Pitt lays 65-61 Egg to Virginia Tech

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After the Pitt Panthers pulled off an impressive home upset vs. the #17th ranked Duke Blue Devils on national television, it seemed like they could do no wrong. After all, they had finally beaten a ranked opponent and beat the Blue Devils for the first time since the 2007-08 season. Their NCAA Tournament status went from Critical to Stable Condition, and all looked pretty right in the world.

Now all the Panthers had to do was travel to Blacksburg, Virginia and beat the Virginia Tech Hokies, a team that they destroyed 90-71 at the Petersen Events Center 2 months ago. A victory would secure a winning season in the Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC) and give them a shot at a Double-Bye in next week’s ACC Tournament in Greensboro, North Carolina. Not to mention, strengthen their Big Dance hopes. So you wouldn’t think that the Panthers needed more motivation to beat the Hokies, right? And surely they wouldn’t lay an egg against this team as if it was a piece of cake, right? You’re probably saying “Nah, that would never happen.”

It happened.

Then Panthers picked the worst time to lay an egg as they fell to the Hokies 65-61. And to be honest, it was only that close because the team that beat Duke decided to show up with over 3 minutes left. But unfortunately, it was too little, too late by then. It got so bad that the Panthers trailed by as many as 12 points to the Hokies in the second half. Did they look past this team and was thinking about Big Dance plans? Did they think the Hokies such a pushover that they could leave their game in Pittsburgh? Whatever the reason, the Panthers didn’t show up Wednesday night.

When you shoot only 3-21 from 3-point range and only 39% from the floor overall, you aren’t going to win many basketball game. Such was the case with the Panthers, who saw their record fall to 21-9 (9-8 ACC) meanwhile the Hokies saw their record improve to 17-13 (9-8 ACC) they also now pull into a tie with the Panthers for seventh place with one game remaining for each.

After the Hokies took a 2-0 lead, Pitt went on a run, that carried them to an 8-2 lead, thanks to baskets by Fs Mike Young, Jamel Artis and G James Robinson. Later in the half they would go on another run led by F Sheldon Jeter who got Pitt to a 19-10 lead. At that point, it looked like just another day in the office for Pitt.

Apparently the Hokies didn’t get that memo as they stormed back to close Pitt’s lead to 19-18 and then took their first lead of the night when Devin Wilson’s layup gave them their 20th point. The Hokies led 22-19 before Robinson made both free throws and then they got their lead back when F Cameron Johnson hit a timely 3-pointer.

After F Ryan Luther’s layup extended Pitt’s lead to 26-22, back came the Hokies again as Seth Allen’s 3-pointer gave them a 28-27 lead as the first half ended.

In the second half, Pitt immediately took the lead as G Chris Jones made a layup, giving Pitt the 28-27 lead. The Panthers would then lead 31-30, but that would be the last time they led in this game.

With the game tied at 32, the Hokies got a 3-pointer from Justin Bibbs and then went on an incredible run that eventually gave them a commanding 48-36 lead with over 12 minutes to play. At that time, Pitt looked stunned and played like it. Meanwhile, the Hokies played the way Pitt played vs. Duke. It got so bad that at one point, the Panthers trailed 61-48.

But with 5:00 left in the game, the Panthers found life as they mounted an impressive comeback vs. the Hokies. Baskets by Artis, Luther, Robinson, Jones closed the Hokies lead to 64-61, but there was only 19 seconds left. Robinson then tried to tie the game with a 3-point attempt, but unfortunately it missed. The Hokies rebounded the ball and was fouled and after Zach LeDay’s free throw made it a 65-61 lead, it was over for the Panthers as they fell 4-points short in a disappointing loss.

LeDay led the Hokies with 20 points and 10 rebounds. Although they were out-rebounded 35-31 to Pitt, they had more points when it mattered-on the scoreboard. For the Panthers, Young led with 16 points and 9 rebounds. Artis led with 4 assists, but the stat that hurt him was his point total, which was 5. And when he struggles, so do the Panthers.

The only thing the Panthers can do now, is prepare to play the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets (17-13, 7-10 ACC) in Atlanta Saturday afternoon. Although the Panthers beat them early in the season 89-94, they weren’t a pushover then, and they certainly aren’t a pushover now as they’ve been on an impressive streak. Maybe the Panthers need to be reminded of that, so they won’t lay anymore eggs against beatable teams in what’s left of this 2015-16 season.

