of how crowded the secondary is. His best bet is on the practice squad.


Grade: Overall, I give the Steelers a B+ for this draft and t could move up to an A depending on how these rookies pan out. As I mentioned before, there’s something special about this draft class and I believe they could help the Steelers get over the top this season.


Notes: In addition to Conner being selected by the Steelers, a total of 5 Pitt Panthers were drafted over the weekend. OT Dorian Johnson (Arizona), QB Nate Peterman (Buffalo), Guard Adam Bisnowaty (NY Giants) and LB Ejuan Price (LA Rams) also heard their names called and are now in the NFL.


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