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  1. The Pitt Panthers football team (3-2,0-1) will now resume Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC) play as they host Georgia Tech (3-2, 1-2 ACC) Saturday at 12:30. This game is also their Homecoming game in which the Panthers will wear their 1976 throwback unis (actually a combination of their ‘70’s and 80’s unis)
  2. The Panthers’ stingy ground defense will be challenged by Georgia Tech’s potent spread option attack. Pitt is yielding 69.8 rushing yards per game to rank first in the ACC and fourth nationally. The Yellow Jackets average 226.8 rushing yards, fifth best in the ACC and 28th in the nation.
  3. Pitt’sEjuan Price is making a strong case for All-America and ACC Defensive Player of the Year honors. The senior defensive end leads the entire nation in quarterback sacks (7.5) and tackles for loss (11.5). Impressive. He could also be making his case for National Defensive awards as well. Too bad he’s not staying another year.
  4. As we know, although Pitt’s run defense is pretty good, it’s their pass defense that is looking pretty awful. This group of cornerbacks and safeties have failed to close out games in the past 3 weeks. Yes, they beat Marshall 43-26, but to be honest, it was because the offense scored a late TD and then CB Avonte Maddox got a garbage TD on an interception to close out the game.
  5. Pitt’s defense blew those 2 games vs. Oklahoma State and North Carolina and to think that they have to face teams like Clemson, and Miami among other ACC teams?? Wow. I’m a pretty optimistic person, but I have my doubts with this unit. It’ll be up to the offense to win games the rest of the season.
  6. I was truly impressed with the play of WR Jester Weah, who is truly turning into the playmaking WR for the team. His 176 yard-game vs. Marshall should server as his ‘coming out party’-and hopefully it will convince HC Pat Narduzzi to have QB Nate Peterman pass the ball vertically more often.
  7. As for the rest of College Football, here’s the AP Top 5 poll: 1. Alabama 2. Ohio State 3. Clemson 4. Michigan. 5. Washington. Do you see a team missing? Yep, it’s Louisville, who was #3 last week, until their loss to Clemson. But a drop to #7 isn’t so bad, which the Cardinals landed.
  8. Former Pitt HC Paul Chryst’s Wisconsin Badgers are at #11, which is very impressive and the only local ranked team is West Virginia who is at #22.
  9. In wake of Hurricane Matthew, the Southeastern Conference postponed the #18 Florida Gators/ and LSU game. Wise move. I’m hoping that other games in those areas will follow suit.
  10. As for the National Football League, I’m glad to see that the Pittsburgh Steelers redeemed themselves after being embarrassed 34-3 by the Philadelphia Eagles a week ago as they embarrassed the KC Chiefs in a 43-14 rout on Sunday.
  11. To be honest, I know they’re not perfect, but that was how I expected the Steelers to play when their heads are on straight. Their offense, led by QB Ben Roethlisberger is better than most in NFL and is capable of destroying teams-which we not only saw Sunday, but also in the season opener vs. Washington. The key is being consistent.
  12. Speaking of Big Ben, congrats on him getting the AFC Offensive Player of the Week honor after his 300 yard-5 TD performance Sunday. He certainly deserved that. As long as he’s on the field, the Steelers always have a chance to win.
  13. So now the 3-1 Steelers will play the NY Jets (1-3) Sunday at Heinz Field (4:25pm) these are the games, that they need to look out for. There are many times when the Jets were horrible-and showed up to beat the Steelers in years past so the they should know better than to underestimate them. Although their offense is horrible, their defense is pretty good.
  14. But the Steelers also have other concerns as they still have several players who’re injured: CBJustin Gilbert (Knee) T Marcus Gilbert (Ankle) CB Senquez Golson (Foot) T Ryan Harris (Shin) WR Eli Rogers (Toe) LB Ryan Shazier (Knee)
    Cody Wallace (Knee). If they don’t practice Friday, they all could miss Sunday’s game vs. the Jets. Wow.
  15. As for the rest of the NFL, apparently NY Giants WR Odell Beckham Jr is ready to grow up, after his antics last against Minnesota Vikings CB Xavier Rhodes on Sunday. Beckham doesn’t know how to have fun competition, and it’s getting old. The Giants are pretty tired of it, and I don’t blame him. The team is 2-2 and in last place in the NFC East.
  16. Apparently former Cleveland Browns QB Johnny Manziel has been reinstated by the NFL, but let’s be real: Who’s gonna give him a chance? He won’t convince any team that he’s serious-until he convinces himself, and if he does get picked up, that contract will probably have so many incentives in it, that he’ll hardly have room to breathe.