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Four Panthers Named to All-ACC Academic Team

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PITTSBURGH – The University of Pittsburgh men’s basketball team placed four members – Cameron Johnson, Ryan Luther, Rafael Maia and Damon Wilson – on the All-ACC Academic Team, as announced by league commissioner John Swofford Tuesday morning. All four Panthers are first time honorees, while North Carolina’s Marcus Paige was named the recipient of the league’s Skip Prosser Award for the second straight year.


To be eligible for consideration, a student-athlete must have earned a 3.00 grade point average for the previous semester and maintained a 3.00 cumulative average during his academic career.


The Skip Prosser Award is presented annually to the top scholar-athlete in ACC men’s basketball.  It is named in memory of Wake Forest head basketball coach George Edward “Skip” Prosser, who passed away on July 26, 2007.  Prosser compiled a 291-146 career record in 14 seasons as a head coach, including a 126-68 mark in his six years with Wake Forest. Former Pitt guard Cameron Wright claimed the Prosser Award in 2014.


To be nominated for the Skip Prosser Award, a student-athlete must be an upperclassman with a grade-point average of 3.0 or better – both in his career and in the previous two semesters. Sixty percent of the award is based on academic achievement and 40 percent on athletic accomplishments.


Pitt’s four selection are the second-most on the team. The Panthers also had four All-ACC Academic Team picks in 2014 and have had 11 honorees since joining the conference.


2016 All-ACC Academic Men’s Basketball Team


Player, Class, School (Major)

Deng Adel, Fr., Louisville (Undeclared)

Grayson Allen, So., Duke (Psychology)

Dwayne Bacon, Fr., Florida State (Exploratory)

Gabe DeVoe, So., Clemson (Pre-Business)

Jalen Hudson, So., Virginia Tech (Business)

Tadric Jackson, So., Georgia Tech (Business Administration)

Amile Jefferson, Sr., Duke (History)

Chase Jeter, Fr., Duke (Undeclared)

Cameron Johnson, So., Pitt (Arts & Sciences)

Trey Lewis, Gr., Louisville (Higher Education)

Ryan Luther, So., Pitt (Arts & Sciences)

Rafael Maia, Gr., Pitt  (Business Administration)

Mangok Mathiang, Jr., Louisville (Communication)

Luke Maye, Fr., North Carolina (Business Administration)

Donovan Mitchell, Fr., Louisville (Undeclared)

Chinanu Onuaku, So., Louisville (Communication)

Marcus Paige, Sr., North Carolina  (Media & Journalism/History)

Rex Pflueger, Fr., Notre Dame (Undeclared)

Davon Reed, Jr., Miami  Ewing, N.J. (Sport Administration)

Jordan Roper, Sr., Clemson (Athletic Leadership)

Maverick Rowan, Fr., NC State (Communication)

Matt Ryan, Fr., Notre Dame (Undeclared)

Quentin Snider, So., Louisville (Communication)

Raymond Spalding, Fr., Louisville (Undeclared)

Damon Wilson, Fr., Pitt (Arts & Sciences)

Devin Wilson, Jr., Virginia Tech (Political Science)

Matt Plizga
Assistant Athletic Director of Media Relations
University of Pittsburgh | Department of Athletics

Cheap Home Alternatives To Off-The-Wall Bridal Makeovers

by: Blake Kritzberg

Every woman hits a crossroad when that fateful day arrives, and someone she loves puts a ring on her finger. As she peeks over the threshold at the daunting, exhilarating, endless year ahead, she’ll probably spend some time pondering how to fine-tune her look — for posterity, you know. After all, this will be her red carpet moment, and she’ll be paying the photographer an awful lot to capture it.

At this point, some brides will go totally over-the-top. By that, we mean bridal boot camps and personal trainers named Reinhold. Brides with even less of a rudder will apply to one of the emerging reality TV programs, such as Britain’s “Bride and Grooming,” where “lively couples” go under the knife, turning Roman noses into cute little Irish ones, lifting those baggy eyelids and of course, getting their teeth done.

Chances are, you’re not like that. You want to look your best, but you also want to look back on this year and remember your grip on sanity. And if you’re like me, you don’t have a lot to spend on “Exxtreem Makeovers” anyway. Which is fine, because a couple of bucks here and a couple of bucks there can pack quite a punch … without making you look like a stranger.

