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  1. What a week it’s been in sports, has it not? I tell you, it really keeps us writers busy, plus it’s still a known fact that the Sporting World Rules. Let’s begin with the hottest team in MLB, the Pittsburgh Pirates who were just coming off a 7-game winning streak.
  2. The Pirates overcame ineffective pitching (and themselves) to bounce back from being 5-games under .500, to back over .500 for the first time in a month. I admit I was one of the ones who talked badly about their Front Office for not doing anything-except watch that ‘house’ burn, but then they turned it around.
  3. What I appreciate about the Pirates resurgence was their refusal to give up after trailing. In the last 6 games, they trailed their opponents and came back and won. Now that’s some ‘fight’ in a team. What really stands out was when they trailed the Oakland A’s 3-0 Saturday and they trailed the St. Louis Cardinals 5-2 Wednesday-and ended up beating them both. Very impressive.
  4. Unfortunately, that winning streak came to an end Thursday when the Pirates fell 5-1 to the Cardinals, spoiling rookie pitcher Tyler Glasnow’s MLB debut. The Pirates were up 1-0, but then the Cardinals took over from there and scored 5 runs the rest of the way. Oh well, you can’t win ’em all.
  5. As for Glasnow, he wasn’t called to save the world, it was his first game. He needs to stay up here and take his lumps. I think he’ll be fine. After all, he has the Great (not being sarcastic) pitching coach Ray Searage to keep an eye on him, right?
  6. Of course the Pirates have an even deeper matter do deal with as 3B Jung Ho Kang is facing sexual assault charges stemming from Chicago. Pirates president Frank Coonely has already released a statement saying that the Pirates are cooperating with MLB. All I can do is shake my head.
  7. You don’t have to be a baseball player to know that even being accused of this matter is never good. I will not get into any details or express my opinions of this matter-except to say that Kang should not be playing-until this investigation is solved.
  8. As for the All-Star Game, I figured that closer Mark Melancon would be the obvious pick, but the fact that outfielders Starling Marte and Gregory Polanco were picked as reserves?? Come on now. They were snubbed.
  9. You can say all you want that Marte and Polanco’s omission from the All-Star Game was because it’s difficult to include all who deserve because of MLB’s policy to make sure teams have at least one All-Star representative. I get that. But they were still snubbed.
  10. At least Marte still has a chance to make it as he was among 5 in the NL Final Vote. And based on current votes, Marte is leading the NL, with a slim lead over SF’s Brandon Belt. Voting will close at 4pm Friday. Here’s hoping Marte will get in. He deserves it.
  11. As for the rest of the All-Star Game players, I’m very impressed that the Chicago Cubs entire infield got voted in to start the Mid-Summer Classic. Love them or not, that’s proof that they’re one of the best teams in baseball-because they have some of the best players. Congrats to them.
  12. As for the MLB standings, apparently the Cubs (NL Central leaders) aren’t the best team in baseball as the Giants (NL West leaders) have taken over that spot. The Washington Nationals lead the NL East. In the AL, the impressive Baltimore Orioles (East), the Cleveland Indians (Central) and the Texas Rangers (West) lead the way. And it’s just half a season.
  13. As for the NBA, the Free Agent period continues, and Dwyane Wade has chosen a team, and it’s the Chicago Bulls as he’s agreed to a 2-year deal worth $47 million. No, he doesn’t get the $50 million that he was seeking, but I think $47 million will do, no?
  14. For Wade, it’s a chance to go home as he is a Chicago resident. But they truly need each other as the Bulls traded G Derrick Rose to the NY Knicks and saw F Joaikim Noah walk there too. But the Bulls have also signed G Rajon Rondo and still have young G Jimmy Butler. If Wade stays healthy and Ronjo doesn’t become a locker room menace, the Bulls may have gotten better. Time will tell.
  15. My thoughts on the Kevin Durant-to the Golden State Warriors signing? I don’t have a problem with it. The man has accomplished everything in the NBA-except win a ring. He left the OKC Thunder right and agreed to accept ‘less money’ to get that ring. You can’t go wrong with joining a team that only won the NBA finals a year ago.
  16. Folks that say Durant’s decision isn’t the way to do things, needs to cut it out. LeBron James did the same 6 years ago (and I had no problems with that either) and although we know that Free Agency wasn’t so big back in the 1980’s but the actions were still the same-through trades. Charles Barkley vocally demanded a trade from the Philadelphia 76ers and what happened? He ended up with the Phoenix Suns. Then he did it again to join the Houston Rockets. So stop it.
  17. As for LeBron James, it really amazes me how quiet he is right now. Eventually he’s going to have to sign a contract, because he too, is a free agent. Don’t get me wrong, he’s still enjoying winning the NBA Finals, and deservedly so, he came through on a promise. And I hope the Cavs are ready to pay this man whatever he wants. After all, without him, they would be nowhere.
  18. As for the NFL, may media outlets have the Pittsburgh Steelers as heavy favorites to win Super Bowl 51. I can honestly see that-provided that they stay healthy and their defense improves, because after all (based on the SB Champion Denver Broncos) defense still win championships.
  19. It still bugs me that WR Martavis Bryant’s foolish choice to do drugs has cost him the 2016 NFL season. He had a chance to explode this year, but he truly need to take care of something more important-his life. Because if he doesn’t, an NFL career he won’t have.
  20. Serena Williams has a chance to once again win it all at Wimbledon. I hope she gets it done/ She’s the best female athlete-period.