17.  As for MLB, the postseason has begun and I’m very impressed that the two Wild Card Games ended with a Walk-Off HR, especially the Toronto Blue Jays as OF Edwin Encarnacion hit a 3-run shot to beat the Baltimore Orioles. And who was the winning pitcher? Former Pirate Francisco Liriano.

  1. Speaking of the Blue Jays, I have a soft spot for that team since they have several former Pirates: Russell Martin, JA Happ, Jose Batista, Liriano, Jason Grilli. I hope they make it to the World Series.
  2. As for the NL, I hope the Chicago Cubs make it to the World Series, but something tells me that the SF Giants may get it done. They’ve won 3 since 2010-and it’s an even-numbered year. Plus, their pitching is pretty awesome. Watch out for that team.
  3. In NBA news, kudos to the Champion Cleveland Cavaliers who will be giving a ring to former HC David Platt, who was fired after a 30-11 record and made way for Tyronn Lue. That was a very classy move by the organization, honoring the man who was LeBron James first HC upon his return to Cleveland.


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How To Dress To Impress: Some Fashion Tips And Tricks


Fashion may not be your main focus in life. Still, it doesn’t matter if you don’t care about clothing. Other people do. That is why you need to think about what you wear before you leave your home. Not sure what to wear? Keep reading if you want some fashion advice that will help you at any time.

Fashions are constantly changing, so look for some basic items of clothing that you can add to and create a new look. A great fitting pair of black pants are the basic look you can dress up or dress down, as well as wear in summer or during the winter months.

The color combination of black and white has become in season once again. The fashion runway is packed with black and white outfits. To incorporate this color combination into your wardrobe, try pairing black pants with a white shirt. The sky is the limit when it comes to wearing these colors together.

If you have patches of gray in your hair, consider using a semipermanent dye. The gray will appear to be the same color as the rest of your hair and will last about two months. While you can’t really lighten your hair with this tactic, you can choose to darken your locks if you want.

Accentuate the positive. Look for items of clothing that show off your attributes. If you have a great waistline, look for clothing that features an embellished mid-line or add an attractive belt. If have a great neckline, draw the eye in that direction with a fancy collar or fun necklace.

Go shopping with friends and help each other pick out clothes. Your friends can be your best resource when it comes to choosing the right outfits to wear. You want the people closest to you to help you because they are the ones that are going to help you look your best.

One easy fashion tip is to just be more confident. No matter how good your clothes look, you will not truly look fashionable unless you wear your clothes with confidence. You need to carry yourself with the utmost confidence. This is one simple way that you can take your fashion to the next level.

One way to make sure that you look great is to find a specific cut or brand that fits you well and buy multiples of it. This is important because you will not always find that perfect outfit, especially if you are shopping at the last minute. Buy more than one of the same color even, just in case it gets damaged somehow.

Use many colors when creating an outfit. You do not want every piece to match perfectly, that is not the point of fashion. Instead find ways to create creative color schemes. For example, a purple dress can be matched with yellow, silver, black or green accessories. Just have fun with it.

If you have a pet, keep that in mind when shopping for clothing. There is nothing more frustrating than putting on that cute little black dress only to end up covered in white cat hair the second you sit on the sofa. Keep pets in mind when choosing clothing colors and fabrics, and avoid the stress.

When you are choosing a jacket for a very important upcoming event, you need to make sure that you find the jacket with the right sleeve length. If your coat is too long or too short people will notice. Your shirt cuff should show about half an inch or so. This is a key that you must always keep in mind.

There is nothing wrong with asking your friends to borrow their clothes. You can borrow their clothes to see what kind of wardrobe might look good for you. This is a good way to see if a friend’s style is good for you and if you feel comfortable changing your current style.

When purchasing sneakers, shop for ones that are comfortable and fit like a glove. You should also ensure that the arch in the shoe fully supports the arch in your foot. Another consideration to take into account when purchasing sneakers is to know the pronation of your foot; most salespeople can assess your foot and guide you to the proper shoe for your pronation.

Many people are under the impression that bright colors should only be worn in the spring and summer; this is not true. It is perfectly fine to wear brighter colors in the winter; it is just a matter of how you wear them. While bright sweaters are fine, bright pants are not!