— Fuller Lips — the Reality TV Approach

Puff up your lips with various temporary injections, or more permanent Gore-Tex implants. Costs: $200-2000 for “injectables”; $1000-3000 for implants.

— Fuller Lips — the Sane Way

Almost all women — especially we hopelessly Caucasian types — wish we had fuller lips. We know this because of all the droopy “trout pouts” that show up on rising and fading Hollywood stars, no matter how goofy they look.

The sane bride can plump up her lips at home for a fairly small investment. No, we’re not talking do-it-yourself collagen implants. We’re talking CityLips, the only lip plumper we’ve tried that works.

Don’t get excited (or alarmed) — you’ll never get Angelina Jolie results with lip serums. And in fact, anecdotal evidence suggests that CityLips won’t work for everyone. But it works for us, unlike anything else we’ve tried. Yes, there are a number of effective plumpers that temporarily irritate and swell the lip tissue, but CityLips actually plumps the collagen through some mysterious mechanism instead of merely irritating your lips. It takes about 30 days to work.

So where to buy your lip-plumping secret weapon? We tried eBay, but we didn’t get much of a discount. We did learn to avoid buying the mini tubes, since much of the serum gets stuck in the bottom.

Instead, we found the best deal was to sign-up for the newsletter at www.citylips.com directly. Every so often, they put out a “buy 2, get 1 free” deal that’s music to our ears, or they offload a less popular color at a great price. Sure, you might end up with psychedelic purple gloss, but who cares? It’s CityLips!

— Whiter Teeth — the Reality TV Approach

Plant your derrière in a dental chair. Prop your mouth open for one hour while the dentist turns your teeth into an approximation of the polar caps (pre-global warming) using a peroxide-based solution and a laser. Costs: $800-2000.

— Whiter Teeth — the Sane Way

Dentists have long given up the rap that you have hit the office to whiten your teeth. We all know you can do it at home. The best way?

The overwhelming consensus is Crest Whitestrips.

You have plenty of choices — peroxide-based gels and trays you fit to your teeth at home are easy to come by. But they’re uncomfortable, not very strong, and they make you drool. Crest Whitestrips have none of these drawbacks, and many people find they work better anyway.

Want to get them cheap? Buy them on eBay. Buy them even cheaper by choosing a slightly older product, like plain old Whitestrips instead of Whitestrips Premium or Premium Plus. They go for a song. What a deal. Forget the whitening toothpastes; they don’t work.

One more note on teeth — sometimes it does make sense to get a little work done. To wit:

— A Sad, Sad Tooth Story

When I was a child, I had a diastema — a gap between my front teeth, like Madonna. It was kind of cute. But my parents took me to an orthodontist for surgery. He fixed the gap, but didn’t use braces. So my formerly straight-as-an-arrow teeth lost the gap, but grew in crooked. My sadistic parents stopped there, leaving me with awful, inward-pointing front teeth until I left home.

In college, I found I could finally fix the problem with a few inexpensive veneers. Veneers look terrific, and if you only need a few, the costs can be reasonable. If you had sadistic parents or a few problem teeth, this stretch before your wedding might be a good time to look at veneers.

— Forehead Wrinkles — the Reality TV Approach

Botox, duh. Costs: $400 a session.

Forehead Wrinkles — the Sane Way

You’re young, right? You’re not a chain smoker or former tanning booth marathon champion. You shouldn’t have forehead wrinkles, yet you do. In fact, there’s this big one right in the middle, one that seemed to pop up the very day he popped the question. Where did it come from, and how can you punish its sender?

It’s likely it comes from your habit of indulging in pained expressions. Yes, pained expressions are appropriate when you’re planning a wedding. But they lead to hyper-developed forehead muscles and that weird line right in the middle, and you really don’t want to resort to bangs, right?

Train yourself to stop frowning. In the privacy of your own home, slap a big old piece of tape on your forehead. It will remind you. Don’t forget to remove it when you head to the gym or that upscale whole foods store.

— A Few More Champagne Tips for the Beer Budget Crowd

— The Hair

If you have a thick, umber mane like Cindy Crawford’s, just leave it alone. But if you’re a dishwater blond like me — and you know who you are — look into some coloring or a few subtle highlights.

Another tip: don’t try to look like someone else for your wedding day. If you wear your hair short and sporty, don’t grow it long “just for your wedding.” You’ll look much more fabulous as yourself.