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Best new business to start

new business

It seems that many people across America are looking for a way to start a new business for better income and to avoid having a boss above them. But, in many cases they are not sure what the best new business to start is. This is not a surprise because there are literally hundreds of different businesses out there. If you are looking for an answer to this question, you should know that there is no universal answer. This depends on many factors, but what is important to understand is that you can analyze the effects of your decision only if you go for it. If you perform a brief research related to the market today, you will notice that some seemingly simple products and services are very popular among consumers. This gives hope to many prospective businesspersons that they can become successful too. While it is true that no one can name a specific business and tell you that if you choose that business you will become successful, it is also true that there are some business ideas that look promising. We will now share some of these ideas with you.

According to many experts, entering the pet business can be a great idea for a small business. This is a great option for people who actually enjoy spending some time with animals. Latest statistics show that the number of pet owners is growing constantly and rapidly in the last 15 years and this trend won’t change in the near future. Anything from establishing a professional dog walking service to pet food supplying can work. Every city has thousands of pet owners who are interested in investing in anything that can make their dogs, cats, lizards, parrots, pigs and other animals happy and healthy. These people don’t hesitate to spend a lot of money for their pets.

Another good business idea is to start a business related to green practices or green technology. Besides the number of pet lovers, the number of people who are becoming eco-aware is increasing too. These people are looking for a way to contribute to preserving our nature. If you have the money, you can start a recycling company or set up a removal service. You can also sell any kind of green products. If you want to be even more specialized, you can focus on e-waste or electronic waste which is becoming a huge problem these days.

Pirates beat Cardinals for 6 in a row; NBA Free Agency Heats Up

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Eric Fryer burned his former team with two hits and three RBIs and the Pittsburgh Pirates beat the St. Louis Cardinals 5-2 on Tuesday night.

The Cardinals released Fryer when backup catcher Brayan Pena came off the 15-day disabled list and the Pirates claimed him off waivers on Sunday. He batted .368 with St. Louis with five RBIs in 38 at-bats behind seven-time All-Star Yadier Molina but Pena has a two-year, $5 million contract.

Juan Nicasio (7-6) worked two scoreless innings in relief of lefty Steven Brault, who allowed one earned run in four innings while throwing 82 pitches and adding a single in his debut. The 24-year-old Brault pitched in place of fellow rookie Jameson Taillon, placed on the DL on Sunday with shoulder fatigue.

Josh Harrison and David Freese added RBIs for the Pirates, who have taken the first two games of a four-game set and are 7-4 in the season series, closing within one-half game of the second-place Cardinals in the NL Central. Mark Melancon finished for his 21st consecutive save and 25th in 26 chances.

Mike Leake (5-7) gave up five runs in six innings for the Cardinals, who got RBIs from Jedd Gyorko and Matt Holliday. Leake has lost his last three outings with a 6.06 ERA.

Pirates third baseman Jung Ho Kang, under investigation by Chicago police on an allegation of sexual assault, singled pinch-hitting to open the ninth.


Pirates: RHP Ryan Vogelsong (facial fracture) threw 61 pitches in a four-inning simulated game. … RHP Gerrit Cole (biceps) struck out six and allowed two hits for Triple-A Indianapolis to begin a rehab start.