When you buy something new, give something away. This is a great way to help someone else, in addition to keeping yourself from having an overflowing closet. It can save you money, too. If you think that you are going to have to give something away every time you buy, you might think more about what you’re buying!

If you have problems with very small flakes of dandruff, you may be experiencing dry scalp. If this is the case, you could just change shampoos and use a shampoo and conditioner that are more hydrating. Larger flakes of dandruff indicate Seborrheic Dermatitis caused by scalp irritation. In this case, use a medicated dandruff shampoo containing selenium sulfide, salicylic acid, pyrithione zinc or an antifungal agent.

The importance of a good hairstyle should not be underestimated. Therefore, it is imperative that your hairstyle represents who you are. For instance, if you are a hard-working businesswoman, choose something classic and flattering, like a bob. If, however, you are an on-the-go mom, opt for a style that you can wash and go.

Make sure that you do not wear a jean top with jean bottoms. This is a trashy look that will get you noticed in the worst ways. If you are looking to be the king or queen of fashion, it is important that you never coordinate jeans with a jean top.

Know that your peers are thinking about how you dress. Use these tips each day to make sure you look your best. Turn your fashion sense around!

Plan For Seasonal Clearance Sales For The Best Deals

You don’t have to be lost when it comes to fashion. Maybe you need a guiding hand, and there are plenty of resources available. Once you start to gain some solid information regarding fashion, you will be well on your way to expressing your individual interests when it comes to fashion in today’s society.

When choosing accessories, stick to one large, statement piece. Dangling earrings, a big necklace, and a chunky bracelet give the eyes nowhere to rest. If you want the focus to be on your necklace, wear studs in your ears. If you don eye-catching earrings, skip the necklace altogether to avoid looking too “busy.”

If you have to wear stockings, make sure that you wear some that fit you very well and are not too large or too small. Wearing the wrong size can make you very uncomfortable and it does not look good for you if you have to adjust them in public areas.

Flip-flops are a comfortable type of footwear for casual occasions, but do not wear them to work or in formal situations. Look for classy but comfortable shoes with a low heel to wear to work everyday. High heels should be reserved for formal occasions, especially if you will not need to stand or walk very much.

Buy clothes that do not lose their flair. It is nearly impossible to keep up with current trends unless you have an unlimited amount of money to work with. To ensure that you look great no matter what the trends are you should just focus on buying clothes that can weather any fashion storm.

Wear cropped pants in a more flattering way by choosing capris, pedal pushers, and bermuda shorts that do not fall at the widest part of your calf. Choose pants that end above the knee or closer to the ankle. You should also avoid flared styles to keep your look streamlined.

Skinny jeans are what is in style now. These kinds of jeans are snug around all areas of your body, from you waist and rear end, all the way down to your ankles. The best part of these jeans is that they look good with pretty much any pair of shoes!

Make sure whatever you wear; the clothes fit you well. This is especially important for people that are shorter in stature. Large clothes make a person look messy. They make an overweight person look larger and a short person look shorter. Make sure you buy clothes that fit you well or have them altered.

Wear age appropriate clothing. It’s something some women don’t want to let go of, but there comes a time when a super-short skirt is no longer flattering. Pay attention to how your clothes set you off through all stages of your life, and it will serve you well. The good news is that there are some clothes that look great on older women that younger women can’t pull off, so there is always something fashionable to look forward to.

When purchasing sneakers, shop for ones that are comfortable and fit like a glove. You should also ensure that the arch in the shoe fully supports the arch in your foot. Another consideration to take into account when purchasing sneakers is to know the pronation of your foot; most salespeople can assess your foot and guide you to the proper shoe for your pronation.

Nowadays, many famous celebrities aim for extremely extravagant or unique looks featuring many layers, the truth is that sometimes, simple is better. Although there is nothing wrong with aiming for a big look, you can sometimes go over the top. A simple black or red dress can sometimes do wonders for your look.

When you get a haircut, keep your face shape in mind. Certain face shapes look better with certain hairstyles. Oval faces look great with nearly any hairstyle, while round faces do better with hairstyles that have height. Pear faces look better with round cuts and triangular faces look better with short cuts. Square faces look great with all kinds of cuts, except those that are flat on top.

When washing whites, use bleach to extend the longevity of your clothing. However, don’t use too much, or clothes will look yellowed.