— The Skin

Sometimes a glycolic peel is a great way to freshen up your skin and get an extra glow. You don’t need to book the dermatologist; you can do this at home.

Actually, brave brides can buy extremely strong TCA peels from eBay (at their own risk). I wouldn’t do this less than six months before your wedding, and I wouldn’t do it if you have a risk-averse personality. Oh, and the top layer of your skin will peel off a few days after you apply the product. This can freak out your friends.

It’s easy to find gentle glycolic peels on the shelves of any drugstore. I found L’oreal’s ReNoviste on sale the other day, and I liked the results.

— The Oddball Dietary Suggestion

Everyone knows you’ll look better if you exercise during the wedding prep phase, and strive to avoid the “french fries and diet coke” diet. But another trick you might want to try is dumping dairy. Many people have a lactose intolerance without even knowing it, and that can lead to indigestion, black circles under the eyes, and other subtle beauty-busters.

No other animal drinks milk after its infancy … much less milk designed for a totally different animal. Only we do that. Try life without milk for a few weeks, and see if you don’t perk up.

About The Author

Blake Kritzberg is editor at “FavorIdeas.com.” Stop by for unique wedding favors, free resources for brides, and how to find the perfect wedding dress, cheap. http://www.favorideas.com.

JCPenney is back from the dead

by Paul R. La Monica-CNN

And the award for best department store in a starring role goes to … JCPenney!

While Macy’s, Kohl’s, Sears and many other big retailers reported lousy results for the holidays due to unseasonably warm weather and competition from a company named after a river in South America, JCPenney has staged an impressive turnaround.

JCPenney (JCP) reported same-store sales growth of 4.1% in the fourth quarter and predicted another 3% to 4% jump for all of 2016.

The stock surged 15% Friday and was up another 6% Monday. Shares have now soared more than 50% so far this year and are near their highest levels since October 2014.

It is an amazing rebound for JCPenney — a company that not that long ago appeared to be on death’s door.

There was the disastrous tenure of former CEO Ron Johnson, who banned promotional sales and offered free haircuts to kids. The retailer had a nasty fight over Johnson’s replacement with shareholder Bill Ackman — who has since sold his stake.

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Analysts rushed to cut their price targets on the stock, with one slashing it to $1 in 2013. JCPenney was close to becoming a penny stock. Bankruptcy rumors swirled.

Johnson’s replacement Myron Ullman — who left the company to make way for Johnson in the first place — got the company’s turnaround started.

He wisely chose to refocus the company on popular private label brands that Johnson tried to kill off even though customers loved them — things like St. John’s Bay, Arizona jeans and Stafford.

But Ullman ultimately failed to excite Wall Street as well.

Under his watch, the company came up with a cringe-worthy (and perverted if your mind is in the gutter) marketing slogan of “When it fits, you feel it.” (Boom chicka wow wow!)

That’s all in the past now. JCPenney hired Home Depot (HD) veteran Marvin Ellison in October 2014 and the company has kicked it into an even higher gear under his watch.

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JCPenney has stepped up its investments online to better compete with Amazon (AMZN, Tech30). Ellison has continued to emphasize the private label brands.

The company even recently announced a “Penney Days” promotion — select times of the year when certain private label items will literally cost a penny. Its been touting this aggressively on social media with the hashtag #SoWorthIt.

JCPenney also has just started to sell appliances again, a move that analysts feel will put a lot of pressure on struggling rival Sears (SHLD).

Ellison said in a conference call with analysts Friday that the decision came following a “failed search” analysis. The company asked customers what products they were looking for on JCPenney.com that they couldn’t find. Appliances was at the top.

“We’re trying something different. We’re actually listening to the customers,” he quipped.

And the company is changing up its marketing strategy. It had been the exclusive retail sponsor of the Academy Awards for the past 14 years but JCPenney was nowhere to be found on Sunday.

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That’s because it decided to end its relationship with the Oscars. Kohl’s (KSS) took its place.

During the conference call, Ellison said that the company’s previous marketing campaigns were “outdated” and needed to be more modern. He plans on focusing even more on social media and online search.

“As we all know, that’s a more efficient way to communicate and it’s less costly than traditional print or TV,” Ellison said.

JCPenney still has a long way to go before it has fully recovered, however. But it’s on the right track.

The company continued to lose money last year, although it bled less red ink in 2015 than a year earlier.

Wall Street expects a smaller loss again this year and analysts are forecasting a return to profitability in 2017.