Cardinals: SS Jhonny Peralta was taken out after three innings with discomfort in his left thumb. The team said it was unrelated to the surgery for a torn thumb ligament in March.

In other MLB News: The Pirates also made other news as Major League Baseball announced their starters and reserves for the 2016 All-Star Game which will be played July 12th at Petco Park in San Diego, Ca. As it is known that each MLB team will have at least one All-Star representative, the Pirates truly benefitted from that rule as only one All-Star from their team was selected, and that was closer Mark Melancon, which his is 3rd appearance in the game.

Melancon, who won MLB’s Reliever of the Year award in 2015 is once again among the league’s best in saves as he’s currently 4th in MLB with 25. Many Pirates fans feel like OFs Starling Marte and Gregory Polanco were snubbed, but Marte (311. 6 HR, 31 RBI) still has hope as he’s in among 5 NL players for the Final Vote. Fans have to hit the internet to vote him in. Marte joins SF’s Brandon Belt, Milwaukee’s Ryan Braun, Arizona’s Jake Lamb and Colorado’s Trevor Story as Final Vote Candidates. Polanco could still have a chance to make it as an injury replacement.

Unfortunately, the Face of the Pirates won’t be making the trip to San Diego as 5-time All-Star Andrew McCutchen won’t be an All-Star for the first time since 2010. Unfortunately, the first half hasn’t been kind to McCutchen (.236, 12 HR, 32 RBI) as he’s battled thumb injuries.

As for the rest of the MLB All-Star Selections, history was truly made in the NL as the NL leading Chicago Cubs will send all 4 of their infielders to the Mid-Summer Classic. 1B Anthony Rizzo, 2B Ben Zorbist, SS Addison Russell and 3B Kris Bryant are the first team since the 1963 Cardinals to send their entire infield to the All-Star Game. OF Dexter Fowler and Pitchers Jake Arrieta and Jon Lester will also join the party as the Cubs send 8 overall. In the American League, the Boston Red Sox will send 6 to San Diego, including DH David Ortiz, his 10th overall appearance. Big Papi plans to retire after the 2016 season.

In the NBA: The news of former OKC Thunder joining the Western Conference Champion Golden State Warriors is still news as he did a LeBron James-to Miami-like move in effort to win his first NBA ring. Durant agreed to a 2-year deal worth $54 million, which proves that he wasn’t about the big money that this year’s Free Agent period had to offer. Durant joins 2-time NBA MVP Steph Curry, Klay Thompson, Draymond Green and Andre Iguodala-which isn’t a bad group for HC Steve Kerr.

But the Warriors had to make room for Durant by dealing C Andrew Bogut to the Dallas Mavericks and not matching F Harrison Barnes’s 4 yr.-$94 million offer sheet-also to the Mavericks. But they did sign veteran F David West to a 1-year deal.

The Mavericks also signed veteran F Dirk Nowitski to a 2-year deal worth $40. Meanwhile Western Conference Power San Antonio (who also courted Durant) finalized a 2-year $30 million deal with former Chicago Bulls C Pau Gasol. Speaking of the Bulls, they signed G Rajon Rondo to a 2-year $28 million deal. Former Atlanta Hawks F Al Hortford went to the Boston Celtics for 4-years, $113 million and the Hawks signed veteran F Dwight Howard for 3 years, $70.5 million.

Veteran Dwyane Wade is asking for 2 years $50 million and so far, the Denver Nuggets is the only team that’s offering him that amount. The Miami Heat guard was offered 2 years, $40 million from the Heat and had also been negotiating with the Bulls and Milwaukee Bucks’ There’s rumors that he’s going to visit NBA Champion Cleveland Cavaliers next, but time will tell.

Speaking of the Champion Cavs, no news on LeBron James contract talks.

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Buying Groceries Like a Pro – Tips and Advice


With the cost of groceries constantly on the rise, most shoppers have taken notice of their increasingly high grocery bills. They’ve also noticed how time consuming grocery shopping can be and that poor buying choices are being made when they are in a hurry. Because of such problems, people are looking for a better way to shop. Luckily, the answer is simple. By following some advice and changing a few shopping habits, anyone can start buying groceries like a professional.