A good fashion tip for wearing white clothing is to make sure that it is not see through in the sun. Many times, clothing might appear to be safe, but certain lighting conditions can cause them to become almost see through, leading to cause for possible embarrassment. Check yourself out in multiple lighting conditions, especially outdoors.

If you love the look of heels but hate the pain, try stacked heels or platforms. These shoes provide the same illusion of longer legs and a sleek silhouette without the uncomfortable balancing act. The wider heel will help you feel more stable, and it spreads the pressure on your foot more evenly.

Knowing what the purpose of certain footwear is a good way to avoid any fashion mix ups. For example, sandals were designed to be worn by people going to the beach or for people at the pool. Therefore, you should not wear your sandals all the time as it is unfashionable.

Wear accessories that match your outfit. Use the right type of necklace with the correct type of shirt or dress. Purses and scarves can round out a plain outfit. Belts and hats can add some flair to a dress. The right earrings can accentuate a particular long or short hairstyle.

Accessorize to draw attention to the things you want attention on. This works to take focus away from trouble areas, like a large bottom or shoulders. It also can be used to draw attention to certain things like your eyes or legs. Use accessories to make the most of your outfit.

Now that you’ve read this article, you should have a better idea as to how to properly approach fashion in today’s world. There are many different roads, and you have your own unique road to pave as well. Remember the advice you’ve read in this article as you continue to research fashion.

Choosing The Best Quality Garments Improves Your Wardrobe


When did you last shop for new clothes? If so, then your wardrobes are probably looking drab. That’s okay! Read on to find out some simple tips to bring you back up to date with today’s looks.

If you are overweight, you have to be very careful about wearing clothes that have stripes. Make sure you wear vertical stripes if you are going to wear any at all. Wearing stripes that run horizontally will only do the trick of making you look larger than you really are.

When choosing clothes, think about what season you are. If you look good in reds and oranges, you are a “summer” and probably will look good in any warm color (like yellow). If you look good in blues, you are likely a “winter” and look good in whites and greys as well.

Put on a belt if you want to boost your look. There are so many different styles of belts to choose from, offering endless color and design combinations to choose from. Whether you are getting ready for a night on the town or for work does not matter, there is a belt to suit any event.

If you like a shirt or skirt think about getting it in more than one color. Because clothes come in so many varying cuts and styles, you’re likely find it difficult to find clothes that fit well for your body type. When you do just get more than one so that you can feel great more often.

Flip-flops are a comfortable type of footwear for casual occasions, but do not wear them to work or in formal situations. Look for classy but comfortable shoes with a low heel to wear to work everyday. High heels should be reserved for formal occasions, especially if you will not need to stand or walk very much.

Hats are a great accessory to match any kind of outfit. For men, there are the typical fisherman hats and baseball caps, but for women, the possibilities run much deeper. For instance, you can wear a cute sun hat, floppy hat or beach hat with any casual dress you own.

When purchasing jeans, go for timeless looks. For example, classic straight leg or boot cut jeans never go out of style. Opt for either of these styles in either a dark denim or slightly faded to remain in style throughout the years. By opting for these styles, you will always be in style no matter the current fashion.

Summer is a fun time of year, so dye your hair a fun color to really make it stand out. Take good care of your hair so it is not damaged and the color stays longer. Select hair products that are color-safe.

One great fashion tip is to take into consideration the type of care that a garment requires before purchasing it. This is a great idea because if you get something that is dry clean only or hand wash only, you might either end up ruining it or never using it.

Every woman needs to have the basic essentials in her closet. Remember to try and keep a pair of hemmed jeans to use for heels, hemmed sneakers, and at least two dress slack pairs. Let’s not forget the mainstay for every woman, the little black dress.

Many people do not understand how to wear a jacket properly, and it makes them look silly. If you are going to sport a jacket, you need to wear it appropriately to look good. You must always remember that the bottom button on the jacket is not meant to be buttoned. This will keep you from committing a fashion mix up.

One great piece of fashion advice is to make sure that you check yourself from all angles before walking out your door. This is important because you do not want to be embarrassed due to either a strange fit, a stain, or leaving a tag on. Have someone else to check for you as well, if possible.

There are several key factors that you should consider in order to get the right suit. Some important factors include the price, your budget, the quality, the brand, size, color and style. If you take your time and consider each and everyone of these factors, then you are sure to find the suit that fits you just right.