So while competitors like Macy’s (M) and Sears continue to lose customers and try and convince Wall Street that layoffs and real estates sales are the cure for their ills. JCPenney is quietly just doing what good retailers do — convincing people to come shop.




Political empowerment involves not only voting rights, but also issues of economic, personal and community security. For almost 30 years, Pittsburgh-based Black Political Empowerment Project has worked to provide the means to achieve this security to African-American citizens.

Through their office at Freedom Unlimited in the Hill District, B-PEP provides “hope, and a sense of empowerment,” as well as violence prevention and protection through their sister organization, The Greater Pittsburgh Coalition Against Violence (CAV), and economic empowerment via their Corporate Inclusion and Equity Roundtable (CEIR). In addition to encouraging voting and providing enlightenment about political issues, B-PEP has been actively involved in working toward resolving the issue of violence within the community and between communities and other outside parties, providing strategies for reducing gun violence, facilitating safe interaction with law enforcement and serving as a representative for African-American communities in matters of importance.

Monday morning, B-PEP Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Tim Stevens announced that, in preparation for the group’s May anniversary and as a cap to end this year’s Black History Month, “B-PEP is beginning a new piece of history, and a new way to serve our community” by unveiling two new websites: The revamped B-PEP website (b-pep.net/), and a second, separate “sister site” for the CAV (coalitionagainstviolence.net/).

The two web sites are separate, says Stevens, but “everything’s connected. The B-PEP website has civic engagement, Corporate Equity and Inclusion Roundtable, a community calendar, jobs and training. The Coalition Against Violence is its own website. We are looking at a separate website for CEIR as well, but it will all link into each other.”

The sites were created through a collaboration with students in Robert Morris University’s Media Arts classes, under the direction of Professor Letrell Crittenden over a period of just eight weeks.

“From the moment we began to meet with Tim, the students not only helped to design the websites, they did photos for the websites, they did videos for the websites, they helped out with some of the social media aspects of the sites, and also did some of the planning and some of the new logo designs,” says Crittenden. “I said, ‘Here’s a project, here’s the goal, here’s who you are going to meet with. They met with everybody, had phone conversations, and produced this within a period of eight weeks. This is what can happen when you have collaboration between universities and non-profit organizations.”

Crittenden says the project was important to give students the opportunities to engage with diverse populations, but also, “to see what is happening in these communities. This is an example of what we call ‘engaged learning.’ I hope we continue to move forward.”

Both websites are linked to each other to provide the same one-stop location for information, but have added features as well through the students’ collaboration with community members and B-PEP staffers and volunteers. They are intended to be “mobile-friendly,” accessible via tablets, phones and hand-held devices, because, says Crittenden, “particularly for working-class African-Americans, the mobile device is how they access the internet. So we wanted to have something specifically friendly to mobile devices, and they tested everything to make sure that, on a tablet or on a phone, it would be something they could access easily.”

The previously bare-bones B-PEP site now features information about the history of voting rights, additional resources for voter empowerment and a downloadable version of the “You and the Police” brochure created to assist citizens in encounters with the police.

In addition to the newly added videos and photos created mainly by the RMU students, a new “Community Calendar” has also been added, which allows not only B-PEP staff and volunteers to add events, but also permits submissions from other members of the public. Stevens says it is his hope that this will help to not only provide a place to find events, but also to preclude important events from being scheduled simultaneously.

“With this Community Calendar, people can go on our website and see what’s happening in May, or in September, and hopefully say ‘Let’s not schedule our event on that date.’ It’s a community service,” Stevens says.

The website also works with new partners to offer a job trainings and internships tab, featuring job listings from organizations like Vibrant Pittsburgh, ImaginePittsburgh and other partners on one side of the page, and individual listings on the other. Both sides of the page provide information on training opportunities, while a feature on the individual side allows employers to post individual job or training availabilities.

“What we have done is create the opportunity for partnerships, which we expect to be ongoing partnerships, with the Allegheny Conference on Community Development and their ImaginePittsburgh site, literally going into great detail about job opportunities in the region, and Vibrant Pittsburgh, who have been partner and one of our partial funders, to share the inviting opportunities which Pittsburgh is beginning to offer,” Stevens says.

Another important partner in the “Jobs, Training and Internship Opportunities” section is the Builders Guild of Western Pennsylvania.

Jason Fincke, the Executive Director of the Builders Guild, says they are trying to educate the public about opportunities in the construction trades.