#1 – Create a Shopping List


Creating a shopping list can shorten the time spent buying groceries. No longer will last-minute meal decisions need to be made as you wander up and down the aisles, because you’ll know exactly what you need to buy before you even enter the store. Having a grocery list also prevents the type of aimless shopping which can lead to filling your cart with unnecessary food, just because you were unsure of what to buy. Impulsive purchases are what send grocery bills through the roof.


For those wondering how to create a detailed list of groceries, start with a comprehensive meal plan. Decide how long the groceries should last and plan out in detail each meal during that time frame. Once you know which meals you will be preparing, you’ll know exactly what foods should be added to the list. Be sure to add specific quantities where required, so you don’t end up buying the wrong amount of food as you are shopping.



#2 – Search for Flyers and Coupons


Before throwing your junk mail into the recycle bin, set aside the grocery store flyers. If you are one of the lucky few who don’t receive junk mail, rest assured, most flyers can be found on the Internet. Though grocery stores often post their latest flyer on their website, there are other websites that link to several of the latest flyers that can save you the trouble of searching for each one separately. A quick search for “online flyers” should point you in the right direction.


By reading the flyers, you’ll know which sales you’ll benefit most from. You should visit the stores advertising several of the items you plan to buy. It isn’t worth saving a few pennies on salad, if it requires extra time and gas to run across town to buy just the one item.


Though coupons are no longer required for most sale items, it can still be beneficial to do a quick search. You will find that many coupons provide excellent savings. Don’t be tempted to use them all however, as it doesn’t save anyone money to buy unnecessary things.



#3 – Never Shop Hungry


Though it might sound strange, a common mistake for grocery buyers is shopping with an empty stomach. People often buy unnecessary things when they are hungry, so it’s best to leave the shopping for later if you haven’t eaten.


Shortly after a meal is one of best times to shop for groceries. Before leaving however, you should give your stomach some time to settle. This is often the perfect time to check your local flyers and search for coupons.



#4 – Buy “In Season” Produce


For nutritious foods that don’t break the bank, the produce section is the best place to look. In fact, some of the cheapest foods for sale are fruits and vegetables. This becomes especially true for any produce that is currently in season. Better yet, seasonal foods will also reach their peak freshness during this time.


With worldwide food delivery, most kinds of produce are available year round. Certain foods however, will be at their peak during different seasons. These include:


Spring: apricots, carrots, pineapple, snow peas, spinach, and strawberries.

Summer: beans, blueberries, broccoli, corn, cucumber, peaches, peppers, raspberries, and tomatoes.

Fall: apples, cauliflower, grapes, mushrooms, pears, squash, and sweet potatoes.

Winter: citrus fruits, leeks, radishes, and turnips.



#5 – Avoid Ready-Made Foods


Pre-prepared foods may offer convenience, but are more expensive to buy and are often anything but nutritious. This is because they tend to be filled with ingredients like sugar, salt, and fat – all things a healthy diet should not include. Instead, cooking from scratch can save you money and allow for meals that contain more of the vitamins and minerals your body needs. It also allows you to substitute for ingredients you like, while leaving out the foods you’d rather not eat.



#6 – Sample Different Brands


It’s a myth that only leading brand manufacturers sell the best food. In fact, many of the products sold under the store brand label are made and packaged by the same factories that produce the popular name brands that you have come to know and love. Some store brand foods even taste better than the leading brand, but cost much less.


If you find a product that doesn’t meet your standards, simply try another brand until you do. There’s no harm in testing different brands, just avoid bulk purchases until you know if the product is right for you. If later on you still prefer the leading brand, you can always switch back.



By following some simple advice and changing a few of your shopping habits, it’s easy to avoid the common mistakes shoppers make when buying groceries. In doing so, you will save time and money, while benefiting from eating healthier foods at home. There has never been a better time to start shopping more efficiently, so what are you waiting for? Start buying your groceries like a professional!

Cosignment Shopping Pays Off


by: Rachel Paxton

Is your closet full of clothes you never wear? You can bet there are a lot of people who have a closet or dressers full of clothes they never wear. I did too, until I started consignment shopping. A clothing consignment store sells your clothes for you and gives you 30 to 50 percent of the selling price. Pretty good deal, when no one is wearing the clothes that are just collecting dust in your closet.