Keep a small bottle of superglue in your pocketbook or vehicle. It can be used to repair a number of different items, should they break unexpectedly. A strap on a pocketbook or sandals can be held together easily. This can save your evening out, allowing you to have a good time instead of worrying about your broken accessory.

When selecting a swimsuit, there are many things you can do to minimize figure flaws and emphasize the right parts of your body. For instance, if you have bigger hips, emphasize your legs and accentuate your small waist by wearing a suit that is cut high on the thigh. Look into more options for swimsuit wear as well.

When hemming your pants, take the height of your shoes into account. The hem of your pants should always be half to three fourths of an inch off the floor. Keep two lengths of pants. Have pants that you can wear heels with and ones you can wear with flat shoes.

There are ways you can make your lips appear fuller short of going under the knife. Utilize a light lip gloss or lip stick with a shiny look. This will cause lips to look full. Dark lipstick colors can make your lips appear thinner and should be avoided.

Separate your suits. When you buy a suit for work, that doesn’t mean you need to wear the jacket and pants or skirt together all the time. Pair the jacket with a nice t-shirt and jeans, or wear the bottoms with a crisp white shirt and a great pair of shoes.

What was your opinion on these fashion tips? Can you imagine yourself using these tips to create a new wardrobe? Hopefully, since that’s what these tips are for! Use these fantastic ideas to update your wardrobe and your style.

SHOULD ADULTS GET FLU SHOTS? Treating patients’ misperceptions is key


Newswise — Deciding to get a flu shot may seem simple, but communicating about it is not, new research suggests.

Federal health officials are already urging all Americans to get their flu shots as soon as possible. Yet the number of people who receive flu shots remains low, with less than one-third of adults between the ages of 18 and 49 getting vaccinated.

“Flu is serious. Flu is unpredictable,” Dr. Thomas Frieden, the director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, told reporters last week during a joint briefing with the National Foundation for Infectious Diseases. “Flu often does not get enough respect.”

Unfortunately, there’s no clear prescription for how health care providers and public policy officials can effectively encourage patients to hit the flu clinic. Filling the communication gap are patients’ personal beliefs and biases about the vaccine’s effectiveness and impact on their own health.

“Many people refuse to get vaccinations due to misconceptions, such as flu shots are ineffective, cause people to get sick, or are unnecessary for healthy people. These beliefs minimize the benefits of vaccination and tip the scale in favor of not getting a flu shot,” says Wake Forest University’s Frederick Chen, an expert in the economics of public health.

The public health costs are staggering. Each year, between 5 and 20 percent of Americans are infected with influenza. The infectious virus lands more than 200,000 people in the hospital and causes thousands of deaths. The economic impact has been estimated at more than $80 billion a year.

“There seems to be this sentiment in the public health community that to combat these misconceptions we should give people more information, more statistics, and more data about flu vaccines, but recent studies have shown that this approach can have a backfire effect,” said Chen, an associate professor of economics. “Vaccine skeptics inundated with pages of written information about why the vaccine is effective or safe might become more skeptical, not less.”

Chen’s most recent paper, published by Health Promotion International and co-authored with Ryan Stevens in the department of economics at New York University, combines behavioral economics and psychology to offer suggestions to boost flu shot numbers. Recognizing that people’s situations and understanding of flu shots can differ widely, Chen and Stevens recommend methods that humanize the issue and employ a more personal, concrete approach. Suggestions include:

• Mobilize community volunteers — Connect real people with positive outcomes from flu shots as they talk one-on-one about the benefits of vaccination with neighbors. The idea is based on door-to-door canvassing campaigns which have proven highly effective in increasing voter turnout, especially when canvassers are friends or people from one’s own community.

• Invest in public service ads and videos — People sharing stories about how they stayed healthy after a flu shot should be more memorable and have better impact on decision-making than reading a pamphlet.

• Partner with celebrities — Well-known figures have the potential to raise awareness on health issues. Katie Couric’s live colonoscopy on NBC’s TODAY Show 16 years ago led to a 20 percent increase in the number of colonoscopies performed in the following months.

• Make it personal — Asking people to recall the last time they were sick or someone close to them was sick with the flu is potentially much more effective than public health messages that simply tell people to “take time to get a flu vaccine.”

Chen says recent research in behavioral economics and psychology shows that misconceptions can arise when people construct ‘stories’ in their mind to help make sense of the world. These stories, which may not be accurate descriptions of the world, can nevertheless influence people’s decision-making.