“It has always been a challenge to find good applicants for the building trades: People who understand what the criteria is and what the work requires,” Fincke says. “I think by working with B-PEP and their new website it can help us reach that audience in the inner city that perhaps in the past hasn’t really truly understood what construction opportunities are out there.”

“Over the next five to ten years, we are looking for anywhere from 1000 to 1500 apprentices in the 17 building trade unions take in, which is a significant number,” says Fincke. “There are jobs in construction, not just in their own neighborhoods, but we want people to be able to work, for example, at the new petrochemical plant in Beaver County.”

The Builders Guild also will promote its initiative to introduce the trade unions to more men and women from urban areas by introducing them to the wide array of jobs available in construction. The three-times-yearly initiative includes 15-20 men and women, exposing them to those opportunities at the Energy Innovation Center

“It’s more than just carpentry and electricians and plumbers,” Fincke says. “There’s insulators, there’s steamfitters, there’s boilermakers, there’s bricklayers. Seventeen building trade unions all have their own apprenticeship schools, all are tuition-free, and all create family-sustaining career opportunities.”

“B-PEP has been for years, and also, when I was the NAACP President, advocating for the expansion of people of color and women into the trade unions,” Stevens says. “That’s why we came up with the new initiative announced the week before last. But the ongoing commitment to share with our website the trade union training opportunities…”

“We want people of color to go to college and graduate with PhDs,” Stevens says. “But we also want those who may not be college-oriented, but who obviously need training and need jobs and need income, to have that opportunity as well. That’s why the new partnership with the Builders Guild on our website is so important.”

Lois (Toni) McClendon, CAV Administrator and lead writer and editor for all B-PEP publications, announced that the group’s new website will soon feature a third, updated edition of the organization’s Strategies for Change: Building More Peaceful Communities. Two of the newest sections are already accessible on the website.

“We currently have 38 different sections, from Athletes to Youth, about what people can do to help end the violence in the communities as individuals, as agencies, as institutions,” McClendon says. “We have included two new sections in this document, which can be accessed on the website.”

One of the new sections includes information about violence against members of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Questioning/Queer, Asexual, Intersexual or Transgender community. Some of the focus areas include sexual and intimate partner violence, hate crimes, violence from law enforcement and the justice system, and bullying. Strategies are offered for community members, parents and other family members, schools, law enforcement and social service agencies, providing resources and definitions.

The second newly added piece concerns violence against women and girls. While the original documents offered support and resources for victims of domestic violence, the new sections take the information a step further, recognizing that gender-based violence is found outside of intimate family or partner relationships. From child sexual abuse to campus sexual assault to human trafficking, the document offers resources for victims and those around them.

“This document was a grass-roots effort, so it’s not an academic type document. It’s easily accessible to everyone,” McClendon says. “The new sections address the communities that are sort of on the bottom of the totem pole, but we want to make sure we do whatever we can to end the violence in those communities as well.”

A print version of the third edition will also remain available, with a new cover designed by the RMU students.

Mark Morial, President and Chief Executive Officer of the National Urban League, has called Strategies for Change “one of the most comprehensive in the country,” Stevens says, “and we are adding to it. But it means nothing if no one partners with us to implement these sections. So this is an opportunity to expand the effectiveness of what we do as the Black Political Empowerment Project, as the Greater Pittsburgh Coalition Against Violence, as the Corporate Equity and Inclusion Roundtable.”

Although the new sites are considered a “final product,” Stevens says they will continue to update and add relevant information as time goes on, particularly with the help of B-PEP intern Keonna Gibson, a senior at Carlow University, who has worked closely with the RMU students on the redesigning process.

“She has promised to stay with us as we fine-tune this thing,” Stevens says, allowing Gibson the floor to offer a tour of the new sites, which she and McClendon have already spent six weeks refining, to those present.

B-PEP will continue their Facebook page, facebook.com/Black-Political-Empowerment-Project-B-PEP-402279479147/?fref=ts, and, McClendon says, will soon be on Twitter.

“It’s something new for us,” McClendon says of Twitter. “It still has to be set up. Some of the plans are to periodically tweet sections of the document, so that we can begin to have a conversation about ‘I can do this, my organization can do this,’ and you will click on it and it will take you to that point of the website.”

“That’s a coming attraction,” Stevens says. “As we said, it’s an exciting new moment.”

By Nancy Hart