The first thing I did was go through my closet and dressers and took out all of the clothes I never wore. (This was a hard thing to do considering I had no money and was terrified of not having any clothes to wear.) I took a couple of grocery bags full of clothes to a local consignment store and within a month or two had at least $50 is my hands. I couldn’t believe it! Now that I actually had the money in my hands, I didn’t feel as badly about giving up my clothes. I spent some of the money on new clothes at the consignment store (for about 1/3 or less of regular retail prices), and went home to find out if I really had gone through all my clothes. As the seasons changed and I brought out other clothes that were stored away, I found other clothes I had I wouldn’t ever wear. I still had some clothes I had worn in high school!

I always sold my daughter’s outgrown clothes. The money I received for her clothes I usually spent on new (consigned) clothes for her. I also took in her outgrown toys and baby accessories. Some of the money I received I spent on her, and I spent a little on clothes for myself (my wardrobe was starting to fill up with clothes I actually wear!), and the rest was just extra cash! What a deal! None of my hard-earned money (I was a single mother at the time) was going for new clothes anymore! My daughter and I had all the clothes we needed and I had extra cash besides! Of course I had other problems to deal with in my life, but trying to find the money for clothes suddenly dropped off the list! I have found that many people won’t ever bother with consigning clothes. Either they aren’t willing to part with their clothes for any number of reasons, or they just don’t want to take the time to take them to the consignment store. Many people will give their clothes away to other people or Goodwill before they will make the effort required resell them. I have personally never understood that way of thinking, but you can benefit from those people.

When friends and family saw that I was “trading” in used clothes for new clothes, they started giving me clothes to take in! A few, like my mother, started to take her own clothes in, but I found for the most part people would rather give their clothes to me, even when they didn’t have extra money to buy new clothes. So I started taking in other people’s clothes and profiting from their decisions to clean out their closets. Then I started shopping at garage sales. Many people practically give unwanted clothes away. You can find very good deals at garage sales, especially if you go right before they close up for the day. You can buy clothes there, either for yourself or your children, or you can buy them solely for the purpose of re-selling them. I only recommend doing this, however, after you have been taking your own clothes in for awhile and find out what types of clothes the consignment store will accept. The consignment store reserves the right to not accept clothing that do not meet their standards. The store I shop at will donate unwanted clothes to charity for you, if you wish, if they will not accept any of your clothing. You also have the option to take the unwanted clothing back. It has been my experience that they will take most clothes that are freshly washed, folded or hung neatly. They will not accept clothing with unraveling seams or holes. They also will not accept any clothes with any obvious stains. Occasionally they will not accept outdated clothing. But in the 10 years that I have been shopping at consignment stores, the only items they didn’t accept were a coat that was at least 20 years old and the color wasn’t in style, and clothes that were out of season (you can’t sell a winter jacket during the summer). Usually most of the clothes you take in will sell easily, depending on the size and location of the store. Most stores keep clothes on the rack for 3 months. If the clothes haven’t sold in that length of time you can either take them back or they will donate them to charity.

Even though I’m married now, we still have a tight budget and can’t afford to spend much on clothes. Even if I had the money I still don’t think I would spend a lot of money on new clothes, after everything I have learned. It’s just not worth it. You can do this just for the money, some people I know never buy at consignment stores, but they do sell things there occasionally, you can do it just for the clothes, which I did for a long time just out of sheer necessity and it didn’t occur to me to try to make a profit, or you can enjoy the benefits of buying low-priced quality clothing and also make a small profit besides! Whatever you choose to do, the experience is well worth the effort. In these times of recycling and trying to conserve the Earth’s resources, it only makes sense to “trade” clothing with other people instead of buying new clothing. Almost everyone has clothes they don’t wear, for whatever reason, that other people would be thrilled to wear.


What To Do When Your Little Girl Leaves Home


by: Craig Garber

Today I am NOT going to be talking about marketing.

It is the farthest thing from my mind right now.

And I also will NOT be telling you anything about writing

sales copy… and I probably won’t help you come up with

your next USP either.

Today my little girl is starting her first day of school,

and frankly… I’m upset about that.

In fact… if I think about it for too long, I actually get

downright depressed.

You see, 10 years ago, when my sons were younger and they

started their first day of Kindergarten (and by-the-way,

wouldn’t you think that should be spelled with a “d” instead

of a “t”) — I had more of a “normal” business running my

financial planning firm and I worked in a “traditional”

office, which was outside of my home.