“We can see when the vaccine fails to protect us because we get sick and feel terrible but we can’t see anything different from our normal healthy state when it works,” said Chen. “Because negative experiences with flu vaccinations are more noteworthy and newsworthy than the positive experiences, if we are exposed to more negative stories than positive ones through our family members, friends, the media, and online, that may cause us to believe that flu shots aren’t all that effective when in fact a good match between vaccines and the flu virus reduces our risk of catching the flu by 60 percent.”

Behavioral economists and psychologists have made enormous strides recently in studying how errors and biases arise when people process information and how these affect decision-making. Based on this research, adopting a more personal and humanistic approach that makes it easier for people to relate to the flu and its consequences could increase vaccination rates and reduce the societal cost of influenza.

Chen’s earlier research focused on “Why we roll the dice on flu shots.”

Steelers ‘Redeem’ themselves in 43-14 rout of Chiefs

Pittsburgh Steelers Head Coach Mike Tomlin called it ‘Redemption Sunday’ as the Steelers were stunned and destroyed by the Philadelphia Eagles in a 34-3 rout at Lincoln Financial Field one week ago. Just like their roommates the Pitt Panthers, the Steelers were looking to redeem themselves with some Home Cooking as they returned to Heinz Field, and like the Panthers the were able to get the win-but in more convincing fashion as they destroyed the Kansas City Chiefs 43-7 in front of a Nationally televised audience.

QB Ben Roethlisberger was at his best as he led his team with 5 TDs and 300 yards without an interception. It was the 5th time in his career that he passed for 5 TDs. Think the Steelers missed RB Le’Veon Bell? Well, they got him back as he completed his 3-game suspension and he showed the Steelers what they missed as he rumbled for 144 yards on only 18 carries. He also caught 5 passes for 34-yards, once again giving them the dual threat that made him an All-Pro in 2014. WR Antonio Brown caught 4 passes for 64 yards, with 2 of them being TDs. WR Sammie Coates continues to prove that he’s a legitimate deep-ball threat as he caught the opening pass for 47 yards. He finished with 7 catches for 79 yards.

After the Steelers defense recovered a KC fumble, The Steelers offense added insult to injury as they punched KC in the mouth on their 2nd drive when Roethlisberger methodically led his team down the field and eventually found WR Darius Heyward-Bey for a 31-yard TD, and along with a 2-point conversion, the Steelers led 8-0.

The Steelers defense also kept it going as DE Cam Heyward got to KC QB Alex Smith forcing his pass to be tipped and intercepted by Steelers LB Jarvis Jones giving them the ball deep in Chiefs territory. Then Roethlisberger once again went to work as he found WR Antonio Brown for a 4-yard TD, extending their lead to 15-0. Big Ben would find Brown again this time for 38 yards extending the Steelers lead to 22-0.

And it was only the first quarter.

In the second quarter, the Chiefs offense could do nothing against this revised Steelers defense on their next drive and after punting the ball back to the Steelers, Big Ben was back at it again as he found TE Jesse James for a 9-yard TD pass, giving them a 29-0 lead-which is a new franchise record for most points scored in the first half. KC lined up for a 38-lard FG by Cairos Santos, but it was missed as the rain came down. With 15 seconds left, the Steelers took a knee to end the first half.

In the 3rd Quarter, the Steelers got the ball and kept it going as they once again stormed down the field with a mixture of runs and passes and then Roethlisberger found WR Markus Wheaton for a 30-yard TD extending the Steelers lead to 36-0. The Steelers and KC then exchanged punts the rest of the 3rd quarter and in the 4th quarter, Smith and the Chiefs put together a good drive as he found rookie WR Tyreek Hill for a 10-yard TD pass slightly closing the Steelers lead to 36-7.

And how did the Steelers respond? By scoring again. Even though they mostly ran the ball, Bell made the most of it as he found a hole and rumbled for over 40 yards, giving the Steelers a 1st and goal at the 2-yard line and then RB DeAngelo Williams walked into the end zone for 2-yard TD, extending the Steelers lead to 43-7.

The Steelers then rested Roethlisberger and most of the offensive starters as the clock continued to tick, but the Chiefs were able to get another late TD with 4 seconds left as Smith found TE Travis Kelce for the 3-yard TD, which proved to be the final points as the Steelers won 43-14.

