How To Have Great Ideas

by: Steve Gillman Want to have great ideas? You could try waiting to see if they pop into your head someday, and they honestly might. However, if you want a more systematic method you can use today, here it is in three simple steps: 1. Get knowledge in the area in which you want the […]

Bandaging Your Dog

by: Peter Garant Having a dog is a big responsibility. Some even compare taking care of a dog to that of a baby. The only advantage having dogs compared to having babies is that they won’t grow older and turn into stressful teenagers. Because dogs are like babies they sometimes also end up in harmful […]


Adam Bisnowaty, Ejuan Price and Jordan Whitehead are rated among the nation’s best.    PITTSBURGH—The 2016 Pitt football team will boast three of the nation’s finest players at their respective positions according to Athlon Sports.   Senior offensive tackle Adam Bisnowaty, senior defensive end Ejuan Price and sophomore safety Jordan Whitehead were named preseason All-Americans […]

Ray Jr. on Sports

  Apparently the Pittsburgh Pirates are on a roll. 2 weeks after I basically said that they had zero chance at making the postseason for the 4th straight season, this team has now won 7 of 9-which includes an 8-3 victory over the Arizona Diamondbacks to complete a 3-game sweep. Hey, what do I know. […]

A Feel for Your Golf Game

by: Craig Sigl Let’s get down and dirty about the word “feel” and how I apply it to golf the “Without Practice” way so you can shave some strokes effortlessly this weekend. You know deep down if not at the top of your head, that when you feel good, you will perform or act your […]

The Four Golden Rules Of Personal Finance

by: Francis Kier Many successful people have mentors to guide them in learning the skills that lead to achievement, and I’ll do my best to offer you some critical personal finance perspectives. They say that life is a school where you learn the lesson after the test. The same thing applies to money, but you […]