And since I wasn’t working in my house at the time, I never

saw my sons during school hours anyway. So I didn’t really

feel the same sense of “loss” I’m feeling now.

The last 5 years have simply been wonderful for me.

First off, after having 2 sons… I finally had a girl.

In the beginning, before she was born… bluntly, I was

scared shitless about this.

After all, I didn’t grow up with any sisters… and I just

didn’t think I’d know what to “do” with her.

But here’s what she’s taught me:

1. There really IS a “clothing and shoes” genetic component

in female DNA. And… it gets activated pretty early.

2. Girls really DO mature faster than boys — much faster.

And so now I completely understand why girls your age

always want to date boys older than you, when you’re a


3. When your daughter looks at you with “those eyes” and

says “Daddy ple-e-e-ase”, you really will do whatever she

wants — regardless of how much of a “firm” disciplinarian

you are.

4. When sisters and brothers fight, the girl is ALWAYS


5. And lastly, my daughter taught me I don’t have to lose

my patience when my kids frustrate me. After all, it is

literally impossible for anyone with a conscience, to get

even mildly pissed off at someone so loving and cuddly.

Although I REALLY and truly will enjoy the extra time I’ll

now get to spend with my wife (and if truth be told… the

extra work I’ll get to accomplish), I will miss my daughter

terribly, and I will never ever forget the last

5-and-a-half years of my life.

I have enjoyed every single drawing she made for me, while

sitting next to me on “her” side of the desk (and, I’ve kept

every one of them — even the one’s with the beads glued on

them)… I melted along with every single grin she flashed

at me… and I smiled ear-to-ear — regardless of what I

was in the middle of doing — every single time she

interrupted me to ask “Daddy, can I sit on your lap?”

In fact, the truth is, as much fun as I’ve had… when it

comes down to it, I probably should have paused and enjoyed

my time with her, even more.

After all, I’ve only got 45 or 50 years left here — why

miss out?

I know it’s time for her to grow up, but… one thing’s for

sure: We’ll be making even more memories together starting

this afternoon, when we pick her up from school at 2:05


Now go hug your kids… and then go sell something,

Craig Garber


Be the King of the Backyard Barbecue – Tips for Crafting the Perfect Burger

by beconrad


Summer is the perfect time to grill the perfect burger. If you are getting ready to fire up the grill and invite your friends for a barbecue, proper planning and execution are important. The perfect burger does not just happen – it is the result of painstaking preparation. Here are some tips you can use to create a burger that will have everyone at the party asking for seconds.


.   Fresh is Best – A pack of frozen hamburgers will do in a pinch, but if you have time to plan fresh is always best. Pack your cooler with ice, stop at your favorite meat market and ask for fresh ground burger.


.   A Little Fat is Fine – While we all want to eat better, a little extra fat is good for grilling burgers. The additional fat will provide a juicier burger, while leaner cuts tend to dry out on the grill.


.   Let Your Thumb Do the Work – When crafting those delicious burgers, use your thumb to place an indent in the center of each patty. That indent will help the burger cook more evenly and allow it to get done in the center without burning along the edges or on the sides.


.   Experiment with Different Cheeses – Swiss and cheddar are fine, but you do not have to settle for the same old thing. Provide your guests with something different this year, with an assortment of provolone, pepper jack, blue cheese and even brie.


.   Keep a close eye on the grill. The high heat gas and charcoal grills emit mean food can burn in an instant. Pay close attention to your grilling duties – and never leave the grill unattended.


.   Set Out a Bun Bar – The serving table at most backyard barbecues starts with a back of store-bought hamburger buns. You can do better than that. Set out a bun bar with sourdough bread, Texas toast, pita bread and other options. Pick up your favorites at the grocery store, or invite each of your guests to bring their favorites.


.   Provide Unusual Condiments — You will want to provide plenty of mustard, ketchup and relish for your guests, but do not be afraid to set out some more unusual choices. From barbecue sauce and mayonnaise to steak sauce and horseradish, there are plenty of ways to top off the perfect burger.


There is an art to grilling, and artistry to creating the perfect burger. Whether you are grilling in your own backyard or manning the grill at a friend’s barbecue, the tips listed above can help you craft the perfect burger and keep the guests coming back for more.