On defense, the Steelers showed lots of hustle, making Smith and Chiefs offense miserable as they sacked him 4 times (3 from Heyward) and intercepted him once.

For KC, Smith passed for 287 yards, 2 TDs and the interception. RB Spencer Ware ran for 87 yards on 13 carries and WR Jeremy Maclin caught 5 passes for 87 yards. The Chiefs fall to 2-2, while the Steelers improve to 3-1.

Ray’s take: The Steelers offense rose to the occasion as they proved that they need to set the pace for the team with 43 points, 29 in the first half. Roethlisberger and Bell were priceless as the passed and ran all over KC and the defense played with heart and hustle, sacking Smith 4 times, with 3 by Heyward. Rookie CB Artie Burns also made some impressions as he knocked away 2 passes in the Red Zone.

I like how the Steelers responded in this game. Instead of waiting for the Chiefs, they took it to the Chiefs in a must-win game.

Injuries: Apparently the Steelers have several as starting OT Marcus Gilbert sustained a knee injury which kept him out of the game. LB Jones, LB Anthony Chickillo and Heyward-Bey also missed the rest of the game. Here’s hoping their injuries aren’t serious.

The Steelers will now prepare to host the NY Jets (1-3) Next Sunday.

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Pitt holds on to beat Marshall 43-26.



After 2 crushing defeats on the road, the Pitt Panthers were hoping that some home cooking would help them get back on the right track with the Marshall Thundering Herd being the main course, and it apparently worked as they were able to get the victory in a 43-26 slugfest, but don’t let the score fool you: Pitt had to fight very hard to keep history from repeating itself for a 3rd straight week.

In their losses to Oklahoma State and North Carolina, the Panthers played the dreaded ‘Play Not to Lose’-and they ended up losing both contests when the defense failed to stop the opposing offense on their final drive. They also played conservative on offense and decided to leave the game in the hands of their struggling defense.

But not this game. Apparently Pitt HC Pat Narduzzi decided to trust the arm of QB Nate Peterman late in the 4th quarter as he completed a pass to WR Jester Weah who stepped over his defender en-route to a 54-yard TD extending Pitt’s lead to 37-27. Just imagine if Peterman was trusted to do the same the previous 2 weeks, then Pitt possibly would have a 5-0 record. But nevertheless, the Panthers are now 3-2 (0-1 ACC) and are now done with non-conference play.

While the defense remains a concern, the offense stepped it up and stormed to a 27-0 first half lead. The Problem was, the porous defense got Marshall back in the game as they scored 26 unanswered points in the second half to close Pitt’s lead to 30-26. But Pitt decided to ‘Play to Win.’

Pitt opened the game by driving 8 plays & 75 yards down the field and scored when FB George Aston took it in from 5 yards for the game’s first TD. Unfortunately, K Chris Blewitt missed the extra point, giving the Panthers a 6-0 lead. Pitt would force Marshall to punt after their first drive and would take over at their own 17.

Pitt would then go 83 yards and 7 plays on their next drive and scored again on a 1-yard TD by RB James Conner to give the Panthers a 13-0 lead. Conner’s TD gave him his 13th consecutive, which is a school record. Marshall would then be forced to punt again after Pitt DE Ejuan Price sacked QB Chase Litton.

Pitt went 96 yards on 5 plays on their next drive and scored their 3rd TD of the game when WR Maurice Ffrench took QB Nate Peterman’s pitch and ran it in for 11 yards, extending their lead to 20-0. On Marshall’s next drive, they went nowhere and were forced to punt, giving the ball to Pitt who took over at their own 45 (aided by a 15-yard penalty on PR Avonte Maddox).

The Panthers began the second quarter by driving over 40 yards to the Thundering Herds’ 1-yard line, but were unable to score as Peterman was stopped at the goal line on a 4th-and 1. Marshall took over at their own 2-yard line. Marshall then went nowhere on their next drive, punting the ball to Pitt, who also went nowhere and was forced to punt.


With 6:06 left in the 2nd Quarter, Marshall took over at their own 34, but once again punted to Pitt. The Panthers then ended their scoring slump when Peterman found WR Tre Tipton for a 15-yard TD pass extending Pitt’s lead to 27-0. The drive covered 7 plays and 81 yards. Marshall then took over as time expired in the first half.

In the 3rd quarter, Marshall began at their own 20 and drove down the field with a mixture of passes and runs that got them deep into Pitt territory and scored when Litton found WR Josh Knight to close Pitt’s lead to 27-7. The drive covered 15 plays 87 yards. But Marshall wasn’t done as the performed an onside kick and recovered the ball on their own 47.

Litton continued to lead Marshall down the field on Pitt and converted on two 4th down opportunities and then they got back into the endzone on an 11-yard TD by RB Anthony Anderson. The drive covered 8 plays and 43 yards. Pitt then responded with a 9 play 73-yard drive that ended with a 20-yard FG by K Chris Blewitt, extending their lead to 30-14.

In the 4th quarter, Marshall took over and quickly scored when Litton found Clark for an 83-yard TD pass closing Pitt’s lead to 30-20(2-point conversion failed). Pitt then went on an impressive drive, but was stalled when Blewitt tried a FG fake which fell incomplete. Marshall took over at their own 38.

Marshall once again took it to Pitt as RB Keion Davis scored from the 1-yard line to close Pitt’s lead to 30-17. The drive covered 12 plays 67 yards. With 4:01, Pitt took over and finally closed out a game as Peterman ditched the conservative play and found Weah for the 54-yard TD, extending their lead to 37-27.

Just in case you thought Pitt was done scoring, the defense added 6 more points as Maddox intercepted Litton’s pass and returned it 33 yards for a TD as time expired. Pitt wins 43-26.


Weah had a monster game as he caught 7 passes for 176 yards and a TD, proving that Pitt does have a vertical passing game-provided that Narduzzi continues to let Peterman loose. Peterman himself passed for 280 yards and 2 TDs and RB Chantwez Moss had a career game with 97 yards on just 9 carries. Conner had 34 yards and a TD as the RBs rushed for a total of 252 total yards.

For the Thundering Herd, Litton passed for 240 yards and 2 TDs, 147 to WR Clark, who had a TD and RB’s Davis and Anderson combined for the teams’ 124 total rushing yards.

The Panthers will return to ACC play next Saturday as they host Georgia Tech for their Homecoming Game. Here’s hoping that the ‘Home Cooking’ will continue.

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Facts About Heart Disease

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Many health conditions can result in what is termed heart disease, such as arrhythmias, heart infections, coronary artery disease, diseases that affect blood vessels and congenital heart defects. The most common meaning of heart disease is any blockage in the blood vessels, arteries or the heart’s valves, which can result in a heart attack or stroke.


There are many things that put a person at a higher risk of developing heart disease. Some factors are out of a person’s control. For example, the older you are the more likely it is you will develop heart disease. Men are at an increased risk, but women’s risk goes up after menopause. Also, having a family history of heart disease makes it much more likely that you will experience the condition.


Not everything that increases a person’s risk for heart disease is out of that person’s control. Eating a poor diet that consists of high amounts of fat, salt and cholesterol increases the risk of heart disease. Smoking is another huge contributor to heart problems. Not managing high blood pressure or diabetes through medication and lifestyle changes also increases a person’s risk. Being overweight, leading a sedentary lifestyle and not properly managing stress are all things within a person’s scope of control that also increase his risk for heart disease.


How can someone tell they might have heart disease? There are several warning signs to watch for. Chest pain and shortness of breath are obvious symptoms, but many people write them off as indigestion or fatigue. If your legs or arms experience sudden pain, turn numb without reason or are constantly cold, this is a definite warning sign that something is wrong with your cardiovascular system. Other possible signs include experiencing lightheadedness on a regular basis, fainting and feeling a fluttering sensation in your chest.


If you suspect you or someone close to you is suffering from heart disease, medical attention is needed to properly diagnose and manage the situation. The doctor might prescribe medications to lower your blood pressure, thin out your blood or lower your cholesterol. If medications alone are not enough to manage your heart condition, the doctor might recommend undergoing various medical procedures such as angioplasty or coronary artery bypass surgery.


Medications and medical procedures are not the only ways to manage heart disease. Making certain lifestyle changes can at least help with your condition. If you smoke, you need to quit immediately. Take any diabetes or blood pressure medicines faithfully, and monitor your cholesterol levels. Change your eating habits so you consume more foods with low saturated fats, whole grains and vegetables. Exercise regularly and work to lower your weight if you are overweight. These changes may take time, but each day that passes that you continue with your current lifestyle can actually bring you closer to your grave. editor@urbanmediatoday.com